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I can't control myself [25 Down/27 To Go!]
[+] Not that I like rains or storms at all, but the supposed four-day work week turned out to be a 3 and 3/4 day work week with the weather disturbances on Friday. I hope there wasn't much destruction from the typhoon but I'm definitely thankful for the extra day or so off from work this week. If only it were four-day work weeks every week.

[+] Other awesome things this week? After-work drinks on a Thursday night. For work. I'm not even one to drink but the drinks at that event were awesome A+ Seriously. I am totally suggesting this next time my high school friends decide to drink something. It taste like Sprite! Which I love! This is obviously a dangerous combination.

[+] Every week should totally have one day off work because the week flew by really fast after Tuesday. I felt more productive this week and had more concentration knowing I had only four days to get things done. Obviously this should be the case every week. Right? Hope everyone has a good week up ahead!

Starting the week with a holiday? Yes please. There really needs to be more of this. And though I wish I could say I was 'productive,' I can't. Instead, I stayed in bed or on the couch all day and read my books and tried not getting my neck irritated by my allergies again.

I thought my hair allergies had gone away already but the heat and the dust and my hair sticking to my neck strike again. So I kept myself non-perspire-y the entire day because I refuse to cut my hair ultra short again. I'll just have to wait this one through and hope it doesn't irritate me too much.

First day back at work and it feels like a Monday despite me having an extra day off. Plus it rained so hard I had to take a cab home (and I was really just lazy to commute with my allergies and all) so there goes money out the window, first day of the week, technically.

Speaking of the allergy, it's a good thing I'm cooped up in the airconditioning the entire day because it's honestly a pain in the neck (literally) me wanting to scratch my neck till there's nothing left. I'm glad that my meetings got postponed cause I'm honestly just a walking allergy. Ugh. I refuse to cut my hair.

In day x of my allergy fight, I managed to not sweat too much and not scratch my neck too much either. Still, at least it was a nice way to keep me focused at work. Trying not to mind my allergies forced to me really just concentrate -- something i haven't done in quite a bit.

I like the rain, but not when I'm commuting and that's exactly when it loves to come out. i don't mind when it rains if I'm at work or at home in bed. But when I have to be on the road, i'd rather it stayed dry completely. Is that really too much to ask???

Not that I really care, but a guy I used to like back in the day used to have me in his blog roll and though I never had one, I was in his. Today, I happened to drop by the blog and saw that I was removed. Not that I've been in contact with him since a long time ago but I saw all our other common friends were there. I don't know why I'm even bothering to write about it but it just struck me as odd.

Moving on, I don't usually attend weekday events, one of our bloggers was launching his book and so my boss and I headed out to support it. Despite the traffic and the heavy rains, it was actually nice to see a lot of people still came by. And though I have work tomorrow, my boss and I had a few drinks (on a work night) and I'm slightly buzzed as I type this. I was thinking of catching Green Lantern tonight but I don't think I'll be awake enough for it. Oh well, tomorrow then.

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS AT HOME AND I AM AT WORK?!? The rains were pouring so hard that even my college siblings didn't have class. So I was able to skip rain-commuting and instead took the car to work. Which is a good thing, except for the paying for gas or parking bit but I'll take it over getting drenched.

The rains got so bad though that even work got called off early. I think management got scared we'd all be stranded at work so they let us off 'early.' Still, I was trying to finish all my work I didn't get to leave as early as I'd hoped. But hey, still early enough for me. I'll take it.

We actually got out of the house. Sure it's been raining pretty much the entire day but my dad has been rotting at home (if he's not on duty at the hospital/s) so we had dinner out at Eastwood and I have to say, the Ramen Bar is pretty good. It's no Epudo (in Singapore) but it's good enough. I'm not picky.

We ended up bumping into parents friends at the mall and it was nice to catch up with them. Small world really considering their son's fiance works in the same office as me, on the same floor as me, like three aisles away. Looks like I'll be saying hi from now on.

I saw a DVD of the royal wedding and had to get it for me and my mom so we spent Sunday morning watching the Royal Wedding AGAIN and it was nice without all the commercials or the waiting. And seriously, these kids are just the CUTEST COUPLE EVER. I think I'm going to start stalking these two just because.

And because Sundays are for sleeping in all day and reading, I actually managed to read the second to the last two books in the Princess Diaries series. i know they were released a long time ago but it was actually this series that got me reading in the first place and since I have Ransom My Heart next on the list, i figured I might as well finish the series first. Flashbacks to gradeschool, I tell you.
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