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It happened on a Sunday which tells me there was no mistake; You took my hand & breath away

You my love[24 Down/28 To Go!]
[+] FINALLY. The first long weekend of the year falls this week (sort-of), we get Monday (tomorrow) off for Jose Rizal's 150th birthday. I guess we won't be having this holiday next year. But I don't care. I'll take it. It's half the year already and this is our first long weekend. That does not sound right.

[+] Lots of work this week but somehow I felt utterly lazy. Perhaps in anticipation of the long weekend? Or because I knew I'd be seeing my friends this week. But somehow, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate, I couldn't get much done. This obviously isn't a good thing, but so far, eight months in, I felt like my brain deserved a tad of a rest (a little slowdown never hurt right?) Here's to hoping I get something done next week.

[+] I don't consider myself having a ton of friends so spending my Saturday with Lee-Ann, whom I've known for 20 years was a day well-spent. Happy Birthday Lee! Here's to 20+ more years of friendship! ♥

Despite my dad not being able to take me to work, getting an early night in, made me start my day off early too which equaled a quasi-early out. I don't want to jinx things, but these past few weeks haven't been as killer as months back and I'm really happy for that. I'm able to breathe easier and concentrate on tasks more without worrying too too much.

Plus it's the start of 30 for 30 today and though I'm not as prepared as I was in past years, it's fun to do this all over again. I was making my chart and though I'm not sold on all of my shoes for this round (considering my clothes), I'm going to try and work things out with them. We'll see. I hope I survive this time again.

It's weird with everyone being back in school now. I wake up and the house is really busy in the mornings (everyone's getting ready in silence) and I come home (early!) and I get to eat dinner but everyone's pretty damn exhausted, it's pretty silent too. I really do miss summer (even if I don't have one). My siblings were much more alive then.

But alas, it's back to school and work for everyone and the lines in the MRT are hella long again (I'm back to waking up not-as early as I used to). I don't mind lines but I wish it weren't so hot. I had literally just had a shower and I'm sweating buckets already. DONUT WANT.

OMG MRT. I know i keep griping about you but I will continue to do so just because I can't stand it. Despite it being 'air-conditioned,' it's so hot outside and there are so many people inside that it's literally suffocating. When I stepped out, it felt good to breathe in the air from the outside world. That can't be healthy, right?

On my way home, the train is packed (what's new?) but when the train doors open at the GMA-Kamuning stop, I hear a brief snippet from Savage Garden's song Truly, Madly, Deeply and it totally takes me back to my gradeschool school-bus crush (who turned out to be gay) and I remember him singing it (I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN) quietly to himself when it'd come on the radio in the morning. I wonder how he is right now.

I woke up to an upset stomach and after three trips to the bathroom, I feel like I can trek to work. Thing is, as much as I'd love to ditch work, I have two meetings today and I hope my stomach cooperates enough to get me through it.

And in an attempt to get things done before the craziness of Friday, I left work relatively early and headed to the mall to subject myself to torture. I haven't had a wax in ages -- like a year ago or so? And because it's not really in my nature to go to the beach, it hasn't been deemed necessary. Alas, I had to and somehow, it seemed like it hurt a LOT more this time? Am I just more sensitive now? I'm glad I was able to get my friend her gift and be productive.

You know your concentration is shot when all you can think of is the weekend. So I'm glad the day wasn't as crazy as it could have been. Still there were some minor problems that cropped up that I honestly didn't want to deal with considering I shouldn't really be worrying about it, but since I am me, I still worry. I'm glad a few officemates stepped up to the plate and did their bit.

By the time the evening rolled around. I just wanted to go home and pack my bags for the beach trip. the trains were so packed, I had to take a roundtrip going home but it's all good cause then I got home and was able to still chill a bit before the much awaited beach trip with friends.

I don't know how I woke up extra early but I did. Perhaps I was just really excited to see my friends even if I'm not a fan of the beach. My friend Lee (whom I've known for 20 years) was celebrating with a day trip to Laiya, Batangas and though I'm a self-proclaimed non-beach lover, going with them made it worthwhile.

And it was perfect (for me) cause the sun wasn't too bright and the air was cool and it was fun to catch up with the girls. The trip back to the city took forever though. The rains poured and it was traffic all the way. Still, getting stuck in traffic was a breeze with them, reminiscing the good (and not-so good) elementary and high school days My god, we've been friends forever.

My brother attended a retreat so we were invited to the mass at the end of it and it wasn't till the afternoon so we were able to sleep in and laze around all day. I woke up late and it was raining the whole day so it was fun to read and stay in bed and do nothing. My little sister was behind on her Lie To Me viewing so I was glad to catch-up with her.

And of course, it's Father's Day so we had dinner out with my dad (thank goodness he didn't have to go to work despite being on duty) and we had some awesome Japanese. Even if my Singapore siblings weren't with us, we did get to chat with them during lunch so at least I felt like I saw my entire family today.
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