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You're Always On My Mind, You're Always In My Head; And I Can't Live Another Day Without You

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[-] Please ignore the double postings. Or if you don't want to, just mind the second time they appear as the first ones are obviously un-formatted. LiveJournal has been screwing up lately and I'm actually feeling it. Two days without it? Kinda nuts. Considering we're paying and all.

[+] Thank goodness for relatives coming home. Sure, I may feel guilty that I don't get to hang with them as often as I should but because July is birthday month, I end up meeting family even more this month. It's always a nice break from work and real life.Stuffing our faces and just chilling.

[+] I never got to do my 'Singapore-trip' recap from last April so it's a good thing Katrina asked me to do a guest post on her blog, The Demure Muse. Let's go back in time and see how much food I ate, yes?

[+] I hope everyone else had a great week back then and a good one right now. Let's all get through this, yes?

I am not a big fan of Mondays. Especially when they require me to be presenting or out of the office and thus not accomplishing a lot of work when I finally get back. But alas, this is how the work week starts and really, I just want it to be Friday already so I can weekend again.

I really miss my siblings too. I barely get to email those in Singapore and I barely get to see the ones here. I should totally sort out this whole work/life balance (which is a myth, I think) just because I dont' seem to have a life outside of work anymore, which really is just sad. Even this LJ that was supposed to be the escape is totally neglected.

I hate when work that isn't mine ends up with me just because those who are supposed to be doing it, weren't able to. At work, I try my best to do my best so it makes me sad that it's still not enough some times. I just feel really really tired from the late nights and long hours. I feel like I need a day off soon.

For some reason, all the advanced work I'd been doing amounted to nothing as I ended up staying up really late at the office to finish the big presentation I have for tomorrow. I felt really annoyed because I had done so much advanced work thinking I'd be able to leave early for my grandma's birthday. But no, things just kept getting in the way and I ended up feeling horrible and just really tired. Plus I missed my grandma's birthday dinner.

I don't know how I managed to wake up but I'm resigned to the fact that I can't wake up as early as before. There's still a lot to do (FOR OTHER WORK) and then I get a message saying the big presentation today was cancelled. SERIOUSLY. What is the lesson in this story? Not to prepare??? I don't know anymore. I wanted to take a leave on Friday but then it seems like it'll be rescheduled to that day. WHY.

Still, all horribel things must turn into good times and I ended up having lunch out (Japanese food + Milk tea) with some officemates and ended up enjoying the planning with one of the brands that I was a little nervous for. Though the past couple of weeks have been pretty intense, it's little moments at the end of the day that make me hang on some more. I'm not complaining, just a little tired.

I HATE WHINING. I REALLY DO. But i realize that's all I ever do. Whine about how tired I am. but I can't help it. I am really exhausted. And I wish I could say, Oh just take a break if you're so tired. BUT I CAN'T. because there's literally so much to do and I can't find the voice to complain just because I haven't even been here a year and people have been at this job for ages and they're fine and maybe I'm just not cut out for it. maybe.

It's pretty amazing what a night out and away from the office can do to me though. Despite the ultimate busy-ness, I was able to leave work at a decent hour and had dinner with my aunt who's been here since last weekend. If I were less busy I'd be with her every single day, so I'm glad I was able to have dinner with them and listen to some music after. Who cares that it's a Thursday night?

FOR THE FIRST TIME, I actually woke up early enough to NOT take a cab to the MRT station. I need to make a better habit of this so I don't get too broke or don't get too spoiled by all the cab rides. i swear, I need to train myself better.

And because I just didn't care anymore, I left work a little earlier than usual so I could make it to my grandma's birthday dinner. Even if I missed her real birthday last Tuesday, at least I was able to make it to her celebration. Sure, I slept after dinner and napped in the living room, at least I was able to to show up.

I woke up with a panic at 6am and was rushing to get ready for work until I realized it was Saturday. Seriously. My heart was racing so fast and I just had this sense of nervousness within me. Thank goodness it is a Saturday and I was able to sleep in till noon. THIS IS THE LIFE.

I spent the rainy afternoon (surprisingly not sleeping) watching a lot of TV. We were switching between Modern Family reruns, When Harry Met Sally on HBO and a few other things. I wish I could just spend all day lazing around. Work? WHAT IS THAT?

According to my aunt, there must be something wrong with my spleed (in Eastern medicine) because I am always so damn exhausted. She said my spleen says my stomach is lacking in some chi and I need to chew slower. I totally believe in eastern medicine so I'm going to follow her even if I don't quite get what half of it means.

And because it's July, we spent Sunday stuffing ourselves for the joint party of my aunt and my grandma. Chinese food (makes me sick but only because we ate so much). Thank goodness for my requisite nap when we got to my grandma's because I was just feeling unwell. Good times though.
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