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TV Time: We Say Hello To a New Borgia and Goodbye Till Next Season

I totally wasn't aware that this was the last week of The Borgias so I wasn't prepared for that fade to black ending. Still, I'm not afraid since we get another season of this and another set of sleazy schemes from Rodrigo and lots of loveliness from Cesare and Lucrezia. In other news though, it's official, I'm addicted to Yoon Eun Hye's new drama, Lie To Me. White shirts plus Kang Ji Hwan? PERFECTION.

Camelot 01x08: Igraine

SO MUCH FOR GETTING IT ON WITH MERLIN! I wish it were Real!Igraine doing this just because you can tell she wants it. Whereas Morgan!Igraine is totally just going with the motions, so to speak. Still, let's just say I was quite happy with where things went for these two. Since we're obviously not going to be getting any Guinevere/Arthur action soon, I guess we'll have to do with his mother -- who I swear, looks oh so young.

Meanwhile, poor Real!Igraine offering anything to that pervy soldier. I'm glad that she was able to get away from the evil nun! I'm glad that Morgan's sidekick isn't as loyal as Nun thought she was. And Leontas! Please don't listen to Morgan!Igraine. Sure, she is telling the truth, but Camelot isn't exactly as strong as it could be right now and you breaking things up is not going to help. Also, I really think that even for a second Morgan!Igraine actually felt bad for that kid. She seemed to genuinely have a connection with him.

Doctor Who 06x05: The Rebel Flesh

So Doctor Who loves making me feel a) scared (Angels!) b) freaked (Aliens!) and now I feel both scared and freaked out with all these doppelgänger business. My cousin brought up a really interesting thought though. In the end, when the Doctor reveals himself to be a doppelgänger too, we sort of gain hope that perhaps it was the doppelgänger that dies 200 years from now. But then, how are we sure that the Doctor we'll be seeing in the future isn't a doppelgänger? I guess we'll have to see the continuation of this episode to find out.

But really. how cute is it that Rory gets to be so in charge of things? I love how he puts his nurse skills to work and makes sure everyone's reassured of their safety and how he's looking out for everyone else. Plus, we're still not sure whether Amy Pond is preggers or not (you'd think the Tardis would figure things out faster). You can so tell they're going to dangle this in front of us until the mid-season break (which I still don't understand the reason for). All in all, an okay episode of the good Doctor.

The Killing 01x09: Undertow

Mitch, I swear stop blaming Stan for everything because now you've got a dead (?) Ahmed Bennett on your husband's hands and it seems like Bennett's freaking innocent of the entire Rosie thing after all. This really does suck. He's having a baby and all that and doesn't exactly need to get killed right now. I feel bad cause even his wife sort of started doubting him only to find out he had nothing to do with everything. And the humiliation he had to go through at school? That's just terrible. Please tell me he's still alive.

Also still surprisingly alive is Richmond's campaign. Thank goodness he's a pretty good basketball player because if it weren't for his hoop skills, the Mayor would have totally walked away scott-free from their balked smear campaign. See Richmond, playing dirty isn't your forte. Now just keep clean and hope people see that you aren't some sleazy politician, though you're so very close to appearing so. I'm really hoping things start looking up for this guy.

The Borgias 01x09: Nessumo (Nobody)

OMG THAT WAS THE FINALE?! Sure, the ending with everyone (literally everyone) crowded around Lucrezia after giving birth did seem like a pretty 'closing it up' scene but I can't believe that was actually the end. Thank goodness it's been renewed a second season too, because now that Lucrezia's marriage has been annulled and she's given birth and Rome seems to be a-ok thanks to Rodrigo's giving of Naples (that's been plagued) to the King of France, things seem to be fine and dandy now.

But is it? Will the French King go apeshit now that he knows Naples is pretty much useless?! And will Sforza exact revenge on Lucrezia after what she did to him?! Will we still see Freddy Paolo?! And will Cesare ever get together with the nun?! Will Rodrigo cast aside Giulia Farnese in favor of a newer mistress?! And how will they hide or repackage Lucrezia's baby?! It's been a pretty good run and I'm excited to see how this turns out next season.

Lie To Me 05-06

MY GOD THIS MAN HAS GROWN ON ME. I am literally thinking about Kang Ji Hwan wearing those fitted white shirts he dons on this show because he looks MIGHTY FINE in them, I tell you. I dont' think this obsessions is going to go crazy but let's just say, for the time being, i am definitely enjoying all this cuteness on this show. How lucky can Eun Hye get?! I loved the scene with the cherry blossoms and the almost-kiss. These kids just need to fall in love cause we have 10 episodes to go and I want cuteness EVERY TIME. Also, please don't fall for the brother or let the brother fall for you. Or let the other girl get in the way. I want happiness for you guys already.


AND THEN EPISODE 6 happened and I don't know if their jumping the gun by making them kiss 'so soon' in the series but I am happy. From the moment red-cardigan wearing Ji Koon stepped onto my screen, I died. It's not fair how quickly he's grown on me. From his giving in to let Ah Jung use his house to really playing up the husband role, I'm getting all sorts of silly-giddy. And then Ji Koon gets the reveal that they both lost their moms at a young age and are little adults, you could tell he was just so overcome by emotion. I mean, yes, not exactly the most realistic thing on earth, but I'm totally sold on things like that so when he grabbed her, I died. I really did. I hate that I'm now obsessed again.


Also, I don't appreciate the aunt's meddling or So Ran's jealousy. Can't we just focus on the two leads and say to hell with everyone else? Oh how I wish. Now I can't wait for Monday/Tuesday! This is going to make the weeks fly by faster.

Glee 02x22: New York

I love New York. I've loved it ever since I went there that summer in 2005 and still dream of going back. But somehow despite this being in New York, I really didn't enjoy the episode much. Perhaps I wasn't as into the original songs or because it was just a tad too cheesy at times (and totally unlike the Glee I fell in love with in season 1) or maybe I was just tired, but I was hoping for more. More pizazz?!

Things I did love: Rachel and Kurt singing on the Wicked stage and eating breakfast at Tiffany's. The two characters that get the most screen time obviously have the best parts. Of course, Kurt giving Blaine a debrief after they LOST at Nationals and Blaine telling Kurt he loved him made up for everything else that this episode lacked. I also loved Brittany's Cup Song. She's such a performer, I tell you. Girl needs more breaks.

I also loved the Bella Notte rendition even if the Finn/Rachel wheel feels really really rehashed. One wants one then the other doesn't want, now dreams trump love and I'm just over it. I do want to see more of Mercedes/Sam just because they haven't tackled that and more Santana please. Definitely an underwhelming finale which is sad since it's in New York and could have been so much more.
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