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TV Time: River Song Is What?! Still Not Over It

In the most evil move BBC and Moffat have had to date, we only get the first seven episodes of Doctor Who upfront. I'm annoyed just because I love how we got the Doctor's adventures when we didn't have anything else and now we don't have him either. Thank goodness for that quasi-finale because now we've got loads to mull over before they come back in the fall. Oh the fall, why must you be so far away.

Camelot 01x09: The Battle of Bardon Pass

Leontas! Kay! Everyone's turning against Arthur and I don't quite blame them. I'm really scared that Leontas will leave the show and will leave us with one less pretty but it's not like I can blame him. He's been nothing but a good man and a good husband (smoking hot too) and what does Guinevere do? Cheat on him with the King. And then there's Kay getting all disappointed in Arthur too. You can tell there are some deep-seated issues between the brothers and I hope they sort things out before Morgan gets the best of them.

Speaking of Morgan. My god, all the cards are turning out to be in her favor, yes? From making Merlin look crazy to Igraine delusional, she's just playing everyone so well. I'm kind of hoping Morgan prevails in the end because it's so fun to see her really just be evil. Plus if it weren't for Merlin, Arthur would be a lost cause, so Merlin deserves the throne more -- in a way. I'm really hoping Morgan goes all out batshit crazy and just takes over Camelot. Now that would be a cool way to end this series. For this season, at least.

Doctor Who 06x07: A Good Man Goes To War

OMG WTF WHERE TO BEGIN. River Song = Melody Pond = Amy and Rory's Kid = The person the Doctor gets it on with?! There's too much to process with this episode and I'm just glad they actually had the balls to do the reveal before they took the hiatus till September. My siblings and I were gaping at the TV screen when they did this reveal and we just didn't know how to close our mouths after. At least now we know that Amy and Rory aren't going to stop till they find the baby and well, it's still not settling in that this baby grows up to be River.

Still, it was nice to see the doctor really gather the troops and find a way to help Amy and Rory. I don't know how they're going to resolve all this baby drama, since it'll be a bit hard to travel with the baby, but considering River Song is alive and well, I'm guessing they get to rescue the baby after all. And does this make me like River a bit more? Yeah of course, but I'm still letting it all sink in. I obviously can't wait till September now. It's really not fair how they have to make us wait so long.

The Killing 01x11: Missing

Wow, no Richmond, no Mitch or Stan. Just Steven and Sarah and I actually really enjoyed this one. There was a lot of conversation and a lot of bonding and a lot of revealing about each other and I liked how we chilled a bit. First off, I want to shoot Jack. How could he disappear like that. I get he and his mom have issues but with the murder case she's trying to solve, he's not helping at all. Steven was so sweet to ditch his own plans though to help her out. I wish Sarah would realize how great a friend he is.

Also, HELLO DEVELOPMENT. Sure, we don't get anyone else but at least we see some progress. Rosie WAS at the the casino the night she disappeared. Great thinking with the ATM machines! I really hope they get to figure things out better now. The casino just opens a whole new can of worms and more people to get dragged in. Then again, it's only been 10 days.

Lie To Me 09-10

I know everyone on earth hates Yoon Joo but I actually don't blame the girl. It's not like she set out to ruin Ah Jung's life; she just happened to be the first girl Ki Joon loved and well, somehow still loves? I'm not too sure. All i can say is, go Ah Jung. It's totally natural for a girl who's been cast aside to act this way. The doubts and the denial and the sleeping in the forest. Okay, maybe not the last bit, but I've got to say, Ki Joon is in a tight spot having to decide between the two girls.


And with Sang Hee and So Ran and Manager Park and EVERYONE else giving their two cents on this matter, it's no wonder the guy is confused. Of course, I want him and Ah Jung to be endgame (which they will be), so I'm really enjoying this who will he pick and how will he dump the other one plot he's going through. I'd rather not have the Aunt meddle but it looks like we can't escape this woman. ALSO, SANG HEE, I know you didn't break up with anyone but this haircut has been your BEST DECISION EVER.

On top of Manager Park being extra awesome in the fashion department, I love how she's been injecting loads of wisdom into this show. I get that Ki Joon is in a tough spot but whenever she opened her mouth in this episode, I just felt like, 'my god this woman makes sense.' I love that she's able to put Ki Joon in his place and make him realize things, because frankly, no one else is making any rational decisions. I'm looking at you Sang Hee (I am so not buying the 'why do all the girls I like, like my brother' act you've got going -- even if you do have a better haircut).


So before I head to the Ki Joon/Ah Jung cuteness, let me just say that 1) So Ran, please don't think Ah Jung's got a thing for Jae Bum, this is so off-base. I like you guys as friends; 2) Yoon Ju, please do just stay away, or fall for Sang Hee that way we hit two birds with one stone; 3) WHY DID PRESIDENT CHEN HAVE TO COME BACK AND RUIN THINGS?! I don't know how they're going to dig themselves out of this one but I'm just thinking, at least Ki Joon was honest about everything. I don't know how this will affect Ah Jung's job but at least it came from him -- let him be the one to explain that.

I did love how Ki Joon was a quasi stalker despite his bipolar tendencies in terms of his feelings for Ah Jung. From being mean and cruel, to totally just stalking her and closing down restaurants for her and recording cutesy messages on her phone, despite the slowness of this episode, at least it's clear to everyone that Ki Joon does have feelings for Ah Jung. It's only a matter of killing Yoon Ju so she can get over him quickly. I don't want this series to end just yet. Three more weeks and I'll be a sad panda.
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