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On Repeat: They've got My (Stereo) Heart Beating Faster and Faster

Hear my thoughts in every note[Idolator]
It makes me so happy that two of my favorite artists released new albums in between this and the last music post so there's lots of be happy about. And though, I'm still in my KDrama phase (as is seen by my Last.FM), I'm also going through lots of Matt Nathanson and Sondre Lerche (I just spoiled the cut) and of course, lots and lots of 90s music.

And surprisingly, there's some dance-y music here too. I'm not one to go out. At all. As is obvious with my ultra monotonous and tame weekly recaps. But July happens to be a month where there are events I cannot avoid and will have to 'party' and so I'm just psyching myself out.

Gym Class Heroes (feat. Adam Levine) - Stereo Hearts

I'll admit I only heard of this band thanks to Season 1 of Gossip Girl where Chuck and Nate have the 'Lost Weekend' and they play 'Queen and I' during the basketball scene with Carter Baizen. SEE. I can pinpoint the exact scene during season 1 whereas now, GG just blends into one big ball of confusion for me.

But I digress. I happened to enjoy the rest of their music and it always manages to get me pumped up in the morning when I'm really not feeling like getting out of bed. At all. So thank you Gym Class Heroes for teaming up with Adam Levine (I feel bad I missed their concert in Manila). Fun stuff.

Cobra Starship (feat. Sabi) - You make me feel...

And for more fun stuff, I haven't really listened to much of their work other than Good Girls Go Bad thanks to Leighton but this one seemed pretty upbeat and I'm really trying to get into a partying mood since there'll be 'required' parties this week. I'm not complaining really, it's just so not my scene.

Matt Nathanson - Faster

Then of course, there is this. I heart Matt Nathanson. Ever since I received that mixtape burned CD in high school and got introduced to him, I've followed him ever since. So when searchtheskies told me he had something out, i was so there. And I heart this song so much. His album's fantastic as always, but this one just makes me feel all giddy inside.

Sondre Lerche - Private Caller

Also another favorite, Mr. Lerche has his first self-titled album out (six albums later) and though I'm still growing into it, I have always to thank my brother for introducing Sondre to us. It's always nice to see new stuff from him and this is no different. I want more.

Color Me Badd - Close To Heaven

So this is what started the entire 90s rehash on my iTunes. I was in the car on a way to a meeting when the radio started playing this song. And then I got this sudden urge to get all these 90s songs that I love but don't have in my library and voila, I am now on a 90s kick. Love it.

Even More Music On Repeat:
Coldplay's Ready For Their Comeback
The Lonely Island Boys Are Back
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