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Red Carpet Round-Up: So Long, Harry Potter

End of an era[Emma Watson Online]
This obviously isn't my movie recap just yet, but let's just say, I feel so sad. Like this is the end of an era. I don't know when I'll ever see the trio together again but after seeing the speeches at the London premiere, I couldn't help but feel like I'm losing old friends. I'll post my thoughts soon enough. I just need to digest the fact that it really is over already.

But really, prepare yourself for a deluge of entries. This time, it's true. I'm about to flood your flists, so feel free to skip on ahead. I did miss almost two weeks worth of things I should have done, but didn't. Apologies in advanced.

Photos courtesy of emma watson online
HOW GORGEOUS IS EMMA?! I wish I could just spam you all with the cuteness of Emma and Rupert but I'll leave Tumblr for that so instead, I'll focus on Emma's prettiness. Seriously, girl bloomed so much. I love it.

At the London premiere, she was such a princess. I loved her dramatic gown and how emotional she was being and just how close she is to Dan and Rupert. I'm really going to miss seeing them all together.

At the New York premiere, she looked a little more mature with her more daring outfit but she still looked lovely as ever. Not too many Rupert/Emma cute moments in this one but they were both still very adorable.

AND MY GOD WHEN DID NEVILLE GET SO HOT?! He just leveled up SO MUCH and I'm really happy for him that he got mentioned by JK Rowling as part of the Big 7. I swear, I'm getting all nostalgic already and need to re-read the books/watch all the movies again. Come on, let's all cry now.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
The royal couple had their first official tour together and Canada was the lucky country to be chosen (well, North America, really) and William and Kate couldn't have been more adorable. I know Kate got a lot of flack for repeating clothes or her safe choices but I loved her wardrobe for this trip. She looks just how a princess should (for me, at least).

But really, more than her pretty self, I loved how adorable they were together. sure, royals aren't allowed to hold hands in public and she's supposed to be walking behind him, but when they do show whatever sort of affection, it's always so subtle and I die. Hands on the back are enough for me.

I can't even imagine how exhausted these two might be, but seeing them in cowboy hats and jeans is probably the most precious thing ever. Don't blink guys, this might be the only time you'll see them rocking these duds. They're the most proper cowboyws, ever. Right?

I have to say her LA set of clothes were a little more varied though I did love her green DVF dress and of her McQueen to the BAFTAs Brits to Watch. I wonder when their next trip will be cause I need more Will/Kate cuteness in my life. Stay pretty, guys!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
From one royal brother to the next, Harry was looking absolutely handsome at the F1 in Santander. Harry in the same frame as Jensen Button and other hotties of F1? I'm obviously in heaven. Two of my favorite things combined. I approve completely.

Photos courtesy of Anne Hathaway Fan
I know it's not everyone's favorite but I love love love Anne's dress to this event. The color blocking paneling of the gown and her make-up are just so beautiful on her. It's modern and just really sleek and really looks wonderful on her. I wonder what they do at these things.

And for more wonderfulness, Anne went to the White Fairy Love ball too looking well, like a fairy. I prefer her first outfit, but this one isn't half bad at all. And as if to remind us she's not all that nice, she shows up at Fashion week in a black see through ensemble. Lovely.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net and Zooey Fan
My goodness, I love how amazing Jen looks when she gets all dolled up. And since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in attendance, Jen and Zooey got all dolled up. I love love love both their looks. Zooey ditched her tights and Jen just leveled up. See what the presence of royalty can do? I love it.

Photos courtesy of Yoon Eun Hye Net
Ben and Zooey are looking cute together as well. It seems like couples are the theme of the moment. You know who should be in a couple? Yoon Eun Hye. Where is Kang Ji Hwan then?! Was he too busy to attend this premiere of their castmate?! I really am still getting withdrawal symptoms from missing Lie To Me too much. They need another drama please.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Bell Online anf Max Irons Online
God Max and Emily are just too cute for school. I love how every single photo of them has them cuddling or holding each other> Fingers crossed they don't break up too soon cause that's a lot of photos you'll try to avoid. Also, seemingly back together are Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood. I like Evan and I miss her from the Once and Again so I hope this is the path to straightness. They're still cute together (and I still want her hair).

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota, Amanda Seyfried Fan and Ashley Greene Central
Ashley really does get around and here she is again at Milan Fashion week, I think. I do love her outfit though. Girl dresses to accentuate the positives. And Amanda looks absolutely adorable (and quite possibly drunk) at the True Blood premiere after party. I have yet to watch an episode past season 1, episode 1, but I'll work my way up. Probably read the books first.

Photos courtesy of L-Meester.orgEmma Stone Connection and Miss Bilson
How cute are these girls?! I can't wait for the promotional tour for Spiderman just because Andrew and Emma are looking so damn cute together. It's nice to have her red hair back though. Also, Leighton just keeps on becoming more adorable. I can't believe they're already shooting Gossip Girl so I don't know how many other appearances she can make now that she'll be busy.

Photos courtesy of Shia LaBeouf Daily
And finally, there's that other movie that came out recently though I haven't gotten around to watching it. Shia's been surprisingly quiet during the promo tour so I'll chalk it up to getting older. He did look quite dapper though going from LA to Europe promoting the film. Stay classy, Shia.

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