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Trailer Tuesday: It's the End of our Childhood, Yo

[Emma Watson Online]
I can't believe July is here. July marks the premiere of the LAST EVER Harry Potter movie and it makes me happy to see it come to a close and yet incredibly sad that it's all really over. I still remember reading the first book on a rainy afternoon back in gradeschool and now I'm working and I'm going to see the last film. Sad but good times up ahead. Watch me bawl through this entire thing.

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 2.0

I'm still not over how this will be the LAST trailer we ever see for this movie and how it's really all ending. If I was in tears in the first one, I can't imagine how many tissues I'll be consuming in this second one. Somebody hold me (no, not you, Voldy). It's the end. For Real.

Crazy, Stupid Love

STONE AND GOSLING. NAKED!GOSLING AND PRETTY!STONE. Do I really need to explain any further why this movie would be too good to miss out on? Gosling's being adorable. Stone's being wonderful and they threw in Steve Carrell for good measure. There are obviously too many pretty people in this movie. I AM SO THERE.

Friends with Benefits

Yes, No Strings Attached already cornered this market but I'm hoping the Mila-JT version does its ow spin on this plot and actually makes the most of it. I'm sure the critics will be comparing and you can't blame them but I'm still looking forward to this if only because JT and Mila actually kind of look adorable together.

Monte Carlo

Let me be clear that if it weren't for Leighton, I really wouldn't be minding this film but alas, she is in it and I'll admit it looks like a lot of silly fun. So since I'm not one to judge (much), you know I'll see this one (probably not at the cinemas -- unless it's free). SO let's hope it doesn't make me cringe TOO much. I'm open to some cringing though.

Horrible Bosses

This just looked hilarious. Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman look like the perfect underlings to the horrible horrible but hilarious bosses Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell (I KNOW, I'm still not over it) and Kevin-freaking-Spacey. I really hope this does amazingly in the box office because on paper (and on the trailer) it looks like a load of fun.

Cowboys & Aliens

This one just looks pretty rad. Plus it's by Jon Favreau. has the newly-married Daniel Craig. Has the still hot (for me) Harrison Ford AND then they threw in Olivia Wilde for good measure. I don't see how this film can be anything but awesome. It's all in the title already. Now please don't let me down.

Captain America: The First Avenger

If only to see Chris Evans beef up, I'm there. Plus it's always nice to watch a superhero film. And he'll be part of that Avengers movie so it'll all add up nicely if I watch them all. Plus I'm sure there's a romance there somewhere, so at least I'll have that in case I'm not into the action, right?

The Sleeping Beauty

Well well well. Seriously, this looks hauntingly beautiful. I really like how it's been cut and the premise is pretty different but I'm sure Emily will be able to pull it off. It's no wonder she's always the girl cast before they actually get cast for those book-to-movie adaptations cause girl is a chameleon.

The Smurfs

I'm not even sure I'll be able to catch this but it's got NPH and he's just adorable in everything he does so I might actually find a copy somewhere to at least see him. Neil Patrick Harris is always welcome on my screen.

Breaking Dawn 1.0

Yes, it's a long way off to November but I'll put it out there since it's been out anyway. I'm glad Bella looks good and it looks like they'll be honeymooning it up, but I'm still reluctant about the two-movie bit. Prove me wrong, Condon because I really can't see how we can stretch it to another year. But hey, good job on the wedding gown. She looks pretty at least.

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