Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

30 For 30: Days 1-5

Though it's no longer spring nor is it summer (over here), I've decided to invoke the feeling of spring and summer by choosing all candy-pastel-ish colors for the clothes for this remix. And well, so far, you can see that it's a total toothache, how saccharine-ly sweet I look (very much unlike the last remix where I tried my best to channel Kate Lanphear (color-wise, at least).

And so now, get ready to go on a too-much-sugar rush with me in the next 30 days. So far, five down and I'm already being bitten by ants. I shall get through this though and hopefully do some serious remixing. Apologizing for the flood in advance. It'll be over in thirty, don't worry.

Five to Follow:
Lofty Appetite | Tracy of Fizzy Drank | Kelley of Threads and Buttons
Catie of Catie Clothed | Courts In Session
Tags: 30 for 30
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