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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rachel Brightens Up Cannes

Stunner[Rachel McAdams Online]
I haven't seen a lot of Rachel McAdams lately so the fact that she trekked over to the south of France to premiere her new film Midnight in Paris makes me a very happy camper. And she didn't just appear there, she came with a whole slew of pretty clothes. Then again, it is Cannes.

Meanwhile, TV land is having all the upfronts for next fall's shows. As if I don't watch enough TV as it is, there's more coming with Rachel Bilson coming back to my TV screen and Zooey Deschanel joining her sister on a new show on Fox. So much for lessening the amount of TV I watch.

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
Before I dive into Cannes, Rachel's been promoting her movie and after Cannes they headed to New York. I loved her white Louis Vuitton dress even if she did look a tad overdressed. Her afterparty look was cute too! It's hard to pull off the Azzaro ensemble and the crimped hair. I love it!

For her Cannes premiere though, Rachel brought the glamour in a sheer red Marchesa gown. She just looked breathtaking. My next favorite look was at the press conference in her white Maxime Simoens Couture get-up. The windblown hair and the smile? I'm in love. And though I wasn't as happy with her Monique Lhuillier bustier, though I do love her hair.

I'm actually really excited to see her movie with Woody Allen. I know his movies are a hit and miss but this one looks sort of quirky and has Owen Wilson in it, so it's bound to be funny in the least.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gosling Fan
Also in Cannes, is Rachel's ex, Ryan. I swear what I would have killed to have them both at Cannes and still together. Instead, we see them separately. And Ryan was rocking all these unusual suits and I love how he's totally brave enough to wear them. Go Ryan. Also, so much bromancing with him and his director too. I don't blame the director though, I would plant one on him too.

Photos courtesy of Leo DiCaprio Network, Max Irons Online
All my favorite people were at Cannes too. Leo and Max Irons weren't exactly main players, premiering movies but they were there too. Leo was there to attend the Cinema For Peace inaugural dinner. Sure he was spotted around town with Blake Lively, but I'll try not to buy into anything just yet. Max was there with girlfriend Emily Browning though who was promoting Sleeping Beauty and this couple just makes me so giddy. They're too cute.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
As if there wasn't enough handsome men in Cannes just yet, Jon Hamm also dropped by LOOKING AMAZING in each and every appearance. of course, he had his girlfriend by his side, but let's not mind that anymore, okay? Instead, let's just revel on his prettiness.

And because I know I'm not alone missing Mad Men, it's good to see some of the cast get together for a Q&A and screening. Look how big Kiernan is already and still so cute! I know january's busy promoting X-Men: First Class and I'm not sure where Christina is, but the rest of the gang look really relaxed knowing they have two more seasons lined up for them.

Photos courtesy of
I have no idea who Zac is with nor do I know why he's at this event but it's just too good to see him again and looking good at that. It seems like he and Baby V aren't going to get back together soon so I'm going to try not to dwell on that but I do miss them everytime I hear an HSM song come up on shuffle. I'm lame like that, okay?!

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle, Mr. Hedlund
What I would have done to get a photo of Camilla and Garrett together at this event. instead, I see them separately looking pretty cute. I'm not a fan of Camilla's white Tom Ford suit but she pulls it off as she receives her Young Hollywood Style Icon Award. I guess there is a point to her showing up at every red carpet. Meanwhile, Garrett picked up his award for Actor of the Year and hammed it up with Armie Hammer. I love it when pretty people get together.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central
Garrett also showed up at the Tree of Life premiere. Knowing this film won the Palm D'Ore at Cannes and hearing all this buzz about it makes me want to see it. It looks like a legitimately serious business kind of film, so I'll probably catch it with my sister.

Ashley's been out and about as well premiering her movie Skateland. Her hair's so long again (extensions perhaps? or do they just grow out really fast? Cause mine is taking forever) and she looks lovely in her salmon pink Fendi dress. I really do like her with short hair more, but she looks glowing in her gown.

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson Online, Eddie Redmayne Online
Remember when Emma shot those Lancome ads? I haven't seen the actual ads yet but Emma attended the launch of the campaign and looked really lovely in a black and white Azzaro ruffled dress. I'm actually really excited for this ad of hers. Also out was Eddie Redmayne for the Cleopatra ballet. I can't wait till their movie together, My week with Marilyn premieres. Lots of promotional things together right? I'm crossing my fingers.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bilson
Of course Rachel's been pretty busy too. Starting off with shows of her favorite fashion people, she appeared at the Chanel Resort dinner looking oh so relaxed and cool with her hat and her Chanel clutch. She's adorable. Then she went to the actual show and she maintained the casual cool look with a pair of leather shorts and a strapless top. I know it sounds awful together but somehow she makes it work.

Photos courtesy of Nina Dobrev Fans, Ian Somerhalder Online
And because it's upfronts season, we see all my favorite CW people and then some. I'm really excited for the return of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita (thank god it got renewed!!!) but I'm really looking forward to Hart of Dixie. I really hope R-Bils return to the small screen is a success. I miss seeing her on a regular basis.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Fan
And Fox! I love that they're welcoming another Deschanel sister into their fold. Season 7 of Bones should be pretty epic with the baby and all coming but The New Girl is making me very very excited for TV again. Zooey every week? YES PLEASE. I'm really psyched for that even if it's only a thirty-minuter.

And even if we get one last season of Chuck, I'm still looking forward to it. I hope they get a really good ending to the four seasons past. I'm also looking forward to Katherine McPhee's Smash. It's a musical on Broadway with the guy from Singles and Anjelica Huston so this is bound to be awesome. I really hope I really enjoy it.

Photos courtesy of
And because I've recently gotten obsessed with Yoon Eun Hye's new drama, Lie To Me, I've been on the prowl for all this news about the two leads. Kang Ji Hwan sure has grown on me and I've been watching behind-the-scenes interviews (without subtitles) and though I don't get anything that's happening, these kids are too cute to pass up.

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