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Drown yourself, It's not worth keeping me; Just put it down right now, And bow out gracefully

Photos courtesy of Niq Cid[30 Down/22 To Go!]
[-] Another belated post but I can now blame something else other than my laziness! The DDoS attack LiveJournal had last week had me even backed up, considering I was all fired up to update all the entries I missed. But so is life.

[+] The last week of July brought the many many birthdays in my family. My aunt, grandma, my dad, cousin and my sister's boyfriend. If we weren't stuffing our faces, we were hanging around each other. I love my family but wow, that was an overload.

[+] Last week was also the week of false alarms. i was supposed to take a leave on my dad's birthday but a meeting got moved and it didn't happen and then I tried moving it to Friday to just recuperate from the tiredness of the week but obviously nothing materialized. Oh well, it's not like I have leaves anyway.

[+] Let's hope I finally get to catch up on all of my LJ-ing for real. Have a good Friday!

I hate when deadlines get pushed earlier. It's not like I can do my work alone. I actually have to rely on others whom I've also set deadlines for. I know it's work and everyone does pitch in but I hate having to set earlier deadlines and move things around. Alas, client is king and we don't have much of a choice. Oh well, what a good way to start Monday.

At least my dad was able to pick me up. And I found out he'd taken the day off for his birthday so at least he gets tomorrow off. It sucks though cause I was also supposed to take the next day off but it looks like I'll have to rush a pitch. So is life, I suppose.

It was raining the entire day and I had to go to work and commute in the rain. This combination is my worst nightmare just because lines get longer and traffic gets heavier. I was soaking wet when i walked into the office. Good call on wearing shorts though. Imagine if my pants were stuck to my legs the entire day? I hate that feeling. I love the no-dress code rule.

At least I was able to leave quasi-early so I could have dinner with my family. Even if we're really celebrating my dad's birthday on Sunday with my sister coming home, it's still nice to be able to have dinner with the family on his real birthday. Plus my sister's not-so surprise delivery from Singapore was yummy but oh so sweet.

I guess deadlines moving up do have its advantages. At least it freed me up a bit to actually do other things I had originally set aside. And though work still kept on coming, at least I was able to leave work early-ish and have dinner with my aunt at my cousin's house -- across the office.

The food was amazing and I know I shouldn't have eaten that much but I ate so much because it was too good. Adobong putok and hilaw na mangga with gata and I was dead. I'm so going to regret this when I carry my food baby in my stomach to work tomorrow. At least this morning, I was able to get a ride from my dad and start early. Over-all, good day is good.

Day 4 of LiveJournal DDoS attack and though I'm really annoyed at this lack of response or anything, I have been on the other side of a hack-attack and know how it feels to be on the side being pressured so I just hope things work out okay for the entire LJ team and they are all able to sleep peacefully at night. These things can be stressful,

Surprisingly though, today wasn't so bad. I was able to work on things and finish at a decent hour and my aunt slept over so we were able to watch Coco Avant Chanel. I hope she comes back tomorrow night so we can watch all the other French movies I haven't shown her just yet. I love it when family is back in town. It always feels like a vacation.

Longest PMS-ing ever. I never thought I'd be affected by this but apparently I am. I'm totally groggy and really moody and not feeling all that sociable. It's a surprise I'm halfway decent to the people around me. I'm glad though because my aunt came by the house today and we had a mini-French Film fest. I've watched most of the movies with her but it's just fun because these films can never ever grow old with me.

I'm surprised I lasted through one film though. Somehow, I was ultra exhausted from this week of craziness at work and with all the raining and commuting and just the hassle of he rain. I want rain boots. I need rain boots. or for the rain to stop being so hard. I just want to curl up at home with a book instead of being at work.

It's crazy how easily I can wake up when i'm looking forward to something and my sister coming home, I woke up at 5am in time for her arrival. It was pretty crazy though being up at the crack of dawn, heading to Greenhills for her dental appointment at 10am (IN THE RAIN) and hanging out with my little sister eating Bonchon chicken till she finished.

Then it was off to Birthday celebration number 4 at my cousin's house. She had a sci-fi theme so we all dressed up and my sister had the brilliant idea of coming as Stepford wives. She pulled it off best but my little sister and I tried dolling up and looking like demented housewives. The fact that we came as housewives is fiction in itself. Fun times though.

For some reason, Sunday had me PMS-ing to the 11th power and I was just not in the mood for anything. I tried helping out with the preparations for Birthday Celebration # 5 (my dad's birthday and well, my mom's too -- she celebrated her 50th in the US without the rest of us) and it was actually pretty satisfying to not mess up the vegetables which I prepared.

Thank goodness for naps though cause I was feeling cranky as hell already. Though I never fully woke up anymore after my nap, I did get to say bye to my sister. Her weekend trips are the shortest and the weekends even shorter but they're always fun. I'm glad she'll be back at the end of August again. When will my brother be back though??? I miss him so.
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