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Red Carpet Round-Up: Comic-Con 2011: Packing in the Punch

Cuteness[Andrew Garfield Fan]
It's that time of the year again when nerds and fangirls and boys head to San Diego to worship at the altar of our heroes. And though I have yet to experience this myself (it does look a little too crazy), I wouldn't mind heading over there one day just to see it live. I know, I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Lucky girl poetrytoprose was there live, so I can only imagine how fun that must have been.

And though I didn't even get to crack the tip of the iceberg with how much went on at Comic-Con, I thought Entertainment Weekly's coverage was pretty exhaustive as always. And off we go!
Photos courtesy of EW
So many movies are coming out and most of them were at Comic Con to promote. of course I paid close attention to those with folks I loved in them so this'll be a pretty limited 'coverage' of sorts.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan, Emma Stone Connection
Behold the CUTENESS. From Andrew's opening speech to Emma being her adorable self and just the entire panel being AWESOME, I am psyched to the NTH power for this redux. I obviously need MORE Andrew and Emma in my life. This is a must, really.

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan, Robert
Rob and Kristen of course didn't make much of an effort for Comic-Con with Rob and his half-cut hair and Kristen and her top, but hey, they showed up! For the first time, I didn't watch the entire panel, and I'm not dying. And though I didn't want to verbalize it, I'm finding I'm losing interest in the franchise.

I didn't think it would happen BEFORE Breaking Dawn, though I'm still looking forward to it, just not with the same fervor as before. It's funny how this nonchalance sort of just crept up on me without me realizing it. Still, I'll watch and i'm sure I'll be excited at one point, but for now (it could be the be the busy-ness at work), I'm just a little meh about everything.

Well that's a different take on Snow White. I wasn't sure how they'd set themselves apart from the Lily Collins version but after they released the stills and this panel gave their interview, let's just say we're in for a whole different kind of story. I'm sure I'll enjoy both so I'm really eager for both to start showing trailers. And Kristen looked so pretty in this panel. Love her hair.

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network, Amanda Seyfried Fan
When i was looking at behind the scenes for the shooting of both Drive and In Time, I didn't know how they would pull off both movies and now that I've seen both trailers, let's just say it wasn't what I expected. So I was very happy to see both Amanda and Carey look GORGEOUS at Comic Con. Definitely two of the best dressed there. And Carey, your hair is still perfection.

And though I didn't see a panel for Nikita, Chuck or Glee, they did come out to Comic-Con I suppose and it was just good to see them especially considering Chuck will have its last season already and well, Nikita's always an unsure thing. How could we ignore Shane West? I honestly don't know how.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
It was so hard to find photos of the Merlin cast at Comic-Con but let's just say I miss them already. Sure, we had Camelot to fill that Arthurian legend void, but there's nothing that can replace the bromancing Merlin/Arthur have. AND THe Walking Dead!!! They're baaaaaack! I don't know how much zombie-flesh I can take next season and how much blood but I just want to see it back.

Also, The Vampire Diaries were at comic-con and the cast was all cuteness as always. I keep meaning to do a rewatch of seasons 1 and 2 before it comes back in September but never get around to. Perhaps I should start it for real this weekend?

Who's excited for the second half of Doctor Who? I AM. Especially since we got confirmation that Amy Pond will still be the Doctor's companion for next season, making her the longest companion to the Doctor. I wonder how many more seasons they'll be doing together. I hope a lot because I heart Amy and Rory and Eleven and would be sad to see them go. These Brits are so cute when they go to the US.

How cute is this Game of Thrones cast? Very very cute. I love how every blonde girl in the show is actually a brunette in real life. Lucky they can pull off both shades. And though I shouldn't ship it, I do. Emilia/Kit (Dany/Jon) are just too cute for school. I haven't gone to the second book but I doubt we'll be seeing Dany or Jon hooking up so I'll have to leave my fantasizing to this one photo. ALSO, Jamie Lannister, you handsome devil in real life.

ALSO, the showrunners are incredibly handsome. The EW interviewer was right in saying he's never seen such trim and good looking showrunners. I agree, completely.

And because there is life outside Comic-Con these past few weeks, let's move on to things that happened OUTSIDE of the craziness in San Diego.

Photos courtesy of
I don't know what Artistry is, but Sarah Jessica Parker was at that same event in Shanghai with Eun Hye so I guess it's a pretty big deal. I love how Eun Hye was able to shine and sparkle next to SJP. She needs to be in another Kdrama soon. I miss her already.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
There shan't be a week without Camilla as this girl gets around A TON and though I'm never sure what she's promoting, she really just lights up that red carpet being her pretty self. I loved the black dress she wore to the Real Madrid Meet & Greet. I didn't know our girl was into football too.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan, Ashley Greene Central
I never thought Anna would be the type to celebrate her birthday in clubs but I guess it was a good deal cause she celebrated her birthday recently and was looking really pretty doing it too. How skinny is Anna? very apparently. Fellow Twilighter, Ashley was also out and about doing her own thing. I like the dress she was wearing though perhaps she could have done her hair some other way. Still prettiness.

Photos courtesy of Shia LaBeouf Daily
Still promoting Transformers, Shia and Rosie head on over to Asia and they brought their prettiness to Japan and China. I guess the franchise is pretty big over there too for them to come over and visit and I just have to comment on how HOT Rosie was during this press tour. i'm not even into her but she was just really smoking with that Brit accent too.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Reynolds Fan
I love how Green Lantern promos never seem to end. Even as Ryan promotes The Change-Up with Jason Bateman, he's still doing press four GL over in Spain. Well I wouldn't have minded tagging along on that trip. He just gets more handsome as the days go by.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online, Finding Franco
Jamie Bell, why so cute? He's started promoting Tintin with Steven Spielberg and I'm actually really excited to see how it goes. And though I didn't quite enjoy the Mark Whalberg version, but James Franco and Freida Pinto's remake looks quite promising. Plus Freida looked really pretty in this premiere, just saying. Hey Dev, you're a lucky guy.

Kate was out and about with the queen and reusing dresses with William (I love this DVF dress though in green so I don't mind at all) and wearing pretty hats to other royal weddings. There's no rush for the kids but I'm actually really excited for them to reproduce. Imagine the cuteness of those babies?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
And finally where there is Will and Kate, there is of course, Harry and he too was at Zara Philipps wedding but he also went to award some folks at Ascot. I like how Will and Harry are really stepping up with all these duties they've been doing for their grandma and their dad. More pretty for me.

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