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Awards Show Fever: Teens Choose Something Over Twilight This Year, Yo

I have to confess. I didn't actually watch the Teen Choice Awards. For one thing, it hasn't shown over here yet. And for another, I really just couldn't care. But because I'm anal and realize that I've 'recapped' it every single time the Twilight kids came out to play, I can't NOT do it. I know, it's a sickness.

What's worse though is this year, I didn't even bother to scour YouTube for the clips of the acceptance speeches or whatnot. I am such a horrible fangirl. Really. Lately, I've been so bad at it, I feel like I'm doing a disservice to my tagline. Enough of the self-flagellation though.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson,, Ashley Greene Central, Zooey Fan
I was going to make Nina's 'Marilyn Monroe' moment the main photo but then I realized it would a) take up MORE space and b) wouldn't be the nicest thing to do, but it looks like our girl handled it pretty well. Her cutesy dress was apparently victimized by the wind and she had to suffer the upskirt moment. Still, she came out unscathed. I did love R-Bils dress though. She just looks so pretty. There is a reason I crush on her.

Photos courtesy of Pretty Little Liarsss
Okay, so these girls are my guilty pleasure okay?! They're the only summer show I watch so I thought, I might as well give them airLJ-time considering how much I actually enjoy the craziness that is Pretty Little Liars. I wish they'd had a group photo at least. And where was Mr. Fitz Ian Harding? Sure he's the teacher but he is on the teen show. SHOW UP NEXT TIME, okay?

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Source
I love that Harry Potter beat out Twilight. Not to be the fan that turned her back on something, but this year is HP's year and I'm glad that it got it. Too bad the entire cast wasn't there to pick up their surfboards. But really, props to Rob for actually still showing up at this thing. I wish Kristen would have made it (she was shooting last year and still is this year) so I'm crossing my fingers she shows up next year (WILL I STILL BE WATCHING?!?)

Photos courtesy of Ian Somerhalder Online
Hello HP mini-reunion?! Now wouldn't I wish Matt Lewis made it so we can see how he fares now with the other boys?! I love how these Brits are looking ultra comfortable in LA now. Look at Rupert's shirt! So adorable. And I didn't know that Emma Stone and Taylor Swift were friends!!! I know she was at the Easy A premiere last year too but I didn't figure it out yet. Who knew, right?

Photos courtesy of Leo Di Caprio Network, Jim Sturgess Online
I'm not actually sure why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is doing a luncheon but Leo and Jim showed up (and so did Peggy Elisabeth Moss!) so I'm there. Leo is looking happy (thank you, Blake) and Jim just looks glad to be there so everyone wins in this one. But really, Peggy is making me miss Mad Men. I need to have Jon Hamm back on my screen please.

I've been losing faith in US TV shows (that aren't on cable) lately and but with Rachel and Zooey coming to my TV screen this fall, I'm a little more hopeful. Sure, Hart of Dixie seems schmaltzy and could go both ways, I just miss Summer Roberts Rachel so much, I'll take anything. Add to that, we've got Zooey joining the small screen too! Though I don't usually watch the thirty-minuter shows on a weekly basis (I do them marathon-style), I'm going to make an exception for this just for Miss Deschanel.

Photos courtesy of Mila Kunis Online
Spell adorable? that's JT and MK. I know it's the 'other' friends who have sex movie but I'm actually still excited to see this one just because JT has proven to be quite the entertainer on screen. Add to that the fact that these two have awesome chemistry (Hello ADORABLE Elle spread) and just seem to be really fun.

And did I mention this movie ALSO has Stone in it? Girl is everywhere these days and it doesn't hurt to throw her into the cuteness mix. I just realize that Natalie and Mila were in Black Swan together and they both ended up doing the 'friends who have sex' movies. I wonder what went down in that set that they both ended up with similar films.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Reynolds Fan
Ryan Reynolds is on a roll with the movies. From promoting Green Latnern and now The Change-Up he is a very busy guy. And like I said before, despite the fact that it is a rehashed concept, it's got Bateman AND Reynolds, I'm sold. I don't care.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan
I love how these pretty people aren't just pretty people but also really funny and witty and so lovely to listen to when they're talking. There's something between their ears. I know there's quite the gap between them, but I think they look divine together.

I was watching the two of them promoting the movie and though I didn't catch their joint appearance on the Today Show, their solo appearances on Leno and Fallon were just as adorable. Seriously. These kids are so good at charming me. I love that Ryan brought his dog and how Emma talks about her Nana. It was perfect when she went on Coco with the 'ginger-junk' joke in the movie.

CUTENESS OVERLOAD. I swear, I know this will never be, but it's crazy how Emma looks absolutely adorable with every leading man she's got. I'm going to go and kill myself now from the cuteness. Plus, I'm absolutely loving her Tom Ford black guipure lace dress with a velvet ribbon. She looks flawless with her make-up and her hair. Her best accessory? RYAN ON HER ARM. I'm dying.

And finally, we see Emma sashay down the red carpet looking very very pretty in her gorgoues Chanel Couture slate grey strapless dress with a draped skirt knotted at the waist, over a lightly beaded sheer textured t-shirt. Then to her Mississippi premiere, she went more preppy with a Jason Wu ivory guipure lace t-shirt and tweed skirt. As you can see, I'ma little obsessed with Emma right now especially after seeing her in Crazy, Stupid, Love. I know The Help probably won't be as fantastic, but I'm still psyched to see her in it.

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