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TV Time: The Titanic Sank! Downton Abbey Owns Me

[Downton Abbey @ LJ]
Because I'm obviously the latest girl to board this train, last weekend, I breezed my way through the entire Downton Abbey series one. Lucky for me, in six weeks, we get season two, but I'll do a mini-rewatch up until then just because I can't get enough of both the upstairs happenings and the downstairs bustle as well. I don't care that I'm late to this party. I'm just glad I finally got there.

Downton Abbey 01x01

Let's start off by how much I've been beating myself over the head for being late to this party. I don't want to dwell on it, because I'm glad I don't have to wait too long but still. Imagine all the time I could have been squeeing over Anna/Bates, Matthew/Mary and just laughing my ass over the Maggie Smith and her awesomeness. Let's start slow though. The first episode had so much to take in. From the breathtaking views and the pretty house and all the wonderful costumes, I was just in awe that I wasn't quite paying attention to what was happening, other of course than the fact that the Titanic had sunk. I was literally hoping they'd somehow be related to Jack or Rose but of course, this is proper British stuff.

From the moment Thomas comes on screen, I'm already a little annoyed at him. On top of that, they threw in O'Brien who just really gets on my nerves but together, they're pretty devious and they add so much drama that I can't help but enjoy their addition -- even if I want to strangle them half the time. I love Anna already and Gwen is adorable and their roomie situation is something I really enjoy.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes should totally hook up but we know that's not happening so I'll just ship them in my head. Daisy is so lost and I almost yelled when she sent the poison up. It's a good thing Will came down with it or she'd be sacked on the spot. Thank goodness for that. All in all, I'm in love with the downstairs folks and their turmoil. I'm really looking forward to more Anna/Bates just because you can tell there's something a-brewing.

[Downton Abbey @ LJ]
Of course, it's not just all downstairs drama, there too is the upstairs loveliness. I do love how Hugh Bonneville has played this role. He is the most kind and gentle and just Lord of the estate and it really breaks my heart to see him have to struggle with the entail. And though at first Cora was a little annoying, I love that she and Robert actually did fall in love. It makes my heart warm to know it wasn't just ALL about convenience.

I love McGonagall Violet Crawley. As matriarch of the family, she always has the best lines and is such a scheming woman. Maggie Smith brightens up the screen everytime she comes on with her properness and just over-all awesome behavior. I can't wait to see more of Violet in whatever capacity she'll be shown. Obviously, it needs more of her.

As for the kids, I do love the three sisters. Of course Mary, queen bitch bee is pretty fierce but I do like her younger sisters for all their quirks. Edith and Sybil obviously need more love just because it seems everything is meant for Mary. Perhaps I relate to Edith most just because she's the middle kid and doesn't get much attention but that's just me.

I'm really excited for next season but for now, I'll do my rewatch slowly. I can't wait to really get into the entire thing all over again.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x05: The Wolf & the Lion

I've finished the book and I've seen this episode and my opinion is therefore solid now. I hate Robert, brand new Lord of the Vale. My god he's annoying as hell. Lysa, could you please bring up your child better because sucking on your tit in front of everyone and asking if Tyrion Lannister could fly really gets to me. He's so hateable that every time he'd come on my screen, I wanted to get him out of it. Please, I hope we get less of him in the future. There's only so much I can take. And as much as the Lannisters have things to own up to, it's unfair that Tyrion had to be the one who was available to torture. This guy needs to catch a break.

So it pleases me that prostitutes prefer Tyrion to Theon. I know we don't see much of Theon but based on the books, he doesn't seem so bad, just a little smug. I wonder when they'll give him a more forefront role. In the interim, it makes me laugh that he sleeps with the same women Tyrion does. Are there no other pretty prostitutes up north? And let's all give Bran a hug. He deserves it. I really hope he grows up to be handicapable despite his little disability.

But what really breaks my heart is how fast things can turn bad for Ned up at King's Landing. From the killing-order set on Dany to Jamie Lannister's killing of Jory and Ned's men, things are getting crazy out of hand for him. Also, our little tourney was pretty crazy too. I couldn't take the blood and the killing but it was pretty 'nice' of Sandor to stand up to Gregor. I want to see a showdown between these two and just get rid of the baddies, but obviously in GoT, that ain't going to happen.

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x09: Picture This

Can we start off by how utterly absurd and yet totally entertaining Aria's dreams have gotten? At first, I was like, well hello there sexy times. I didn't realize she and Ezra were already there in their relationship only to find out it's all a dream with of course, some surprise appearances from Jason De Laurentis, whose hair really needs to leave the 1990s. So it's pretty funny to see Aria all flustered with this Jason business, complete with overcompensating with alone time at the office with Ezra.

I don't know where they're going with the Jason-is-stalking Aria plotline but with Emily and Spencer discovering his dark room complete with obsessive photos hanging from the walls and Jason confessing to Aria (which had to be the most awkward confession ever), I'm not quite sure they're going to out him as A just yet. Something tells me they'll throw us another loop and just pretend he's some sicko, but not A.

Also, am I the only one bothered that Jenna will now be able to see. I'm not sure if this is medically sound but I'm not liking the fact that we get another complication thrown in, especially with the Jason drama going on. And not to mention A who will forever loom above the girls.

I thought I would be sadder with Caleb leaving Hannah but something tells me he'll be back so I'm not mourning his loss too much. Plus this means a new boy for Hannah in the meantime, and I hope he's cute. Also, I love Hannah's mom. She has got to be the coolest, and prettiest ever.
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