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TV Time: It's a Fashion Show For a Cause, Yo

[Pretty Little Liars]
Just like starryeyedmagic said, I'm glad that Pretty Little Liars is back just because it's such a not-so-guilty pleasure to watch. Every week, they manage to embroil themselves into a deeper tangle of lies that I am positive none of this will be tied together in the end. But do I care? Of course not. It's just too fun to watch. Plus this week, they threw in a fashion show. And you know how much I love fashion shows on teen shows!

Pretty Little Liars 02x06: Never Letting Go

Let's start this off by saying how ridiculous the fashion show was. I love how Pretty Little Liars isn't afraid to be as campy as they can. I don't know if that was their intention per se but it sure as hell comes off that way. From the 'high-fashion' programme to the DJ and the lights and all the wonderful hair and dresses, I'm totally loving how we're getting a very Gossip Girl reminiscent complete with intrigue and chaos. Also, everyone raise your hand if you could feel Spencer not viewing that video one last time spelled trouble. Yup, I thought so too.

But let's go take it one by one. First off, I don't know how i feel about this Jason/Aria thing they seem to be hinting at. WHERE IS EZRA?! There is a reason I watch this show and they're one of them. Yes, Jason looks better than last season (hello actor change) but I will not accept him getting in the way of Ezra/Aria.

Also something I can't take? Hannah's mom and dad. You can tell the dad is just going to break Hannah's mom's heart and though his intentions may be 'pure' now, you can so tell this is not going to end well for everyone. But I'm glad Caleb's there for Hannah. I'm still fixated with the hair. He looks good. But I wonder if he'll look better with it all shorn short. I'm obsessed, okay?

Though I appreciate the abundance of Tobey, now that I know Wren can actually come back, I want him more. I'm happy that Nanny!Carrie is on vacay. She needs to relax. I'm scared that the dad/Ali's mom plot isn't going to be something I'll enjoy. I'm so paranoid with all the details -- like Spencer telling him not to eat salty food. Could they make her dad croak?!? I told you I'm paranoid.

And well, Emily. I'm glad her mom's a lot cooler about things I much prefer her first two girlfriends to this one, now that I think about it. Oh well, we can't win on all fronts.

[Game of Thrones Fan]

Game of Thrones 01x02: The Kingsroad

And we're back. I'm only 30+% through the first book so at least I'm in sync with the book reading/tv-watching but it's still pretty hard to get through at the moment. I can't wait to gain momentum like maybe. Still, I'm loving this episode just because we see so much more.

Let's start off with Dany. Am I the only perv who enjoyed her 'trying to please' Khal Drogo? Call me a sicko but I'm happy she took matters into her own hands and got her treated better. Sure, she had to learn to seduce him but at least girl takes initiative. And I'm 100% sure the Khal enjoyed her little seduction as well. I'm not the biggest Jason Momoa fan but for some reason, as Khal Drogo, he's got that appeal. And I like my boys neat and clean so this is a major deviation.

Jon Snow. I feel bad for you. Hated by Catelyn, no word about his mom, this kid is lost and he's about to get more lost when he finally gets to The Wall. I wish I could say Uncle Ben (how spiderman) would be there for him, but we all know he'll be left to his own devices when he's taken the black. His message to Bran before leaving got me all choked up and I wish Ned showed him more affection when they parted. At least he got to bond with Arya (Needle!) before leaving. I swear, I wish we got to see more of Jon/Arya.

And as indifferent as I am to Lady Stark, her defending Bran against that hitman really got to me. HER HANDS!!! I couldn't watch as she held that blade. I mean I guess she didn't have much of a choice, but was there really NO OTHER CHOICE?! Thank goodness Bran's direwolf came to the rescue or Lady Stark would be handless right now. Not cool, Lannisters.

The person I wouldn't mind seeing handless is Prince Joffrey. SERIOUSLY KID, grow some balls. I feel bad that Sansa's Lady had to die, but take one for the team, Sansa. I hope Arya and Nymeria get reunited though. This kid needs all the friends she can get. I wish we'd get to see more Ned/Arya moments. I feel like this is the kid he could dote on most.
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