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You say that you love me, I know it; I feel the same but still so afraid to show it

All I ever wanted was you[26 Down/26 To Go!]
[+] HELLO JULY. We are officially halfway through the year and it's pretty crazy how fast time flies. I mean like REALLY REALLY fast. I can't stop harping about this just because it always feels like yesterday that I make these weekly round-ups when in fact, there were SEVEN days in between. I'm getting old.

[+] I'm glad to report I had a bit more concentration this week perhaps because this week marked the end of that korean drama that took over my life. I miss it already and am craving anything and everything starring the leads so I guess that will tide me over till the fall when TV returns to normal/hectic, really.

[+] Speaking of TV, it keeps surprising me that I find people at work that watch 90210. I find that NOBODY else watches it so having THREE co-workers watch it makes me feel less alone and now I can squee about this not-so guilty pleasure with at work. I am with like minds (silly, but alike).

Two things that occupied my Monday (other than back to back meetings that made sure I was barely at my desk the whole day and therefore totally unproductive). First off, i finished Forever Princess and now want to re-read the entire Princess Diaries series just because Michael and Mia were probably my first book ship and got me into reading again. I was melting this morning on my morning commute as I read the last few pages. Seriously, Meg Cabot still owns me.

Then I had to deal with the fact that my drama of the moment Lie To Me is ending tomorrow night and I have two episodes of cuteness left. And because I'm a total whore for spoilers, I was lurking the thread for ANY news or photos whatsoever and it did not disappoint. I don't want to let go of this drama but I'll have to. Thank goodness my dad picked me up from work because I wouldn't want the traffic to ruin an almost perfect day.

So last Saturday, my family and I had dinner out. And the next table had a family with a pretty hot dad. His kids were practically my age but he looked REALLY YOUNG all things considered. I totally forget about this dad until TODAY, at the office, I pass by a cube and HE IS THERE meeting with whoever owned the cube. It's just funny cause I'm sure if they looked up, they'd have totally seen my shocked face. i've never see him around so I doubt he works here but still right?! SMALL WORLD.

On a rare late night at the office (I love how I can now call them quasi-rare), I realized I need to chill out and be less panicked about everything. It'll definitely help with lessening stress and all but I just shouldn't worry too too much about every little thing and just learn to let go. It's funny though cause i've been like this since high school and doubt it'll go away overnight, but I realize that I just really do need to chill the hell out.

I woke up knowing that by tonight, I'd have finished my current kdrama obsession. This makes me want the 10+ hours in the office fly by as quickly as it can. And of course, on the day you want to go home early, you don't because your computer acts up and decides to be terribly slow and therefore hampering you from going home early.

I guess I underestimated my exhaustion because not even the KDRAMA of the moment could keep me up. I literally fell asleep 20 minutes into the finale, not that I hadn't seen it already the night before (SANS ENGLISH SUBTITLES -- I'm impatient, obviously). But It just makes me sad that I've had this long stretch of early outs and suddenly, on the day I most want to go home (and have reason to), I totally flake. Oh well.

I guess my tiredness was such a surprise, I ended up waking up late too and therefore having to catch a cab to the train. AND THE TRAFFIC WAS TERRIBLE. I don't get it at all. Thank goodness there were no lines at the MRT despite getting there late. I guess you win some and lose some after all.

I take a round trip going home (even if that adds another 30 minutes to the trip) because I really just wanted to chill on the train and not get jostled around too much on the way home. I also end up watching Coffee house (just because I CANNOT get enough of Kang Ji Hwan) and it's been pretty hilarious. Oh kdramas, why must you end so quickly?!?

After lunch, I return to my desk and get called back to reception to sign for something. And when I can get back to my computer, there's a Toblerone black on my keyboard. My seatmates don't know who it came from and there's no note so I'll just take it and be thankful. And as much as I'd love to believe there's some kdrama-esque hero behind this, I could care less. I really want to go home but there's sudden work on the horizon. Oh well, thanks Toblerone-giver.

And when Lee asks me if I'm sociable, of course I am. Despite my reservations about going out on a Friday night, I can't say no to Lee (i see her waaaaaay to less thaN I should) so we had Thai for dinner (Mango Tree at Trinoma is the best) and caught Monte Carlo. Watching this with Lee and catching up makes me miss her so much more. So it's a good thing we've set a date for another get-together with the rest of the barkada.

So I have absolutely no self-control and while starting on my Kang Ji Hwan drama marathon, I realized I wasn't quite into the girl who they seemed to be pairing him up with in Coffee House so I cheated and read spoilers for the ending only to find out he ends up with said girl. Oh well. I wouldn't be watching this soap anyway if it weren't for him so I might as well stick with it.

I ended up going to bed early especially since I knew I'd have to be at work the next day and it made me wish weekends really were longer. Not that I don't wish this EVERY SINGLE weekend, but I'll be attending to so many things next week and I'm already exhausted just thinking about it. Oh to not have social responsibilities. Perhaps being a recluse would grant me that?

I didn't have to wake up early having gone to mass the night before but then I realized, I'll be working today so I might as well get something non-work done today so I finally get to catch up on uploading things for my 30 for 30 remix. It's crazy how lazy i've been about uploading stuff when i'm not at all behind with the outfits. I don't know how the fashion bloggers do it (complete with legit photo taking) but I'm tired just thinking of it for them.

And though I hate going out on a weekend, much more a Sunday afternoon, duty called for it and so I trekked to work. Though it wasn't actually 'work,' more a lot of waiting around and all, it still made me thankful I didn't get into the usual work my course would dictate. I don't think I could handle the schedule. Still, hanging out with Isha, Reggie and Jae was fun and despite the transportation troubles, it was pretty good. Plus I got to have dinner out with my parents. Lucky me.

ETA: And Djokovic won Wimbledon. I can never watch these things live, cause I get too nervous, so I watch a bit and leave. And though I wanted Murray to win. I don't mind Djokovic either. Nadal was so gracious though in his speech and he played really well. I always get scared when they're up against Nadal just because he's too good. I need to watch Wimbledon live once in my life.
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