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TV Time: Jin Soo Thinks Seung Yeon Is the Best Secretary in the World

Let me preface this by saying, I haven't properly touched the computer in a week. So expect a deluge of backlogged entries I wanted to post but was either a) busy; b) lazy; c) waiting for the computer to free up and falling asleep while doing so. Nevertheless, I'm back and I did watch some tv this week and because I'm still having withdrawal symptoms from Lie to Me, I thought, why not? Let's give Coffee House a try.

Coffee House

First of all, if it weren't for Kang Ji Hwan, I would NOT be watching this drama. I'm not the biggest fan of the lead girl (or at least the girl who I thought was the 'second' girl but turned out to be the lead girl (she was second girl in My Girl too). And though when I watch Kdramas that don't have Yoon Eun Hye in them (they're rare, but they happen), I always like the lead girl. In this case, I thought the lead girl was Ham Eun-Jung from T-Ara as the bubbly secretary Seung Yeon but I was wrong.

Still, it was fun to see Ji Hwan in something else -- something completely different and quite crazy. Playing Jin Soo, the eccentric writer, he really pulled this drama together for me. Plot-wise, it was a little crazy as well and the second lead guy was NOWHERE near hot, so it really was because of him that I kept hanging on to all 18 episodes, which i ended up enjoying anyway.

And yet, I found myself totally falling for Eun Jung, the second lead. She was bubbly and adorable and yes, a little naive in the beginning but you could tell she grew up (not just hairstyle-wise), but the way she handled herself and how she kept every single thing her mentor, Jin Soo said to her. I love how she mastered the art of coffee making, pencil sharpening and even managed to make progress on translating the entire fossil book.

And though she has Dong Wook (sort of, I feel bad for him too, she's just not that into him), I'm glad she was able to go to Galapagos. That scene with them in the coffee shop, on the night before he leaves for good, really breaks my heart. She's just there, crying in front of him, for an hour. And she knows him so well not to expect any sort of comfort other than his presence.

This show is so tricky too, because up until the last few episodes (IF I didn't spoil myself, which I totally did, cause I'm impatient like that), it could have totally gone either way. Though I don't mind that Jin Soo ended up with the lead girl, I would like to think him ending up with Seung Yeon would have been a more satisfying ending for me.

Still, as a way of keeping myself sane with the lack of Lie to Me in my life, this show wasn't a bad watch at all. And as much as I complain about the coupling, I did enjoy how things went (EVEN AFTER THEY TURNED KANG JI HWAN BLONDE!!! THE HORROR!!!). I'll be moving on to My Fair Lady next since i never did finish that. Perhaps the second time around, I'll enjoy it more.

[Pretty Little Liarss]

Pretty Little Liars 02x04: Blind Dates

Let me start off by saying I am very very glad that Wren is back. I don't know how long they're going to keep him but he made me interested in the Spencer plotline again. I honestly just want Melissa to disappear and now that it seems like someone's offed Ian, I hope we see less of this entire plot, but more of Wren. He needs to come back, permanently. I doubt they'll pit him against Tobey (since that just seems so far-fetched), but it would be nice to have at least one pretty boy back.

And though I want Hanna and Caleb to get back together, Lucas is so adorable being a total doofus on his date. It was 'nice' of Caleb and Hanna to get together and support Lucas, but it's got to be the easiest plot line to take to get them back together again. I don't know how many episodes they're going to make us wait before this happens, but you know, it is going to happen.

And i know we're four episodes in but wow, they really leveled up with Alison's brother. Is Jason flirting with Aria or is it just me? I don't really care about Aria's family problems and only really like her when she's with Ezra so I wonder how they'll fit in this 'associating-with-Jason' bit. At this point, I know no matter who they reveal to be A will be a total letdown (what with all the building up), so this is just for fun.
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