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Movie Raving: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

All Was Well [MuggleNet]
Though it isn't as obvious, I am quite the fan for this series. I'm sure I'm not the biggest in my flist, I'll leave that honor to the others, but I've read the books (a couple of times), watched the movies (more than a few times each) and of course, crocheted a Gryffindor scarf scarf for myself (cause I was too young/broke to realize i could buy one online).

And so now that the movie series is finally done. I have to say, I'm a little sad. There won't be another one to look forward to or press tours to listen to the trio talk excitedly about their work together. As the posters for this last installment said: "It all ends here." Unfortunately.

Photos courtesy of MuggleNet
This outing not only doesn't disappoint; it surpasses high expectations. This is a terrific, smartly designed adolescent adventure, visually rich, narratively satisfying, and bound to resonate for years to come. [The Globe and Mail (Toronto)]
Needless to say, this movie was perfection. It started off right where we left off last time and it didn't stop. Despite it running a little over 2 hours, I didn't feel like i wanted to get out or wanted it to end. In fact, it was the opposite. I was hoping they'd keep giving us some more even though logically, I knew it had to end at one point.

The series was wrapped up so well with this installment and it was so nice to see how everyone had grown up so nicely. And despite my expectations of crying, I'm surprised I didn't drop a single tear. Perhaps because I had already psyched myself into getting ready to cry that I was much more prepared for the eventual deaths I knew were coming my way.

Like any normal shipper, I was excited to see Ron & Hermione finally seal the deal. Even if it was a little underwhelming. Of course they wouldn't have time to go at it for real, there are Death Eaters outside their door. But I would have wanted more affection from them. Still, they did throw us bones with the hand holding and sitting near each other at the stairs. Seven movies later, we finally get something other than tension. I approve.

Also something I approve of? The use of the rest of the cast. Sure, the first franchise saw a lot of the trio only, this time around, it's so nice to see Neville (WHY SO HOT MATTHEW LEWIS?!) and Luna (GO GET WITH NEVILLE ALREADY) and the Order and the Weasley's and the Hogwarts Faculty really rally together to help Harry. No matter how many times Voldemort would try to guilt-trip Harry into not letting anyone else die for him, they selflessly put themselves forward to help out.

I did get choked up in that last scene with Tonks and Remus alive, only to see them die the same way. After that, it would have to be the Weasley's mourning over the loss of Fred. I love that Molly Weasley really wouldn't let Bellatrix anywhere near Ginny. I'm so glad good triumphed over evil, somehow.

Photos courtesy of MuggleNet
Writer Steve Kloves, who adapted all of J.K. Rowling's novels except "Order of the Phoenix" over the last 11 years, neither wastes a word nor leaves out any essentials. [Charlotte Observer]
But of course, it's not just all good guys. Even the 'bad' guys shone all throughout. Bellatrix Lestrange is so hateable for a reason. She's brilliant at what she does. You want crazy devoted slave to the Dark Lord? You've got her. I really loved how Hermione did her own take of Bellatrix at Gringots. It was pretty straightforward but you could tell how nervous Hermione was. Meanwhile, real!Bellatrix was just all out nuts. I'm glad Molly got her good.

Then of course, there's Severus Snape. The professor I love to hate and yet when we learn about his past with Lily Potter, you can't help but feel horrible for him. Alan Rickman brought the vulnerability and awesomeness to the screen. I have to say, I felt like crying after Voldemort killed him off thinking he was the master of the Elder Wand. Usually, when Voldy kills someone off, they're just dead, but Severus had to suffer a bit and really bleed out. His memories with Lily kill me. I'm sure Harry felt the same way. Brave man, you are.

And as much as i want to kick Lucius for being a coward and walking away, you could tell he was only doing it to keep his family safe. It always feels good to know Harry went back for Draco in the Room for Requirement even though he had every reason to leave him to die. And though I'll jump a bit to the epilogue, it's nice to see Harry and Draco be civil at Kings Cross. I'd like to believe Draco could change.

But really, it all comes down to Harry's showdown with Voldemort to cap off this series. Despite the fact that it deviates from the way it's been written in the books, I appreciate this one too just because we get to see them go at it with emotions running high after Voldy gets duped about Harry's 'death.' I loved seeing Voldemort's calm exterior deteriorate as the trio destroyed him one Horcrux at a time.

Photos courtesy of MuggleNet
Fully justifying the decision, once thought purely mercenary, of splitting J.K. Rowling's final book into two parts, this is an exciting and, to put it mildly, massively eventful finale that will grip and greatly please anyone who has been at all a fan of the series up to now. [the Hollywood Reporter]
Of course, at the heart of this entire series is the trio. Harry, Hermione and Ron have been through so much throughout this series and to see them survive this last installment, much better and stronger in their characters and their relationships with one another always makes me cry a little bit.

Though I'm not a big Harry/Ginny shipper, it felt good that Harry finally got his happily ever after with Ginny and their kids (still not hot about their names) but I'm just glad that despite their awfully hard childhood to adolescense, they managed to grow up (not to scarred/jaded about it all) really optimistic about their futures.

And yes, JK Rowling said Neville didn't end up with Luna, but in my head (and after the implication in the movie), I"d really like to believe they got together, especially since their movie characters have really cute chemistry. It's so nice to see Neville man up and Luna be her adorable self. We need more of these two.

I'm sure I missed out a lot, but at this point, I figured if I never write it down, I'll forget all my thoughts. SO there's that. I don't know what I'll do now that the series is finally over, but a rewatch and reread are definitely in the immediate future. As J.K. Rowling said at the London premiere, "Whether you come back by film or by page, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." Going back to Hogwarts, yo.

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