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Trailer Thursday-Ish: Anne & Jim Give Us One Day 20 Times Over

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So it's not Thursday anymore. Trust me, this was supposed to be up Tuesday but thanks to the LiveJournal DDoS attacks (I feel for you, LJ, hang in there), it's been pushed back a lot. Nevertheless, it's here and the end of the month is upon is too. It's crazy how FAST July flew. HP is over and so is my childhood, but hey, movies go on. Let's relish the new set of flicks to catch at the cinemas (hopefully if I'm not broke or busy).

One Day

I'm really excited to see this one just because I can't wait to see how Anne (tries to not) mess up the British accent. And yes, I know a lot of people aren't for her casting, but it's been done so I'm going to try to enjoy this movie as much as I can. Plus Jim AND Anne together? I might just die and go to fangirl heaven.

The Help

It seems like the books I'm reading aren't giving me the 'happily-ever-after' I'm hoping for, perhaps because I'm asking for too much. But I've been crushing on Emma Stone VERY VERY hard lately and despite her horrible wig in this one, it was a pretty enjoyable book over-all so i'm hoping they do the on-screen version justice

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Though I wasn't the biggest fan of the first remake and all, this one has Franco and you know despite his GH-guest starrings, he's always very intense about his movies, no matter how silly. So this one should be fun to watch. Plus it's got Freida Pinto, who's always so pretty to watch just because she's so damn beautiful.

The Change-Up

Okay, we've seen this plot a thousand times before but it has RYAN REYNOLDS AND JASON BATEMAN. Adorable and funny guys, why will I say no??? I can probably take my sisters to this one (and even the brothers if they're not busy). Or just get it on DVD. The point is, I'm sure it'll guarantee laughs.

Our Idiot Brother

How can one resist the magical Zooey Deschanel (you know I'm excited for her TV show)??? I don't know if her role is really big in this but it looks so funny. And of course, Pull Rudd is in it too so it's a win-win for everyone.

30 Minutes or Less

This just looks hilarious. Aziz Ansari AND Jesse Eisenberg. I don't even need to know what it's about and you know I'm there. And yet, the crazy plot of having the bomb strapped to him so he can rob a bank is going to ensure it'll be a fun time at the cinemas. Did I mention Aziz Ansari? Oh I did. I don't care, he's too funny.

Brighton Rock

The really pretty set of books I bought from Singapore two trips ago had Brighton Rock by Graham Greene as one in the series. Though I didn't get it, I might actually try to check out the film and then read the book. Plus it's got Sam Riley, who I'm psyched to see on On The Road. So this should be some serious business viewing with my sister.

5 Days of War

I love watching movies with my dad (other than the fact that they're free) and when I saw this trailer, it had MY DAD written all over it. It's war and blowing up things and lots of conspiracies. So even if I'm not really into anyone in this cast, if it does come around here, I'll ask my dad to watch this with me just because.

The Whistle Blower

And for more on that vein, this one at least looks less war-y and a little easier on the bloodshed, plus I feel like Rachel Weisz will soften the masculine feel of the movie. Save it for a home-viewing perhaps? most likely.

The Debt

Jessica Chastain happens to be everywhere and this one has Sam Worthington AND Helen Mirren too. And yet I've not heard of this movie. Still, it looks pretty interesting and if anyone ever hands me a copy personally, then I'll probably check it out.

The Amazing Spiderman

And how could I even forget? Sure, it comes out in 2012 but I'm pretty damn excited for it. My brother wasn't, but he's a boy and I'm in this for Emma/Andrew and they're adorable-ness together. I'll get to Comic-Con soon (if LJ permits) but really, Andrew in the Spidey suit? YES PLEASE.

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