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TV Time: Please Have Tea with Wren, Spencer

[Pretty Little Liarsss]
I haven't gotten far on my not-quite-rewatch of My Fair Lady with Yoon Eun Hye but I'll blame that on the fact that I have no interest in the lead guy (it's really sad cause it's my second time trying to watch it), but I will prevail -- in time. So instead, it's still my two shows for now, until I finally get around to marathoning Downtown Abbey. I'm very very excited for that one. And hey, it's already August which means September's just around the corner.

Pretty Little Liars 02x08: Save the Date

Let me start off by reiterating how HAPPY I am that Wren is back in the picture. He makes me like Spencer a lot more just because anyone as handsome as Wren cannot possibly have horrible taste. Plus I've always liked it that Spencer somehow gets attracted to guys her sister has. So even if Melissa is away, at least we get some Wren flirting and this makes me happy. Sure, she's with Toby now, but come on, it's WREN. you can't say no. I give it a couple of episodes until she succumbs AND THEN they make Wren out to be some horrible guy again and we bid him goodbye for good. BOO.

Meanwhile, Emily's battling some sort of HGH problem with her being hospitalized and all. At least her parents aren't pressuring her anymore with Danby or the scholarship in general but something tells me they're going to find out about this HGH in her results and be very angry. I just want Emily to find lesbian love and be happy. She's gone through too much.

Also going through a lot? Aria. Why can't she and Ezra just be happy and out. Come out, kids! Emily did it and it wasn't so bad. You guys shouldn't be persecute too much, right? Especially when Ian Harding is looking positively cuter everytime we see him. I do not care though for Aria's brother's storyline. I don't know how they're going to tie this in, if they even will, but I just don't care.

I also don't really care about the guy following Caleb. Something tells me he isn't the police. I'm guessing it's his birth dad or something equally lame. Just be pretty with Hannah and let her be the star of the show. I'm a little sad for Mrs. Marin just because she got suckered in by her ex, but secretly happy as well just because Hannah's dad is NOT AS HOT as her mom. She deserves better for sure.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Let's start off by giving a shout out to CHRIS FROM SKINS!!! Hello there! They may have killed you off on your show, but here, it seems like you'll be living on as the secret bastard!son of King Robert. Which really has a lot of potential. Cause though i'm only 82% through the first book, something tells me you could play a bigger role in the next four books and perhaps even take the king-ship from Jeoffrey. Actually, please do take it from him, because he's a major douche.

Also in King's Landing though was that very bloody tournament honoring the new Hand (who of course, didn't really want the match). I really do want to kick Sansa sometimes with all her delusions about the royalty but I can't blame her. girl really is naive and no one's telling her shit. Then again, even if she was told, I doubt she'd believe it much. I'm glad that Ned's figured it out about Robert's bastard son though. That could come in handy one day.

Meanwhile with my favorite Dothraki people, it seems like the khaleesi really is coming into her role as the queen. I love how she put Viserys in his place when he attacked her. Her older brother really needs to chill because his 'awakening the dragon' line really isn't working for me. Somehow, I feel like he really can't awaken the dragon cause he's such a coward. I'm glad Dany showed him who really is boss though.

Though I'm not Samwell Tarly's biggest fan, it's nice to see Jon bond with someone. Sure, he's there to protect the guy, but it's always nice to have someone on your side and Sam seems like he'll be pretty loyal to Jon, even if his siding with Sam will bring him trouble. Sometimes I want to kick Ser Alliser Thorne but then I figure, life couldn't be too happy for Jon anyway at the Wall.

Leaving the Wall, Tyrion's little sojourn up north proved pretty bad for him. Sure, he was trying to be nice to Bran with the horse mount and all, but the guy is a Lannister and even if it wasn't him that had Bran killed, he's still associated to them. Unluckily for him, he had to run into Catelyn at the inn. I feel bad for my favorite Lannister. I feel like he deserves a better rap.
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