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TV Time: Winter is Coming, Yo

[Game of Thrones Fan]
I know. I'm late. Thing is, I didn't think I'd be interested in this series (TV and book) at all just because I was but a casual audience member for the entire LOTR series. I think they're good movies, books but I wasn't a FAN-FAN like my cousin is. But when my sister started watching Game of Thrones and actually enjoyed it, I knew I had to at least check it out. And I'm so glad I did. Season 2, where are you???

Game of Thrones 01x01: Winter is Coming

I watched the entire series in a span of two nights. Saturday evening, I caught 3 episodes and Sunday, I watched the remaining 7. And I have to say, this thing is crazy addictive. I'm currently working my way through the first book but it's pretty amazing how faithful they've been in this adaptation, down to the lines. I like how it's still so exciting to watch them do something verbatim from the text.

Let's start off with how much I LOVE the Starks. This family (despite Catelyn's justifiable dislike for Jon Snow) is just so loveable, I want to be a cousin who spends summers (preferrably the long ones) with them. Ned Stark seems like a fab dad, Robb and Jon great older brothers, Sansa the annoying but sweet if she tries sister and Arya, the fun one to play with. Bran would be the kid you doted on and well, I didn't see a lot of Rickon on the show. Still, TAKE ME TO THIS FAMILY. Everyone's so nice to each other (even if Ned's beheading deserters and all). Take me to the north, yo.

On the other hand, the Baratheon/Lannisters aren't exactly my cup of tea, but this is fabulous because the Lannisters are the kids you love to hate. You know how I want Lucrezia/Cesare to get together? Well I wouldn't want Jamie/Cersei to touch. Unfortunately, they do. AND A LOT OF IT TOO. So this leads Bran to fall to his crippling. I actually thought they'd kill him off, but apparently, he's still alive.

Another person I love to hate? Viserys. Talk about a pussy. This guy is such a user and seriously, stop fondling your sister. And though Daenerys looks a little odd with Khal Drogo at first, I'm actually sort of shipping them, but that's just cause I clearly lack romance in my life. I haven't finished the book yet but why do I feel like Ser Jorah has a thing for her?

The best part about this though is how everyone looks familiar. Cersei, I remember from Sarah Connor Chronicles; King Robert from Still Standing; Prince Joffrey from Batman Begins -- I swear his role was so minor but I remember him so well; Jamie Lannister, I totally remember from Wimbledon -- god I Love that movie! It's amazing how they've all come together for this. I'm excited to rewatch the rest of the season already.

[Pretty Little Liarssss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x05: The Devil You Know

The mystery will never end. I have resigned myself to this fact. This way, I can focus on the more important part of this show: THE BOYS. I was discussing this show with some other girls from the office and we realized that we don't quite connect/really adore any of the lead girls. Save for Hannah, I'm not really attached to anyone. Though Aria, I like (in connection with Ezra), I don't love love her. SO instead, I'll just say that thank goodness the boys are sort of cute. Believe me, it took a while for me to get here. I remember the days when I found no one cute. Save for Wren, but he wasn't in this episode (BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER), the others didn't really attract me. But I guess now that I realize no one will be cuter than Wren, I've set my standards lower.

Let's start with Caleb. I knew these kids would get back together but I didn't expect it to be that soon. And though I'm all for him emancipating himself from the evil foster mom, I never really get to concentrate on him because of his hair. It looks good on him, but I wonder how he'd look if he was all clean cut.

Ezra of course, the epitome of clean, is still afraid to venture out into public declarations and displays of affection and you can't really blame him. I'm scared though cause they keep putting Jason DeLaurentis in the same shot as Aria and this tells me he'll be crossing havoc for Ezra/Aria especially with all their secrecy.

And really, bottom line? Bring back Wren. I don't like the police guy and Emily is batting for the other team so they should really work on writing Wren back in permanently. This way Nanny!Carrie can stop moping and get together with the rightful cute guy.
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