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TV Time: Ah Jung and Ki Joon Finally Stop Acting and Make it Real (For a Few Minutes at Least)

We're halfway through my new obsession, the kdrama, Lie To Me and it's crazy how fast I've turned around with this one considering I wasn't so hot about it in the beginning. Perhaps it's the new director for the second half of the series, but I'm actually really excited now that the lie is out of the bag. Sure, I'm only watching for Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan but now, I'm actually starting to enjoy the show more.

Doctor Who 06x06: The Almost People

Those gangers still creep me out even if they'renot quite as creepy as the stone angels just because their fleshy faces make the creepiest expressions. Still, seeing two of the doctor was quite fun. Leave it to Doctor and Smith, John Smith to switch and confuse the hell out of Amy. I had a feeling they'd switch but I wasn't sure and although the ganger had to die, it was nice to see Amy show her attachment for the ~real Doctor.

And the gangers and humans working together turned out pretty good. I feel bad for the dad that died, but just like that we get to see how a ganger can grow into the role of father, when he didn't think he even had a future. It's really sweet how his son, Adam's birthday was such a central role in showing just how human the gangers really are. And Rory, just stick to the Doctor next time please, I always get scared when you wander off.

But that ending? Amy preggers? What's happening? As always, just when I think I've got the story all figured out, or at least that i'm sort of up to speed, i get totally blindsided by another one of those crazy schemes and now we have one episode left until we get it back in September. I'm obviously not a fan of this development but it's not like we have a choice. Boo.

The Killing 01x10: I'll Let You Know When I Get There

OH STAN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Then again, i blame Mitch (not that she's in the right frame of mind to make decisions at all, but still. I'm glad that Ahmed isn't dead though. I know he's in critical condition but I really hope he survives this and that Stan doesn't go to jail. I don't think the kids deserve to have their dad in jail and their sister dead. This is all too much for the kids.

I do however want to know who the hell killed Rosie. I know we're only on Day 10, but it feels like a lifetime. I'm glad we got the lead on Adela and the casino because at least we have a new lead to follow especially now that Ahmed is out. Also Belko? You're kind of creeping me out. I'm sure you didn't hurt Rosie but your fascination with the family really is creepy -- even if your mom was like that. Who knew he would have that kind of backstory?

And Holder buying Linden breakfast? I know it's wrong to ship these two, but I kind of do? They're like the odd couple of detectives and though nothing will ever come of it, Holder >>> Rick. Sarah's fiance creeps me out and so does Sarah's kid. I could do without either of them. Which leads me to the conclusion that Rick should take her kid and leave so she can be with Holder. It's never going to happen but I can dream.

ALSO, Richmond, you lucky bastard. I'm glad that you stuck to your guns with Ahmed and I hope that you get to milk this 'the-mayor-is-a-racial-profiler' and I've got integrity to the hilt because your campaign needs it badly. I'm still rooting for you Billy Campbell!

Lie To Me 07-08

I love it when couples get all cutesy. And this episode, there were a lot of cute moments without them dragging. It's cute how Ah Jung did the entire 'where-is-my-lucky-pen' ruse with Ki Joon cause then at least he knows she's trying to get his attention. At the same time, Ki Joon playing along and texting in between meetings and doing Q&As while drinking really shows that he's trying to make an effort to get to know her.


I love it that while he's still trying to keep a facade of distance and detachment, he's also teasing her. He looked so cute in his all white outfit watching her clean up her mess -- only to deliver her things to her house too. And what's up with Sang Hee and the all black, all moping? It doesn't suit you dude, don't bother. Another person who shouldn't bother? Yoo Joon. If my foot were cut, I wouldn't go anywhere but please lay off Ki Joon. Your window is over, let's not rehash things okay?


And surprisingly, I'm not all up at arms with the way episode 8 ended. Sure, Ki Joon sort of led Ah Jung on with the 'it's real' before the entire kiss-after-the-cola-fight but I can't blame the guy. He's been in love with Yoo Joon forever and his aunt meddling isn't going to help him get over her. But of course, I totally feel for Ah Jung. After making out with a hot man TWICE and being told it's all real and nursing him back to health, she gets this bomb dropped on her that he's back together with the old flame.

I'm glad that the lie is out of the way now though. With So Ran knowing the truth and Sang Hee outing himself to orchestrating the entire reunion (I hope he's still in love with Yoo Joon cause that's the only way she's getting out of the picture), I'm really happy with where things are. We're midway through the series and it sets things up for a whole new ballgame. As for the 'cola-kiss'? It was hotter in pictures and behind-the scenes videos. But I'll take it, I am so not complaining with what we've got. I guess I spoiled myself too much.
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