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Movie Raving: Superhero 'Summer' Movies Keep Me Warm in the Monsoon

Two Down [Collider]
While the US is releasing all the big summer movies, over here in Manila, it's raining buckets. Lots and lots of rain. So to distract myself from the impending destruction and raging winds outside my window, it's still a good thing we've got the 'summer' movies to keep us entertained even for a few hours inside the dark cinema or bedroom.

And though I have yet to see two more of the 'summer' movies of June, I'll get on the first two before I forget what the hell I actually wanted to say. Not that there's much to say on the matter, actually. As you know, I'm pretty easy to please.

X-Men: First Class

Photos courtesy of Collider
McAvoy and Fassbender are a casting triumph. These two have, yes, real star magnetism, both individually and together: They're both cool and intense, suave and unaffected, playful and dead serious about their grand comic-book work. [Entertainment Weekly]
WHERE TO START WITH THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS MOVIE?! I came into this having seen all existing X-Men movies and prequels and whatnots so I wasn't sure how this one would fare with the younger versions of our beloved oldies. But from the moment James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender stepped onto my screen, they had me. I was sold. Their chemistry and portrayal of Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr was superb. I'm not a big fan of slash but for some reason all I could think of while this movie was going on was, "there are a lot of happy slash fangirls out there." They were that good.

I loved seeing the backstory and upbringing of the two foundations of this franchise and I hope we get a sequel because that was something else. Other things I loved were the not-quite romance of Beast and Mystique. Nicholas Hoult has never been cuter (oh wait, he was in A Single Man) and adorable with Jennifer Lawrence (how cute that they're together in real life?!) and I really loved seeing the could-have-been romance between them.

Even Betty Draper January Jones was effective as the right hand woman to Kevin Bacon's villain. Everyone was just so fun to watch in their retro clothes yet timeless themes. Kudos to the writer and director for recreating this entire franchise. It seems like reduxes are the thing. I can't wait to see the Spiderman and Superman redux now.

Green Lantern

Photos courtesy of Collider
Green Lantern does not intend to be plausible. It intends to be a sound-and-light show, assaulting the audience with sensational special effects. If that's what you want, that's what you get. [Chicago Sun-Times]
So it wasn't the best movie, but coming into it and knowing that i wasn't going to be blown away, I walked away, surprisingly okay. I wish it would have gone better for Ryan Reynolds in his first leading man-superhero film but I guess the story was just a little flat for me and I just had no interest in the world of the Green Lantern despite how visually pretty their universe was.

I surprisingly enjoyed Blake Lively though (you lucky girl, you) seeing her as the wealthy smart daughter/pilot. Her character on paper would equal me hating her already but I was actually okay with her and happy she got the guy in the end, somewhat. Plus she looks good as a brunette, yes? I actually sort of like her right now.

And of course there's Peter Sarsgaard and his big head. For all the silliness of his look, I thought he was the most realistic part of the movie. A little creepy with his love for Blake but thoroughly entertaining. I wish I could say more nice things about the movie but despite my being easy to please, it was just alright. Not sure if there'll be a sequel for this but there's nowhere to go but up, I suppose.

I have yet to see Super 8 or Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon but I'll add them up when I get around to it. It's really funny how it's summer movie season in the US and it's raining like crazy over here.

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