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TV Time: Don't Call Arthur a Boy, Yo

[About Camelot]
With Camelot ending this week and The Killing following suit next week, there'll just be Pretty Little Liars left to tide me over till the fall. It sucks cause usually we'd have Doctor Who now (only to find out, we won't have any in 2012!!!) and even Mad Men but the TV gods aren't being very kind. Thank god I have two more weeks of Lie to Me because honestly without it, I don't know what I'd do.

Camelot 01x10: Reckoning

There were times when I wasn't sure if I would still go on with this show but the finale sure made me want to come back tot his for a second season. From the moment Arthur devised his plans to defend Bardon Pass, to his champions coming back for him, the first few minutes were some of the best figh sequences I've seen on my tv screen. And though we lost a few good men (LEONTAS!!!!! My heart still breaks that he had to die and Igraine!!! What happens to Merlin now?! and even Evil!Nun!!!), they sure set the stakes up high for a second season comeback.

I'm glad that Arthur was able to prove himself worthy of his crown and though I feel for Morgan, I know she'll be back on her feet in no time. In fact, I totally got fooled with this entire 'sleeping with Guinevere' the second time around. Damn, Morgan. You sure know how to lull someone into false security. I wonder how their spawn child will look now. Please let next season come sooner and with more episodes?

The Killing 01x12: Beau Soleil

HOLY CRAP EPISODE> I get that you're the second to the last but way to drop SO MANY bombs on us in one go. Let's start off with the last bomb. Richmond = Orfeus? Sure, Orfeus may not be the one who killed Rosie, but Richmond was the one who pushed Celina around?! I swear my heart was beating so fast when Linden could hear the emails coming in. And then the shadow of Richmond's face in the dark? Sure, it doesn't immediately mean that he killed Rosie, but way to go on the smear campaign. Now we've really got something against Richmond.

And Aunt Terry is an escort?! Could Rosie have been trying to take on her aunt's persona only to meet her untimely death because of it? I'm glad that Aunt Terry bailed out Stan because he is right. Mitch sort of contributed to him going back to his roots so Mitch had no right to soapbox there but something tells me Terry's also acting out of guilt. I know she's done a lot for the family and though she may not have been directly responsible for the death, I'm sure she feels guilty.

Oh and I so wouldn't have walked out on Steven at that hotel. This boy has seriously grown on me. Linden, why can't you just go for him? Oh that's right, because your ex is a quasi-asshole and your fiance is also a douche. Steven's too 'clean' for you now. I still wouldn't mind though. But really, I don't know how they're going to wrap all this up next week but something tells me there'll be more cliffies till next season.

Lie To Me 11-12

WHERE TO BEGIN WITH THE CUTENESS OF THIS SHOW?! Apparently, the writers had changed again (one set of writers for episodes 1-4; another set for 5-10 and a whole new bunch for 11-???) and though I'm the easiest person on this world to please, i'm really really liking where they're bringing this show now. Now that Ah Jung and Ki Joon are finally together-ish, it's interesting to see how they play out the actual relationship.


From Ki Joon's sort of copping to the truth about their marriage to Minister and Charimen Chen to his breaking up of the contract and just his general cluelessness on how to win Ah Jung's heart, it's so entertaining to see Ki Joon try to woo Ah Jung. Stalking her? Check! Hiring a helicopter only to take the ship and get seasick? Check. Limo rides with tacky interiors and flirty demeanor with Coca-cola cans and Tomato Juice? Check. And yet, none of his 'tactics' work on Ah Jung. Not even the cute but cheesy lip synching. My dad sat in while I was watching this part and I was so embarrassed. Then again, my dad is a sucker for a B-movie so he's used to cheese, but still.


I love that despite all his ways, the only real thing that could really help Ah Jung was him helping her out with her work. I couldn't believe Ki Joon would ditch work and play hooky for Ah Jung at first, but then I realized, we don't really see how Ki Joon is when he's in love and who knows, perhaps he was this spontaneous with Yoon Joo too. Sure, I doubt he helped her translate and convince a panel of foreign judges on Jeju Island's awesomeness, but it was cute to see Ki Joon help Ah Jung in a way that she needed him.

I particularly loved the scene in the park where Ah Jung and Ki Joon just open up to each other about their moms and their childhoods. You'd think this was the perfect way to cap their time together on Jeju but no, of course Ki Joon has one more thing up his sleeve. He looked cheese-tastic in that white suit with black lapels but Ah Jung looked beautiful in her dress. Way to bait and switch, Ki Joon, making Ah Jung think the rest of the grand gestures are done, then throw this one at her. Don't you wished they danced? I know, it's asking too much.

And then they hit us with the second episode of equally cute proportions. Except this time, we see Ah Jung and Ki Joon return from their Jeju Island escapade and into the real world where complications exist -- like Auntie and Yun Joo and Sang Hee and everyone else. For a couple, I think they're not bad at all. They're quite open with each other and though they're still in this 'honeymoon' phase of sorts, I love that Ki Joon is so trying his darn best to make sure he's perfectly aligning himself to Ah Jung's life. I don't know when Ah Jung will start doing the same for him, but it's nice to see him put in the effort.


Though I'm not too happy that Ki Joon is causing so much business trouble for aunt (all in the name of honesty and love), this'll probably be the biggest contention for the couple to get over. I'm happy that Ki Joon finally talks to Yun Joo about his feelings for Ah Jung (HE LOVES HER!!!) and well, hurts Yun Joo in the process, but at least that's out of the way, now he can be cute with Ah Jung (which is obviously more important for me). The hugging in the park and the getting drunk with her dad and lighting up the trees and of course mistakenly buying out the concert she arranged, Ki Joon is trying SO HARD, in fact, too hard to please Ah Jung. I'm scared that it'll all blow up in his face with his business falling by the wayside.


I hope Ah Jung realizes how much of a sacrifice Ki Joon is making for her. I don't want her to feel guilty. I just want her to see that he's serious about this. Or as serious as one can get. Things I don't want to happen: Yun Joo's dad getting in the way because of the business dealing. I don't know how Ki Joon's going to fix this China venture but I hope he manages to do this without Ah Jung losing her job or him getting in trouble with aunt. I don't want Sang Hee to end up alone. Hell, he and Yun Joo deserve each other. Let that happen, writers.

Needless to say, this episode didn't lack in the cuteness. From the hand holding before leaving Jeju to all the cutesy text message and the body-melting hugs in the park and just Ki Joon endearing himself more and more to me. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, you guys have totally made this show work despite the many scriptwriter/PD changes and whatnot. Thank god for your chemistry.

Pretty Little Liars 02x01: It's Alive

It's baaaaaack and though a shitload happened-ish, most of which I was a little hazy about (I was half asleep), all I have to say to start this off is, EZRA HAD HIS SHIRT OFF. Ian Harding is a ridiculously pretty person and Lucy Hale is ridiculously lucky to be sitting on the couch with his half-nake self. I for one, would not be able to concentrate on anything with his abs on display. But Aria has more self-will so good for her.

I'm actually really confused with the is Ian dead or not bit and how these new characters come into play. We have Caleb making a comeback. Noel is back and more creepy than ever. Toby's back and isn't as cute as when I last saw him. So where is Wren??? But really, with the introduction of this shrink they have to see, I'm not sure if she's a good addition or if she'll just help confuse things more. Something tells me the latter.

Nevertheless, I'm excited to see how they bring back Ian (I really should have known what with the title of the episode) and how this affects Nanny!Carrie Melissa and Spencer and really, everyone else, because as it is, they're all pretty much as messed up as they get. And I'm suckered back in.
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