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Sneak Peek: Leighton is a Busy Bee

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I don't know why I keep coming back to them, but I do. Call me a masochist I suppose, but somehow after four seasons, I'm still stuck on Gossip Girl even if everyone else who started watching with me has stopped a season and a half ago.

But I can't help it. Leighton Meester, you are my weakness. Even if they've totally degraded your character and made the Queen Bee, the fool of the court, I'm still somehow hanging on. I don't mind if they cancelled but I'll miss Leighton on my screen for sure. Lucky for me, she's venturing into more movies too. Let's hope they make some money.

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Spotted on the set of her movie I Hate You, Dad (no I don't dad, in fact, I love you! Happy birthday! if I managed to post this today that is), Leighton was looking really pretty in her white summer dress. I read that she plays Andy Samberg's girlfriend in this movie, though I'm not quite sure what it's about.

And other than movies, Leighton's filming in New York for my love-hate TV show, Gossip Girl. I don't know what kind of shit they're going to put her through this time but now we've got a Serena who's dating Leo DiCaprio in real life. Cameo for Leo? I wish. But really, how much more can I go through with this show? I do love Blair's yellow outfit. And I wonder if Leighton's reading Game of Thrones or if it's Blair.

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Meanwhile, the LA kids are soaking up the sun in the craziest bathing suits. I'm liking how Silver grew her hair out and so far, if Naomi is preggers, it's not showing yet. I really hope she isn't though because I don't like pregnancy storylines one bit. Can someone else get preggers please and not Naomi? I don't think I could handle it.

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I have yet to read the book, though it's like the second book on line-up but Rob + the creampie on his face = me approving. Let's clean him up and lick it off, yes? Obviously, my mind is in the gutter. But really, with Rob showing up at Comic con with that hair (more on this sometime soon), it makes me wonder how serious this movie will turn out. I'm excited for him to do something outside Twilight though. Can 2012 come soon already so the second part can be done too?

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I'm not sure what this movie is about but it has Zac in race gear. I can already imagine him being a speed devil and all so I'm hoping this is a good movie and not too feel good ala Charlie St. Cloud. I want hot!Zac please. Then again, he's bound to get rid of the race gear. So let's all pray what's underneath isn't much.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson
HOW CUTE IS RACHEL? I'm guessing this is a period piece cause all her retro outfits somehow really suit her. Rachel could have been born in that era and actually fit in. I hope it's not a B-movie or a made-for-tv one. Rachel deserves something right now, I haven't seen her in forever!!!

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So she marries Marky Mark in the movie, and her dress is pretty! I'm still not sure what this is about but there's a wedding and Mila in it, so I'm game. I wonder who made the dress cause it's real pretty.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota
And seriously, THIS IS A WIG. That is amazing. It's pretty crazy how amazing wigs have gotten and still we get the likes of Jacob Black circa Twilight and Bella circa Eclipse. If we can do good ones, why are there still bad ones out there??? I like how Dakota looks with the cropped do too. At least we know she'll look fab!

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