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TV Time: You Didn't Just Do That, The Killing!!!

And now I have to let go of The Killing too at least for a couple of months and then we return to the rainy city and still have to figure out who the hell killed Rosie Larsen and how they managed to dupe us into believing people who looked good were bad and people who looked bad were in fact, good. The best part? I actually wrangled my dad and mom into watching too. Wait till they get disappointed with that cliffhanger.


The Killing 01x13: Orpheus Rising

Well of course they would end that way. I had a feeling when they revealed that Richmond was Orfeus that he wasn't necessarily Rosie's killer and suzyx and I were discussing this last week. Well, thanks for proving me right, AMC. I'm just a little miffed that we don't get the resolution to the murder just yet -- I know, it' s only been 13 days but that's thirteen weeks in the real world, yo.

I'm sad that Mitch has moved out but I'm glad she let Stan come home. I hope she'll come home eventually when she heals from all this hurt but I'm really hoping that things get better for her. Also, I hope Ahmed makes a full recovery and that his wife gives birth to a healthy baby. They deserve some happiness. But really, WHO THE HELL KILLED ROSIE!? And why is Holder a bad cop again?!

Just when I was starting to love Holder, they pull this on us and show us he's a 'dirty' cop or at least tried covering it all up with the fake toll booth photos. I don't like this one bit. Holder was supposed to be the reformed guy. But then again, no one is what they seem on this show. I don't know how they're going to resolve this next season but it's too far away from now.

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]

Pretty Little Liars 02x02: The Goodbye Look

Three things about this episode. Number one being, EZRA and ARIA. Could you guys be any more obvious? Not that I'm complaining of course, because I'm not. That speech in class, the tension in between and then the parking lot kiss? Consider me pleased. You kids need to get a room now though Aria is still illegal because now you're at least free from one rule. I wonder how they'll actually work this out now that they can sort of be together.

Second, DID THEY CHANGE THE ACTOR THAT PLAYED JASON?! He wasn't this cute last season? I'm totally not complaining obviously. It's just that they made the actor a little cuter and the character a little creepier. So now, it'll be harder to hate on the creepy guy cause he looks better. Yes, I'm this shallow. This is also why I watch this show so much.

And though I could care less at the moment who attacked Aria and why Nanny!Carrie is being secretive and who A is, I'm too engrossed in the fact that they changed Jason to someone hotter. How am I supposed to not like him now? Good tactic show. Also, Tobey's growing on me again. Now bring back Caleb and we'll be back in business.

Lie To Me 13-14

Where to begin with this show? First of all, I'm terribly sad there are just four episodes left. Minus this week, we have just NEXT WEEK left and I honestly don't think I'm ready to let go of everyone just yet. Especially Ah Jung/Ki Joon. THESE TWO LOVEBIRDS DO NOTHING BUT BREAK MY HEART and make me all giddy and happy for them at the same time. The entire episode, I was either screaming at them to CONCENTRATE on their jobs or telling them to run off and make cutesy faces at each other because let's face it, this is what they do best. And yet, there were so many people to contend with this episode that as much as I'd want to see them traipsing through the fields, they really need to get ahold of their jobs.


Favorite scenes? Of course, anytime the two were being adorable: smearing ice cream on each other while relieving stress at the arcade, having Ki Joon bring over papers and flirting over a meeting (HOW CARELESS, BUT CUTE); sending texts to each other while 'working hard'; going to the spa together and feeding each other AGAIN; and of course that CRAZY CUTE airport finger holding scene. Guys, you dont' know the effect these two have on me. In spite of spoiling myself beforehand, I still get way too giddy over them when I see it.


And sure now Ki Joon has to deal with Ah Jung outing herself to save him and the Chairman Chen and Yoon Ju and whatnot, I don't know how I'll survive the last three episodes. Aunt needs to cool her jets and just chill and let things unfold. I hate how Ah Jung had to put herself on the line and quit her job but I hope Ki Joon can solve all this when he returns from China. Because honestly, I don't know what to do anymore.

And as if last episode wasn't dramatic enough, we get the third to the last episode and even more tears and cuteness from these two. I actually feel bad how either Ah Jung is giddy happy with Ki Joon or utterly low and depressed about him. It doesn't seem healthy the high highs and the low lows she's experiencing. I'm just comforting myself with the fact that in two episodes, they'll be living happily ever after. Or at least if my fantasies are to come true.

Sure, I'm sad that Ah Jung got fired and Ki Joon still got his deal but at least now we can see how they'll deal with all this aftermath together. I hope Ah Jung doesn't isolate herself and shut Ki Joon out because I'm sure he feels guilty as hell with everything going well for him and her being left to the dogs. It was so sad seeing her resigned to her fate of being dismissed meanwhile still hoping the best for him.


Also scary? What the hell Yun Joo has up her sleeve. It's nice to see Sang Hee totally at peace with the fact that Ah Jung and Ki Joon really have found each other but now we have to contend with Yun Joo's favors to her step-dad. Perhaps it was already the fact that Ah Jung got dismissed? Could this be the clout her dad held with the government? If that's all, then I can deal with that. I just don't want her interfering with the relationship itself.

Things I did love? Let's start with Manager Park Ji Yun. So that's her name. God if Ah Jung didn't exist, I wouldn't mind if Ki Joon hooked up with her because they are too cute together. Girl dresses so nicely and always says the right things and is just all around there for Ki Joon. I wish they'd hang out more after work.

I also love how desperately Ki Joon wants to fix things with Ah Jung and to behave like normal people. It's hilarious cause on their dates (the declaration of love, the shopping, the movie, the running), you could tell the crowd that was forming was actually there for the shoot and by chance also could work with the script. It was silly that they'd be followed everywhere but they're forgiven just because their chemistry is too good.


Also cute? getting approval from her dad and apologizing and drunkenly asking Ah Jung to be his girl. COULD YOU BE ANY CUTER KI JOON? I think not, but I hope he tops himself next week. These two have done every conceivable cute thing together save for sleeping together so let's hope they throw as another kiss next week before this all ends.

Next week, we say goodbye to this show and I honestly don't know how I'll react then. I didn't think i'd be this invested in this drama but I am. And I'll probably be hunting down old Kang Ji Hwan dramas to bide my time. I doubt these two will ever be on TV together again (what with the not-so-great ratings) but it would be a shame cause their chemistry on screen is crazy. Let's wait till next week then.
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