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Every Drop Of You[21 Down/31 To Go!]
[+] It wasn't such a bad work week. I didn't go home too late and I didn't feel too exhausted and as much as I hope this gets repeated over the weeks, I know it's a rarity, so I'll cherish it.

[-] What I wish doesn't happen again though is the constant rain. It's not even the rainy season yet and the winds and rainpour is CRAZY. I am not going to be a happy camper this coming July or whenever the rainy season will actually be.

[+] It's my last week of orphan-hood coming up and as much as I enjoy and relish the solitude and silence of the house, I'm really looking forward to having my family back. It's been a pretty good summer sans them but I'd rather have the house full.

[+] I hope everyone's week is a good one! No stress and lots of fun? Yes, let's aim high. I just really want it to go by quickly. Enjoy all!

Boss-less Mondays should be a tradition and really mandatory cause you know how no one's brains are actually working on a Monday? Well it goes by easier when authority isn't around, or at least it gives us one extra day to readjust our brains from the weekend to get ready for the work week. And that's exactly how my Monday went.

I was able to leave work early too though it was raining so hard, I took a cab home -- waited thirty minutes in line for it and the rain was gone by then -- but it's all good. I got home and didn't do much but at least I was able to stay awake for my tv shows. Such a riveting life I lead.

For a pretty chill day, I'm extremely happy with what I was able to do: lunch with my aunt and cousin? Check! Milk tea for afternoon snack? Check! Early out to attend an event? Check! Sure it rained hard and I had to take a cab home, but these are the little things I'm willing to let go just because things weren't bad at all.

And yes, I'm not one to attend events much, but this one was unavoidable and though I always feel completely out of my element at these things (I just do, I can't help it), at least the food was fantastic and it seems to have gone well. I'm obviously very easy to please.

It's our intern's last few days in the office and though I wasn't so keen on having interns in general (I'm never sure what to make them do), this intern was the BEST. She was so sweet and hardworking and we're practically the same age so it was nice to fangirl with someone over some stuff. We had lunch at Cibo and it was sooooo good. I miss having lunches out.

And though I dont' want to jinx anything, so far it hasn't been such a killer week. Getting home early and getting to watch three shows straight WITHOUT falling asleep? Yes, that is a feat! I'm going to try to cherish this while it lasts. Hopefully for quite some time.

The rain has been pretty weird lately, since there's supposedly a storm-a-coming and yet it's here and not here. So i'm always with my umbrella -- not that I ever leave home without it -- but I hate commuting in the rain. The MRT smells musty with everyone perspiring and wet from the rain. i'm obviously NOT looking forward to the rainy season (and it's only May!) Why so weird, weather?!

I finally got to see Water For Elephants though. I hate that I didn't get to see it sooner because I really did like the book and obviously it's got Rob in it, but could it be that I'm just not as crazy as I was before. Arroz a la cubana for dinner plus an early night in? I love it.

It was my intern's last day at work and she, being the sweetest intern ever left me a really sweet notes and made magnets for my board. It's really quite sweet. I didn't think I would miss her but I'm already starting to feel withdrawal symptoms.

I had planned to go out with old officemates for dinner too but then it started raining so hard and I was afraid it wouldn't push through. Luckily, the rain stopped a bit and I was able to meet them for dinner at Bonchon Chicken in mega mall. Those wings are divine. I could eat wings every single day. And because they peer-pressured me into it, I finally got de-virginized by Forever 21. I haven't bought anything from there since it opened but they wrangled me into it and it really is a cute dress. Still, I can't believe I caved.

I was hoping to wake up early and I did. I woke up at 530 in the morning but instead of being productive, I totally flaked and went back to bed, to get up at lunch time! It was so hot when I woke up so it's a good thing it started raining. I love it when it rains and I don't have to be anywhere and there's still electricity. Best combination.

I started re-watching Felicity just because I don't remember half of what happened in it (being the last time I saw it, I was a kid) and it makes me realize wow, Felicity's life sure was dramatic. I had my fair share of college drama (though mostly academic), so it's fun to see Felicity volley between Ben and Noel. Fun times.

I think I'm getting a neck sprain from lying down all day watching Felicity. In between naps and eating lots of food and enjoying my last weekend alone in the house, my body actually hurts from lying down too much.

Lazy weekends are the best. I'm going to miss having this. Why are there not enough weekends and so many weekdays again? The 5:2 division of days just isn't fair. Oh well.
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