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12 of 12: August 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

Let me preface this by saying that I forgot my camera at home so I was forced to use the camera of the Acer Android phone I'm reviewing and totally having fun with. Pardon the bluriness of some photos. I'm just getting used to it.
my office desk00:00 am
My desk is slowly but surely getting messier as the days go by. On my 10th month in the office, I've accumulated quite a bit of paper and need to go sorting through it all. I should totally make time for this soon before I can't find my desk.

elevator00:00 am
My teammate, Pam and her legs as we go down for lunch. She's been convincing me to catch Hachiko on HBO (she's a dog lover) and she's probably the sweetest girl alive. I'm glad I'm able to get out of the office a tad more since she buys her lunch.

office lobby00:00 am
Trying to play with the phone's camera, I try and do outdoor shots. This cab probably thinks we're taking him to do a lunch out. If only he knew we were just walking to the Ministop in our building. Sorry cab, we don't have time to do a proper lunch out on a Friday.

Ministop00:00 am
If you haven't had the fried chicken from Ministop, I suggest you drop what you're doing and try this out right now. I'm absolutely obsessed with their probably mutated chickens just because they're freaking huge. It's so good. I always get jealous of Pam when she buys it for lunch.

7F Pantry00:00 am
this is the 'art' i see when i do actually eat in the pantry. Our pantry is pretty big but it does get pretty full. But considering it's a Friday and everyone's out, we managed to get a booth for just me and Pam. We're probably the fastest eaters ever so we don't get guilty occupying big spaces cause we'll be out of there pretty fast.

7F Pantry00:00 am
I get the oddest combinations of food for lunch just because I'll literally eat anything that I'm given. The ham was my breakfast the day before and this hashbrown of sorts had stuff inside that was pretty good. See, I'm really easy to feed.

near the water station00:00 am
I drink quite a bit of water daily just because it helps keep me on my toes. The more water I drink, the more I'll have to go to the bathroom meaning, the more awake I'll be at work. Plus they say that if you drink lots of water, it's better so I sort of kill two birds.

my office desk00:00 am
Our admin assistant, Ate Cherry is the sweetest. i was getting a little frustrated on a Friday afternoon so she drops off a bottle of Coke she got. Too bad I don't drink cola, but she's such a sweetheart for offering. I heart her so much.

Joe's desk00:00 am
During this entire iOS versus Android battle I have going on in my head, I'm hearing cheers and jeers for both sides of the story. The boys in the office are mostly Android folks and the girls, iOS fans. Here are two more Android phones the boys are trying to get me to try. so far, I'm really liking the Android.

Temple Drive00:00 am
My dad picked me up and on the way home, we snacked on McDonalds (quarter pounder without cheese for him and chicken nuggets for me) and food always makes the traffic going home go by way faster. This is me trying to get a shot of the traffic in front of me. Obviously, it didn't work out.

Kitchen00:00 am
Of course, the McDonalds on the way home isn't enough of a dinner so I have some pre-dinner snacking with crackers and really good dip that I'm not quite sure is made of. See, in our house, there are no real mealtimes. This was pretty good.

Dining Room00:00 am
And since we can't get enough, we had dessert too. Apples are probably one of my favorite fruits. Though I'll eat green mangos all day (I can finish one HUGE basket all to myself), they do get to my teeth so apples are always nice and safe.
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