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Movie Raving: Water For Elephants

Old School [IMDB]
I'm a bad fangirl. This movie has been out almost a month now and I just saw it. It's not even that I was super busy (though I admit, work did take its toll on me), but because I just lazy. Sorry Rob, I love you, it's just that lately, I haven't been feeling very up to it, fangirl wise. Well last night, I finally caught it and let's just say it sure did bring back some of that lost love.

It doesn't hurt that I loved the book when I read it last year (and then they threw in Christoph Waltz and I was sold). But it wasn't such a bad adaptation at all. I don't know if I'll be watching it over and over, but it was definitely a pretty good watch.

Photos courtesy of Robert
One of those big, extravagant-looking romances that you might automatically deem "conventional" - except for the fact that almost nobody makes big, extravagant-looking romances anymore. [Movieline]
considering the book had a lot of little details, I'm actually pretty happy with how they adapted it to screen. I loved how I really got the feel of the magic of the circus -- from the big white tent to the workers and the performers and the traveling train. Despite it being the depression, you could see that when the circus came to town, it brought happy times and entertainment. And I really liked that part of the movie.

Compared to other circus-themed things I've seen, Carnivale to be exact, this one felt more wholesome despite the desperation of August and the hard times they were going through. The set design was pretty good too, seeing how the train's interiors kept getting better from the animal's accommodations all the way to where August and Marlena lived.

"Twilight's" Robert Pattinson gets a chance to shed his sparkly vampire persona and play a romantic lead with a pulse. The change suits him. [Miami Herald]
But really, I couldn't take my eyes off HOW PRETTY ROB WAS. That haircut is golden on him and I know he has to change for other movies but this look? With the suspenders and dirtied up and the clean-cut hair? I approve of this completely. It's nice to see Rob in something else other than Edward Cullen too. And with the Twilight Saga wrapping up (next year), it'll be great seeing him take on other roles. So far, he's played two stand-up-ish guys with pasts (Tyler and now Jacob) and I'm psyched to see him progress even more.

Marlena wasn't who I imagined it to be but I'll give it to Reese Witherspoon for bringing a lot of spunk and spirit to Marlena. I could see why she'd stay with someone like August and also why she'd be so attracted to Jacob (DUH). I don't know if she did her own stunts but staying on top of Rosie and doing the tricks with the horses looked pretty awesome too. And though she still looked a little old for Rob, it all worked out in the end somehow. The black and white videos in the end were really cute too. They actually felt like a couple in those bits.

And even the supporting cast was superb. I thought Camel and Kinko were so loveable despite their bit parts. Tai the elephant was amazing as the Polish-understanding Rosie. Everyone really contributed to the circus feel of it and it served as a great contrast to Jacob's life before he joined them. A little shoutout to the girl he liked in his Cornell class. She was beautiful! I wouldn't mind if she had a bigger role.

In Water for Elephants, Waltz plays a circus owner and ringleader during the Great Depression, and when he's onscreen, every eye is on him, no matter who is talking. [San Francisco Chronicle]
The real spectacle though was Christoph Waltz. This guy just plays crazy guy to PERFECTION. From Hans Landa in inglorious Basterds to Benjamin Chudnofsky in The Green Hornet and now August Rosenbluth, he just brought his A-GAME. I literally couldn't take my eyes off him the entire time. i can't imagine how Rob and Reese must have felt acting in scenes with him because he was electric -- definitely the best casting.

over-all not a bad directorial foray for Francis Lawrence whom I distinctly remember as the director of Britney's Slave 4 U video which I loved. I don't think I could watch it multiple times but probably one day when I'm craving for some chivalrous and clean-cut but non-vampiric Rob. Have you guys seen it? What did you think?

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