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You stopped and smiled at me, asked me if I'd care to dance

Didn't stand a chance[23 Down/29 To Go!]
[-] The rain has been pretty weird this week with it going on and off and on again and usually early in the morning too. My little sister in high school had her first taste of suspension of classes. She should totally enjoy those cause they rarely happen in college, much more work. Do we not get affected by the weather as well???

[+] It's a good thing my dad's been going to work pretty early so I was able to hitch a ride with him some mornings -- if I woke up early enough. I just hope the rain stops completely. I know it's rainy season already, but we had rains all summer long. I'd rather we didn't get it again this time.

[+] Having the family back this week (and getting to go home earlier than usual) was a nice little reunion before all the craziness of school really settles in. I hope we all have a chill week ahead. Things get pretty busy when school kicks back in, so I'll enjoy the lull before the storm for now. Wishing you all a good week up ahead!

It's the first day back in school for most students and so I was expecting craziness on my commute. And though things weren't too crazy (amount of people-wise), they were pretty intense still. On my way to work, a guy gets trampled on by the mass of humanity getting into the train that his leg gets a gash and he is literally bleeding from his wound. There's blood on the train floor. He seemed okay and I was going to give him my seat but he refused.

On the way home, people are pushing and pushing to get in that i almost get squished by the closing doors and the frames of my eyeglasses get squeezed in a bit. The right side of my eyeglasses feels a little bit looser now, so I don't know if I can still have it fixed or if I need to get a new pair. They're still functional, thank goodness. but seriously, craziness on the MRT. I wish we had a better transport system. it'd make me want to stay in Manila more.

I'm not the biggest fan of meetings in the afternoon -- much more in the late afternoon and faaaaaaar away from the office at that, but it comes with the job and I'll have to get used to it. We went to our client's office and wow. It's pretty. I know they're a multinational company and it's a big firm but I still get overwhelmed when I actually see the space. it's pretty.

The ride back to the office was killer. Traffic in the south is so bad and I always thank god I don't work or live in the South. It's crazy with the toll and whatnot. When I got home, I caught Lie To Me with my little sister and it's funny how one day can change so much. yesterday, my little sister was so happy and talking to me -- today was her first day of school and wow, she's back in school mode.

I don't like the rain. Not in the mornings when I have to commute to work instead of sleeping in. Thank god my dad is back so I was able to ditch one half of the ride to work. Still, I'd rather it rained while i was at work and not when I have to go there or come home.

And though it was raining all day, it did get a little less crazy in the evening. I'm glad i was able to get off work early cause I really couldn't think of anything but going home to watch Lie To Me. And I got to eat dinner with everyone else. I should really consciously try to get home earlier so I can at least catch dinner with the family.

Oh little sister, she's the only one in highschool and therefore the only one included in the 'no classes' cause it's raining ruse. I managed to get up early again to hitch a ride with my dad but all i'm thinking of is how I want to be home, sleeping in bed.

Despite the morning, this day was pretty much perfect with me not being too busy at work, and the presentation going pretty well and then best of all? Getting off work early and getting half a ride home for free with some milk tea to boot! Could the day get any more perfect? I think not.

There's always something about Fridays. Especially Fridays where I'm not attending any meetings. It's so hard to keep my concentration. I'm glad I got an early start though. My dad took me all the way to work (He usually only drops me off at the train station) but this time he passed my way and I was there really early.

And because it seems to me, I'm totally not myself anymore, I actually attended an officemates quasi surprise birthday party with people I didn't really know. It was a fun barbecue with a bunch of her friends (most of them married and with kids) so it was a whole different crowd talking about breastfeeding and whatnot. I had fun though considering I would have been at home sleeping early.

I was hoping to wake up early to be productive today but instead I wake up past lunch and you know it's all downhill from there. It was a little hot in the house so I stayed in the first floor and just lazed around. This is a prime way to spend the weekend.

I love how I basically sleep my weekends away. Originally, the plan was to read some and watch some TV and be 'productive' but of course, once my head hits the pillow, I'm dead and gone. So yes, definitely a productive day out of my Saturday

I finally got around to cleaning out my room. Though it isn't a hundred percent cleaned out, it still feels nice to actually see the surface of my desk and our table. I have yet to get around to cleaning out my closets, but little by little, right? Baby steps is a good thing.

It was a nice surprise having my cousins and uncle and my grandma drop by for dinner. We had an impromptu pizza delivery on top of our wings. Obviously the perfect way to end the weekend. if only it weren't that short.
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