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Red Carpet Round-Up: Ryan Promotes 'Green Lantern' in brightest day & in blackest night

Grin Away[Ryan Reynolds Fan]
I have yet to see Green Lantern and though there's lots of talk about it not living up to the super hero franchise standards (meaning big box office returns), I'm still a little curious to see Ryan Reynolds beef it up in the lead role of a big superhero film. Plus he's just too adorable, how can one resist, really.

Shia's only warming up with the promotions but Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon is something else I'm looking forward to. It did add Patrick Dempsey to the cast and though I doubt his role is HUGE, I'll take it. One can never have too much pretty in one movie. Now to actually see this at the cinemas.

Photos courtesy of Shia LaBeouf Daily and Ryan Reynolds Fan
Shia's been growing that beard for quite some time and though it does have its appeal, I still prefer him clean shaven, so I'll pass. Ryan on the other hand somehow manages to make the grandpa vest look quite cute. Of course, we'd all prefer him topless but we all can't be that lucky.

Helping Ryan with the promotional duties is Blake Lively and she's looking very California girl pretty with her blonde hair in waves. Say what you will, but her smile is oh so very infectious. I would be smiling that big too if I had my arm around Ryan and was dating Leo.

Photos courtesy of Finding Franco
James has surprisingly been present at several events too. Gracing the AMFAR event against AIDS and looking like his perennially high self. I'll chalk the toothy-grin to some sort of cannabis. Or he's just really happy. Give him a break, right?

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan and Mr. Hedlund
Then James dropped by the LA Film Festival along with Garrett and Ryan, everyone either promoting a movie or accepting an award. Ryan Gosling looks oh so fine, as always for the premiere of Drive and I would have liked to have Carey with him, but he did good with Christina Hendricks! My god I miss her! Mad Men, come back please?

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
Also gracing the LA Film Festival was Kristen looking her usual casual cool self. She and Taylor came out to support New Moon director and my one-time lover, Chris Weitz for the premiere of his movie. All I can say is, I miss Weitz. I wish he'd shown up more promoting new Moon.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan
I don't know how blessed I am but the gods are pretty much smiling down on me when they brought both ANDREW and GARRETT to the Maui Film Festival. This means bromancing topless on the beach and just lots of adorable moments together. MY GOD, CAN THEY BE TOGETHER MORE?! This is just a teenage dream exploding into real life. You don't dream these things up. You really don't.

Photos courtesy of Ian Somerhalder Online and Nina Dobrev Fans
The not-so secret love birds headed up to Canada for the Much Music Video Awards and though I'm not too keen on what either of them are wearing, Nina and Ian are just too damn cute together that they could be in paperbags and I wouldn't mind. Flaunt it guys, you are too cute for school.

Photos courtesy of Jon Ham Source and Zooey Fan
Jon and Zooey both attended the Critics Choice TV Awards and they both looked really cool in their summer whites. Jon was just his usual adorable self with the funny expressions and just general 'I'm-too-hot-for-this-place' look. We love you, Jon. Seriously, come out more. And Zooey too, in the middle of summer stuck to her tights. I really wonder how her legs look without them.

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network
And Carey isn't wearing ugly shoes! Everyone rejoice! I actually really like her outfit and it just really sticks to her liking herself all covered up. I love the outfit and wish I were posh enough to pull something like this off at the office. this is all contingent on me not actually commuting to work and working at a swanky enough place to look normal dressed like this. I heart you, Carey.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan and Ashley Greene Central
It's so good to see Anna out and about and with her movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be released soon, hopefully we'll see her around even more. I do love that she's wearing red shoes with this gold dress. That's just bombshell all over it. I wish she'd done her hair differently.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garnet Net
Jen also appeared alongside Ashley at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball and though I'm not sure what the cause is, I'm sure it's one of those good foundations again. Also there was Olivia Wilde hamming it up with both Ashley and Jen. Girl is getting around. From Maui to LA. Stay pretty, girl.

Jen really is into this Frigidaire thing and it's always adorable seeing her with kids just because of how natural she is at it. I can't wait till Seraphina and Violet are big enough to participate in these events -- if Jen actually allows them to though.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Harry's been do-gooding and playing a lot of polo recently. He's also been appearing alongside his newlywed brother and thus most of the attention is on Kate (and with reason). It doesn't hurt to see Harry in his riding outfit though. Seriously, I don't mind if he just played polo for a long long time.

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