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Sneak Peek: Rob's Looking Suave in that Suit

Smooth Criminal[]
I wonder where everyone is right now because no one seems to be on set. Does that mean I won't be seeing any movies in the near future? Or is everyone just on summer and enjoying time off? Probably the latter, and i'm just being paranoid.

Nevertheless, Rob is still busy looking good for Cosmopolis. My list of books to read has this somewhere there so I hope I get to read it before the movie does come out. Rob in the suit though? You know I'm there. And of course, there's The Hunger Games. I'm not sure about some things yet but I'm glad it's coming to life already. March 2012, come soon?

Photos courtesy of
I read that this book/movie all happens in the span of a car limo ride down Manhattan. Well that's a budget cut right there, right? Either way, I'm excited to see Rob looking suave in the suit with the hair slicked back and all. His co-star looks pretty too and I should really get around to reading the book so I can get what the hell is happening.

Photos courtesy of The Mockingjay
Well hello there, District 12. I'm still not sure how everyone fits into their characters but I'm trying to have faith in Garry Ross right now. Then again, my piss poor imagination doesn't really have anything to go by so I'm sure the movie will fill in all those holes for me.

Photos courtesy of Emma Online and Nina Dobrev Fans
Technically, these aren't exactly BTS photos but this is probably the most-tweeted set ever with all the stars tweeting how things are going. I haven't read this book either and I probably should. I don't know if I'll be into it, but it has both Nina and Emma so that's worth something, right?

What movie are you excited to see behind-the-scenes photos for? Paparazzi, are you not doing your job well enough? I'm shocked.

Even More Sneak Peek:
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