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Did I tell you that I love you; just how much I really need you?

Greatest Story[22 Down/30 To Go!]
[-] It's June already. I say this every month but the weeks really do go by so quickly and the months are just breezing by that before we know it, I'll be making my year-ender entry already. There are times when I want time to slow down and times when I want it to hurry (weekends and weekdays respectively).

[+] I didn't think I'd get to bond with the officemates so much, especially since I find myself missing my co-workers in my first job, but after this week of hell, I feel so thankful for them. I hope nothing else goes wrong this coming week because after surviving the past week, I don't think we deserve any more drama.

[+] The family is finally back and that means sharing the computer again but it also means not such a quiet household anymore. I enjoyed my loneliness for that month but I'm really glad to have them back. Now, there are actually people to talk to and share things with. I did miss them so.

Starting the week by not getting my ass on my chair for more than a few hours? Not my thing but it's the way it is. I was in back-to-back meetings that didn't quite end as late as they could (that I could go home right away) so instead I had to go back to the office and stay later to finish things. Oh well, better not to put things off for the next day right?

I get home and my dinner is fish. I haven't had fish since my family orphaned me this summer and though I'm not the biggest fan of this (I admit to this), I actually looked forward to eating some. It's been a very very long time.

There was a tech scare in our office and for some reason, i actually felt legit scared. Maybe it was because it was lunch time and all the lights were out and they were all huddled around our sys ad's cube, but I just got scared. Seriously, kids get a life.

I got home and it was raining so hard when I got off the train so I grabbed a cab but when I got to my place, it was so dry. HOW COULD THAT BE?! I hate wasting money on cab fare (it's getting so expensive) but I guess I have no choice. Oh well, I hope I get off work earlier.

I had to attend a lunch meeting and though free lunches are always a good thing, I always feel out of my league in these things. Like I'm way too junior to be in the meeting. In other work news, I have a new team-mate. Well technically she handles a whole different thing, but at least there's someone new to bear things with.

And despite all the drama today, the hack scare and the power outtage and what not, it was good to see the team really come together and try to solve the shit out of things. I felt so frustrated and helpless today even if none of it really was in my jurisdiction. Who knew I'd feel so strongly about work?

Despite my newness (seven months and all), my new teammate makes me feel a little less new, which isn't always a bad thing. I'm totally open to questions but sometimes I feel like I'm so the wrong person to ask just because I'm a little too new as well. So I hope i'm not feeding her wrong info or anything. This is me trying to be helpful.

On a totally spontaneous note, I caught X-Men: First Class with my cousin, Nikki after work. I was actually able to escape early and we caught it at the mall next to my building. Not a bad place to catch a movie and the movie was actually pretty fantastic. I need more Fassbender in my life and more of this franchise. It's a whole new series!

Last day of orphanhood and I plan on living it up -- at home of course. I was thinking of passing by the mall before heading home or even visiting my aunt and cousins, but for some reason, I just wanted to chill and not do anything. Sure, there was still so much to do and my concentration was basically shot to death but it was a good day.

By the end of my day, despite my general busy-ness the entire day, i was actually able to go home early and get to bed early. Which is weird because I never sleep early on a Friday nor do I leave the office early. This is a pleasant surprise for me and definitely a good way to end my oprhan-hood.

I'm used to pretty hot days at home. but today was just unbearably hot. I woke up extra early and finally made it to the 6am mass (though I was a little late, as always) but when I get home, I obviously end up napping for a bit. So much for cleaning my room before the family get home.

I wake up in a sweat, despite the electric fan being pointed at me directly and me just sleeping. It's not fair how hot it's gotten. Summer should be ending, but instead we're getting really humid and hot weather and it's not comfy to do anything.

But my parents are home and my family is back and they're adjusting back to the heat, considering they spent a month and a half in the cool weather of Oregon. I'm glad they're back and they brought lots of wonderful presents so that's definitely a treat.

I'm not looking forward to work either, but I'm definitely looking forward to reading more stuff on the Kindle my dad got me. It's nothing really new since I used to read fic on my dad's really small notebook but this one seems like fun so far.
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