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12 of 12: June 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

my room07:31 am
So I succumbed and got one. Well technically since I haven't paid my parents back yet, they bought it for me. And though my dad is insisting that I don't need to pay him back, I do feel guilty just having them buy me something I clearly don't need. I do however, love it so much. I've read three books on it so far and I've only had it a week. Good times.

my room07:32 am
Clearly, I know this day is going to give me zero pictures so I'm trying to do a headstart and what do I see on my crazy messy desk? My lovely animal-themed gifts from the Singa-siblings. Remember how I went to Sinagpore a couple months back? I know, I still haven't posted my photos. The point is, at the zoo, my brother bought his lady friend a racoon and got a free toy out of it. So I chose a tiger! And because my sister was feeling extra generous too, she got me a glow in the dark duck. I should really take it out of the plastic wrapping.

my room07:33 am
In more gifts from the parents, my mom being the very practical woman she is, found this really nifty set of 'undershirts' or at least triangles pretending to be camisoles and bought it for me. I love how my mom knows EXACTLY what I need. Not that my cleavage is anywhere near what the package presents but she gets the point. Thanks mom!

stairs07:42 am
My little sister, apparently, always remembered me despite my absence during their vacation so anytime they'd be in a store, she'd be like, "this is so Patty" and that was very sweet of her. Out of all of those professions of hers, I ended up with really cute red wedges. I feel very Kate Middleton post-wedding in her blue wedges except mine are red. Whatever, let me pretend okay?!

family room07:44 am
I'm up so early, I get to take photos before heading to mass (and I'm not even late yet). I usually only read one book at a time, but thanks to the Kindle, I read one on the Kindle and one 'real' book and next on the list is the very visual and vivid and vulgar, Trainspotting. I bought these books because a) the covers/spines/sides were cute and b) I wanted to watch the movie but wanted to get the story first. I'm 70% ish done now.

family room07:45 am
More from the loot my family took home for me. There was a bag of Kitkats next to this and my mom told me I could have the box. Silly me, I thought she meant the bag of kitkats so I open that only to find out that was for my brother's friends. It was an honest mistake, for real. I totally told him he could have some from the box for his friends instead. I only got three pieces.

family room09:01 am
It is Independence day and our newspaper came all blacked out with marker. My dad (and well for me some time) were fooled by this 'defacement' only to realize it's a false cover of the newspaper, showing how censorship never stopped them or something along those lines. Neat trick, actually.

family room09:06 am
Breakfast on weekends are the best. I have oatmeal on weekdays so I totally go nuts on weekends. Longanisa, sunny side up and garlic rice? I wish it were the weekend everyday. Then again, I always wish it were the weekend.

living room10:14 am
My siblings sort of sat through Due Date with me and though I didn't find it as crazy hilarious as The Hangover, I'll give it to the director Todd Philips (complete with cameo) for coming up with these funny non-buddy movies. I would not want to get stuck in a car with Zack Galifianakis either. RDJ, I won't mind.

my room05:00 pm
I actually cleaned out my room -- well at least, parts of it. So now, I can actually see my desk and parts of the low table. It takes so long to clean it and so easy to mess up. I wish I could just throw all my stuff away and not worry about cleaning up after myself cause it's not like I actually touch most of my things. Well the books I do, and the clothes, I wear some to work, but the rest? I don't know.

kitchen07:26 pm
I love it when cousins come over and we're not prepared, cause that just means take out. I am such a whore for fast food, it's so unhealthy. I wish I could be one of those vegetarian kids but I can't, I love meat and horrible food too much. This pizza? I ate way too much of it.

my room10:45 pm
And finally, despite it being the start of 30 for 30 the next day, my closet is obviously NOT ready for it. I have in my head at least the first outfit, but to map out the rest? That'll probably have to wait till tomorrow. Clearly, when I said I cleaned my room, I only meant visible surfaces. I should really get to doing this.
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