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TV Time: Take Me To Jeju Island Please!!!

I wouldn't have predicted that eight weeks ago when i started watching Eun Hye's new drama that I'd be this attached to it. And now as the final two episodes air, I wish there was still another Monday to look forward to with the cuteness of Gong Ah Jung and Hyun Ki Joon. Because at the end of the day, no matter how silly or inane the plot of this show was (or how low their ratings were), I knew I could count on their chemistry to get me through. I'm saying these two reunite on screen stat.

Lie To Me 15-16

It seems like this season (in American TV at least), the second to the last episodes have been MUCH better than the actual finale, and though I can hardly compare the kdrama to US tv, I'll have to admit, it's quite the same here as well. What this drama lacked in plot, they gave back in chemistry and even as things were coming to a close for the drama, they sure packed the punch with all the Ki Joon/Ah Jung interactions.


From Ki Joon's carrying her out of the party, to puttnig on her shoes for her, to being her cheerleader as Ah Jung fought for her job to dressing up as an ice cream vendor (WHY? I don't know, but I don't care, because he looked really really good) to cooking her dinner and seeing Yoon Ju off to helping Ah Jung's dad get married to writing out their ideal partners, to letting Ah Jung in to his secret room, Ki Joon persevered and just kept on trucking with his 'i-want-to-win-you-over-completely' campaign he's got going on.


And though on paper, he does seem like the PERFECT guy for Ah Jung, things have been moving very quickly that I don't blame Ah Jung for having second thoughts about marriage. It's a big deal, yo. I wouldn't jump into it either no matter how badly I wanted to JUMP KI JOON. So as sad as it is to see Ah Jung 'reject' Ki Joon's offer, it's actually one of the saner things the writer's done. I actually really like how 'realistic' it's all gotten from how absurd it all started.


Sure, Ki Joon has been floating on cloud 9 lately and is barely even at work (that we don't see Manager Park!!!) but it's always a treat to see Ki Joon in love. Because all we've ever seen is Ki Joon at work or being a good guy. At least we got to see Ki Joon really fight for what he wanted, all things be damned. And naturally, this will overwhelm Ah Jung and catch her off guard. Still, I'm glad she got her job back and is slowly coming to terms with, 'my-problems-outside-the-relationship-are-over,' so what now?

Before I move on to the finale, I have to say that this episode brought so many pretty scenes. Most notably when they did a little time-lapse/fast-forward/slow-down (i'm not sure which) of the crowd as Ah Jung and Ki Joon stood staring at each other outside the Ministry building. It didn't really have THAT much meaning to the scene but it was so pretty to look at. These kids are just born to be cute for each other. That is the cornerstone of this drama.

AND THEN THE FINALE HAPPENED AND I DIED. Seriously. This show is far from perfect. In fact, i've come to accept and love all of its imperfections as part of the charm of the show itself. because really, if Yoon Eun Hye weren't in this and if Kang Ji Hwan didn't have such stellar chemistry with her, I would NOT give it the time of day. But their on-screen romance was just through the roof and I found myself spiraling into this uncontrollable obsession that had me stalking forums and looking at spoilers, things I clearly do not do for ANY OTHER SHOW. It's not healthy.

Anyway, let's get it out of the way that I'm really happy with how this episode went. Sure we didn't get the wedding or babies but we rarely ever do. At least those that I've watched. I am happy though that we got to see Ki Joon keep on trying to show how much he loved her and Ah Jung resisting until she finally realized she didn't care about the external forces anymore and was ready to give herself to him.

I really don't blame this girl, they've known each other for a short time and though quite an intense experience, it's still something to ponder so when she needed time to think and I'm glad that they had that month apart. Thirty days is a breeze really and though I get they're all loved up and can't spend a day away from each other, it was a much-needed break and you have to give it to them for trying.


So now let's focus on the cuteness this show brought. From the obvious pull-for-a-kiss at the airport to Ki Joon gifting Ah Jung with a watch, these kids know how to pack the punch when it comes to cuteness. I like how Ki Joon didn't want to let her go and how this time around, it was her leaving him behind at the airport.

Then of course, there's the fact that he actually went to Jeju unannounced, unable to stay away any longer. I like how they were able to use So Ran and Jae Bum as a nice little plot device to show Ah Jung that yes, marriages aren't perfect and are mega messy but it does make it worth it. Their couples date killed me with the picture taking by the beach (and their oh so cute poses), the director figured, it's the last episode, might as well pile on the cuteness. And I AM NOT COMPLAINING.


And sure, they didn't use the bed to their full advantage, but that's really part of the charm of these two. you can tell they both want it, and yet somehow they're still holding back a bit. I say they're holding back just because in their heart of hearts, they're both romantics and really want to commit to something before going all the way, so to speak. But MY GOD the restraint these two had to put on themselves. They were too cute wrestling and all.

And sure, she deliberately didn't face him at the airport, nor did she show up at the lunch with Auntie but in their way, it all led to her realizing what it was she was missing the entire time. I don't think she's still completely at ease with everything nor does she have the answers to all of it, but when she got that crazy care package that was the writer couldn't help but reiterate was the box of memories that would make her find the love within (watch me cringe but NOT CARE), I was just waiting for that climax to happen. And boy, did they milk this episode with all the kisses they could get.


So as sad as I am to let this show go, i'm also a little happy I can return to a little normalcy. When I say normal though, it means re-watching this endlessly and also starting the other Eun Hye dramas I didn't watch (Vineyard Man and My Fair Lady) and going through Kang Ji Hwan's extensive drama filmography (good luck to me). Lie to me was such a welcome addition to my summer tv viewing considering there is NOTHING on right now. Oh KDRAMAS, why have you hooked me back in!!!

Pretty Little Liars 02x03:

This will obviously have to follow later on since MY BRAIN has still not recovered from the craziness of the Lie To Me finale. It'll be up probably this evening.
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