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Awards Show Fever: MTV=More Twilight Victories

3rd Time's Not the Charm[Lion & Lamb Love]
It doesn't surprise me anymore that of course, for the third time around, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse sweeps the MTV Movie Awards in every single category that it's nominated at. Though I know it's all because of the fans, I'd actually really want to see other people win. So I guess 2more years (thanks to the 2 Breaking Dawn films) then we can finally see people kiss during the best kiss.

Other than the Twi-folk, a lot of my favorite people graced the blessed event too, looking pretty and very handsome, so at least there's that. Wow, do I sound like a jaded fangirl? I don't mean to, really. So that's that.

Photos courtesy of Kristen Stewart Fan
Kristen looked amazing in her Balmain Spring 2011 collection red leather dress covered with safety pins, studs and stars (which was originally a jacket)
Three years running, Kristen's flaunted those legs and with reason. Though I prefer last year's D&G ensemble, this one isn't bad either. She looked as comfortable as she could be and I love seeing her real long hair back. And though she's not getting any more comfortable on stage, she and Rob seem to be more comfy with each other on and off cam. Finally, right?

Photos courtesy of
Rob though, must have been high. Though I haven't seen the entire show (nor do I plan on), I did catch the bits with the people I liked and Rob really was just IDGAF about the entire thing, which was pretty hilarious but also kinda silly. I wonder what gimick they'll pull off next year though, cause lord knows they won't be kissing ever.

And we get our first trailer. I have to say, though it was nice to finally see something, I wasn't as pumped up as i was over last year's or even the year before's. In fact, I'm pretty chill about it. Yes, this entry is me being chill. But it's good to see Bella looks nice in her wedding dress (what we see of it) and the honeymoon looks like it's all jacked up. I'm not excited to see the baby drama though.

Photos courtesy of Nina Dobrev Fans, Mila Kunis Online and
Mila kept it casual in her Balmain Fall 2011 collection black top and an embellished skirt. Finally, Leighton shone also in her silver Balmain embellished long-sleeved minidress
Girls girls girls! I love how Balmain was so prominent at the awards. Leighton looked fantastic at the event even if Monte Carlo doesn't quite look like it'll be promising. It'll be cutesy, but nothing much. And Mila and Justin, I wish they'd released it before No Strings Attached so it doesn't sound too much like it, but still adorable. And of course, Nina. You just look pretty. BUT WHERE IS IAN?!

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Collection and Emma Watson Online
Emma S looked AMAZING in her Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 striped yellow and grey bustier dress has a lace sleeveless overlay with a fringe hemline and a black ribbon tied to the waist. the other Emma wasn't to be outdone looking amazing in her Marchesa white silk dress with hand embroidered neckline with cap sleeves and then another Marchesa for the afterparty, a lime chiffon dress with ruffle detail. Love it.
The Emmas came out to play and looked fantastic doing so! I loved both Watson's dresses though I love her after party look more. She looked so cute presenting the HP trailer and it's really amazing to see how much she's grown. Stone wasn't to be left behind, she snagged an award and looked amazing in her dress too. I love how they took a photo together too. I am so easy to please.

Twenty-Nine seconds obviously isn't enough but I'll take it. i can't believe my childhood is really almost over. When July is done, I'll officially feel like an adult with all the HP series behind me. Special edition DVD set of all seven movies, please? Yes, I don't mind.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan, Shia LaBeouf Daily
I wish the boys had more exposure. But any chance, I'll take it and Andrew looked so handsome as always. Shia, meanwhile, didn't even bother to do the red carpet or sit in his chair, so all we get are stage photos. Smile for me, Shia, please? And shave, I won't complain either.

Photos courtesy of Gosling Fan and Ryan Reynolds Fan
THE RYANS ARE IN THE HOUSE. It would have been cute if they had a photo together just like the Emmas but I'll take one namesake photo. Gosling also opted out of the awards and red carpet but looked so cute presenting with Emma and Steve. I'm really excited to see their movie, Crazy, Stupid Love. Meanwhile, Reynolds was in full promo mode for the Green Lantern so he went all out, doing all the red carpet, the show and presenting with Blake who was fully covered up and looking pretty.

And because there is life outside the MTV Movie Awards...

Photos courtesy of Mr. Hedlund
Kristen went for another Balmain strapless minidress this time white with ruched detailing and an exposed zipper with Grey Giuseppe Zanotti suede peep-toes
Kristen was pretty busy after the Movie awards, heading to London for Snow White and the Hunstman shooting and of course, presenting the Man of the Year Award to Garrett at the Glamour Awards. I love how my favorite people are going to be in a movie together. On The Road please be released soon, yes?

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garner Net
It's so rare to see Jen out that when she does get out, I'm really really happy. And of course, Jen comes out to support her advocacy, the Children's Fund. She seems to fly to DC a lot for this, but hey, it's a worthy cause and I thinks he really does feel strongly about it. I love how she can look so respectable and all demure and yet look totally sexy when she gets on tv shows. Hot mom.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
Harry has been a very busy guy with three commitments in the span of a few weeks. I'm liking seeing him out and about. I know he plays polo a lot, but everytime he does so, I still gawk just because he looks really good in those pants. And then he comes out in uniform and his top hat too and I'm just all weak in the knees. Harry, keep your hair, and stay handsome.

Mila exuded sexy in herGivenchy Pre-Fall 2011 ensemble while Leighton was much more relaxed in a Vera Wang Fall 2011 rose pleated sleeveless blouse that she paired with leather Pre-Fall 2011 pants
With Gossip Girl on break, Leighton's able to do her promotional duties for Vera Wang's Lovestruck. I love how casual and yet chic she looks in leather pants. Lovely that she paired with the really soft pink top. And Mila just looks amazing. I fell for this girl fast and seeing her win this award at the Guys Choice Awards feels very well deserved.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central
Ashley rocked a Michael Kors Resort 2012 neon pink short sleeve dress with black paillette details.
I was wondering why Ashley wasn't at the MTV Movie Awards, now we have the answer. Cozying up to Michael Kors at the CFDA Fashion Awards, I'm hoping the food was better at her event. Before the Movie Awards though, Emma did drop by the Sneak Peek for the movie, The Help and we discover she's back to being a redhead. It's official. She looks great in ANY HAIR COLOR.

Photos courtesy of Carey Mulligan Network, Lovely Dakota and Ellen Page Online
Carey wore a Prada Resort 2011 dress with a beautiful floral print to the opening night of her play
I haven't seen these girls in a bit and though they're not exactly looking their best, it's just good to see them out. Carey's been busy growing out her hair with her stage performance and Dakota's been busy trying to graduate, but not busy enough to drop by Oprah's last show. I don't know what the hell is going on with Ellen but she did drop by the premiere of this movie.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Fan and Jon Hamm Source
Seeing as Ryan is on the cover of Details, they've thrown him a party to celebrate his prettiness more. Finally, more men to go around. It's been quite some time since I saw Chris out so it was nice to see him drop by JJ Abram's movie premiere after party for Super 8. I wonder when the next Star Trek will come out. And of course, because I just can't get enough of Jon Hamm (and am having terrible withdrawal from not having Mad Men, it feels awesome to see him out with Christina and Kiernan. I like this trio.

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