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What was that you said? Would you let me know? Cause I can't read your mind

Can you tell?[31 Down/21 To Go!]
[+] Work wasn't particularly bad this week and I was able to get off early/at a sane hour for a lot of it plus my dad was able to either pick me up or bring halfway to work this week so all in all, this week was made of win. Add to that the fact that I finally watched Downton Abbey (the obvious highlight of the week). More on this some other time.

[+] In totally TMI fashion, I have this weird sleeping habit where I grind my teeth really loudly. I honestly don't know how I sound, but it's apparently pretty scary (according to my little sister). So I finally bought a mouth guard and it's really weird having it in my mouth when I sleep but I hope it works.

[+] To celebrate the last sibling taking the UPCAT last Sunday, we had lunch out with my grandma and aunt. No, I don't think that was the real reason we ate out, but I'm glad we did because the food was superb and though I tried not stuffing myself, my pasta was super filling. Good times as always.

Start the week right with getting to work early. It's crazy though cause as I step out of the MRT, there is absolutely no rain and when I leave the station, it's pouring cats and dogs. It's a little disconcerting how fast the weather changes. Thank goodness I wear a dress and avoid getting my pants stuck to my legs all wet.

I end up going home early too. Way to start the week/month so I try to actually get some exercise in and fail miserably after 15 minutes on the treadmill. I am HORRIBLY out of shape and I spent the rest of the 30 minutes of Pretty Little Liars lying down because I couldn't breathe. I need to get off my ass way more.

For the second time during my employment, we actually get work cancelled due to bad weather. Though it wasn't as bad as it's been days before, i'm thankful for this reprieve from work. I was so lazy to go to work anyway so it's not like my mind was into anything I did.

Plus, getting out early meant I got to go to Lee's earlier. I had to help her with a video for an org event she had going on this weekend and though my video editing skillz are very limited (I don't know how I survived college), I'm glad we were able to hang out randomly on a week day. Sure, I wasn't as satisfied with the end result, but it'll have to do, I suppose.

It had to happen. Lately, I've been riding with my dad to get to work. He leaves extra early so I get to work really early too. But this morning, I woke up late and true enough, by the time I get to the MRT station (despite riding a cab), the lines were extra long.

It's all good though cause I did manage to get a few things checked off my to-do list. Things really are much more productive when I'm boss-less. The best part? Getting to go home with my dad. I know I say it's because of the free ride, but it's also because I actually get to be with my dad for a bit away from everything else (except traffic, of course).

Report days mean I don't really get a lot of work done so it's a lot of checking my mail when I get back to my desk and trying to squeeze in as much as I can. still, it's always nice to sit in on reports and still get slackjawed at how insightful and smart the BIG boss really is. I still get awestruck when I'm in a room with her. There is a reason she owns the company.

And so much for feeling good about the job so far. I do a minor booboo and it's always a hit and miss with these things. I don't know whether it'll be a big deal or just another thing, another day. I don't want to beat myself up over it anymore so I'll try not to think about it too much, but as always, i'm paranoid and always worrying, so I should just lessen it, perhaps.

There's always something about Fridays that make me not want to work at all. I get it's still a work day but I'm just either so damn lazy or so looking forward to the weekend that my concentration is so shot. I'm glad I got to have my somehow customary milk tea on a Friday though with Pam. That was fun.

I was planning on going home early but it's a good thing I didn't, cause then I was able to have dinner with my family at Army Navy. It's funny cause it's a burger place and yet the two times I've been there, I have yet to taste their burgers. Perhaps next time.

Despite not getting up early, I was out right away with my parents, aunt and sister as we brought her college application to another university she applied to. I'm so nervous for her cause she's been stressing out about the UPCAT tomorrow. It's crazy how my three younger siblings have already taken the UPCAT when it only feels like yesterday that I took it.

My aunt slept over and for the second time we caught Kimmy Dora so that my little sister could at least try to unwind before her big day. Let's all cross our fingers that everything goes well with her exams and she doesn't get too nervous about it. Positive thoughts!

I was up extra extra early to bring my sister to her UPCAT. I remember when I took it a couple years back. I stupidly wore the school colors just to give me good luck. I was seated next to Lee and everyone in the room was someone from my school. I don't remember specifics, but I'm sure I was nervous.

Ending the week with a Downton Abbey marathon was the best thing ever as well. I've been meaning to catch this one but I keep putting it off and I'm glad I finally got around to it. The best part? I got my mom aunt and grandma in on the fun too. Now we're all eager for the next season. please come soon?
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