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TV Time: Let's Piss At the End of the World

[Game of Thrones Fan]
One-third through the re-watch and 65% done with the first book, I'm really liking how much I'm enjoying this series. And what with their appearance at Comic-Con, I've gotten even more into this show than I thought I would. Who knew chain mails and boiled leather pants and armor and swords would get me excited to read and watch something. I wonder how many weeks it'll take me though to finish though.

Game of Thrones 01x03: Lord Snow

Let's start off with Mr. Snow up at the Wall. I personally love how 'cocky' Jon is. It's more like he's sure of himself and you can't fault Lord Snow. He is good. And he is the best fighter at the Wall, but it's nice to see him brought down a peg or two. He is training to take the Black and they all need to be equal. I love how he and Tyrion Lannister have struck this friendship too. I feel like this is one of the more genuine things fostered on the show. I hope the Imp doesn't use him later on.

Meanwhile at King's Landing, it was so nice that Catelyn finally saw Ned. It just makes me sad they couldn't stay together longer. If Lysa was with Jon Arryn when he was Hand, why can't Catelyn come to King's Landing forever with Ned??? I would have felt better. I can't imagine Petyr Bailish crushing on Catelyn as a kid though. That would be a pretty cute flashback. And Jamie Lannister! I know he's so easy to hate, but I totally remember him from Wimbledon as Paul Bettany's practice partner. I so need to rewatch that movie.

And can we all give Bran a hug??? Kid needs some love and with Nan and Robb left with him, it's not like he's going to get much affection. Catelyn needs to get home stat so he can at least have one parent. And where is Rickon? Is he hiding in the catacombs all this time??? At least Rickon would be a nice distraction for Bran right??? Someone please give Bran a hug -- who isn't named Nan!

Finally, Dany is coming into her role as khaleesi more and more each day and I'm really liking how she's being more assertive. And though she didn't mean Viserys any offense with inviting him to dinner, I'm glad Viserys got what he deserved. Guy needs to cool his jets. Though we all know that's not going to happen. And as silly as it sounds, I'm really liking Dany and Khal Drogo. I just realized Ser Jorah needs to be more careful in his spying -- he might get found out fast.

[Pretty Little Liarsss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x07: Surface Tension

Let's start off by saying we don't need another plot twist to who A is so Peter Hastings, please don't join the mess of this show and become a big character now. I preferred Spencer's dad when he was off being absent. And now, he's so present and so involved, I'm a little scared at how much more complicated this entire thing can get with him joining in the fun. Nevertheless, Tobey and Spencer got their cutesy time in complete with discovering a new plot bunny -- hello broken hockey stick that Ali used one summer. I conclude we will NEVER find out who A is. And at this point, I don't care much.

Meanwhile in Planet Aria, we have both the boys in her life coming over for dinner. I love how Jason looks so very 90s-hearthrob complete with the middle-parted Devon Sawa hair. I'm glad Ezra's carrying the banner for neat looking boys everywhere. Too bad these kids just can't come out and be together because it would be much more fun if they can make out whenever they chose to. And Mike, I don't care about you or your pilfering I-need-attention plot. Really.

Emily's moved in with Hannah and though I'm not sure where they're bringing this my-neck-is-hurting storyline, it's cute to see her interact with Hannah just because they're so 'opposite.' I laughed out loud when Hannah asked Emily whether studying in the library was a 'gay thing?' and Emily replied it was a 'brain thing.' Oh Hannah, you're not dumb, it's okay.

Also, it's about time Piper Haliwell and Laura Leighton got clued in that their kids were going through something. Really? Two seasons in, you finally figure out your kids are being stalked by something or at least in some sort of mess??? Good job, parents. For some reason, I hope they get involved. Though I doubt they have enough savvy to figure it out, at least it's a parental authority helping out.
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