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TV Time: Everyone's Going to be Popping Babies Come Fall!

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It seems like the stork has visited EVERYONE on TV land this season. From Amy Pond to Lucrezia, to Naomi and someone from Gossip Girl (please not Blair) and of course Angela (who's just given birth) and of course Dr. Brennan. BEST PREGNANCY THOUGH. That mini-Booth/Brennan is going to be the smartest but most sensitive and awesome child ever. September can't come fast enough.

Camelot 01x07: The Long Night

Morgan, thank you for adding so much drama to this show. In the presence of Morgan, there is sure to be breast exposure and the men of Camelot sure looked pleased that after being fed so well and drinking so much ale, they get to fuck and fight. and see lots of boobs. There seems to be an abundance of hot girls in Castle Pendragon. Sucks for you, Camelot boys.

Proving to be the best schemer ever, Morgan gets everyone all cozied up and comfortable in the castle 'waiting' for the baddies to arrive, only to have orchestrated everything care of her devoted peeping Tom. Now, she's got into Igraine's body and I'm excited to see what sort of havoc she'll be causing in Camelot. And will Merlin figure out that it's actually Morgan in Igraine's body? Cause Morgan!Igraine is a lot peppier than real Igraine. And is it just me or is there some tension between Merlin and Igraine?!

Also succumbing to tension, Gwaine and Leontas. I'm not a fan of slash, but I see tension between these two and I feel like someone's going to write slash fic about them very very soon. And I don't know what Morgan has up her sleeve but she did a lot of eavesdropping this episode and I'm sure it'll all come to play next week. Let the schemes begin!

Doctor Who 06x04: The Doctor's Wife

This is going to be sacrilege for a fan, I know, but as much as I enjoyed the episode, I didn't fall out of my chair the way I did with Vampires in Venice or love it they way I adore Vincent and the Doctor. Perhaps I got too much hype on it or maybe I'm just not Gaiman's biggest fangirl but it was a good episode, not the best, but definitely a good one.

I liked how they gave the Tardis a persona, since she is such a big part of the Doctor's life. I thought the girl that portrayed her was pretty amazing and her chemistry with the Doctor was pretty spot on. I kept thinking, I wish she was wearing blue, but that would have been way too obvious. I'll admit to being lost half the time though, there was so much going on with getting back and the voice and Idris and Tardis and whatnot but it was fun.

I also really liked how we see Rory and Amy working together though. Separate from the Doctor, they are a pretty amazing team. And it was touching to see Amy grieve over how Rory waited for her for 2000 years and see how her fears were manifested in this. I think it helped solidify her relationship with Rory for me and I'm a little more relieved to see there really is a strong bond between them, that not even the Doctor could get in between. I'm paranoid okay!

The Killing 01x08: Stonewalled

MY GOD RICHMOND. You've gone dirty. Like real dirty. And not even sexy dirty, but just plain dirty. And though I admit, it is kind of hot, I'm a little scared for your politics now. So much for being the 'good' guy, you're just like the rest of them. Though, we can't blame the thirst for winning completely, seeing him sit through his wife's murderer's parole hearing, it did seem like he's suffering pretty bad, but I'm just a little scared for this.

AND MITCH!! THE KID!!! THE CAR!! THE CARBON MONOXIDE!!! As if that wasn't enough, recreating Rosie's room? I think someone needs to talk to someone. I feel bad though cause it's not like she isn't trying, but I can't imagine how hard it is to keep things in check. I don't blame her, but I just want to give her a hug. Please let her get better, cause her little boys are counting on her.

I'm glad though that Sarah finally knows the truth about Holder and his AA meetings. See Sarah! Holder isn't so bad even if he does look like a narc -- that's the best kind of undercover guy right? At least that's one suspicion down. And Sarah's kid. My goodness, who knew it was him leaking those things? I mean I get it was a joke to him but could he really be that callous?! Oh well, I'm sure it'll come back to him somehow.

The Borgias 01x08: The Art of War

We all knew Paolo the page was going to get what was coming to him. Looks like Freddy is now typecast to be beaten -- I'm not sure if he died, but let's assume so anyway. The point is, nothing good ever comes out of helping people escape, especially when you're a nobody. So don't be a hero! I'm glad that Giulia and Lucrezia escaped though.

Though of course, they didn't get very far, it's amazing that Lucrezia's charms are enough to call a truce. See Pope, your daughter is better than just bait. marrying her off, obviously did no good other than getting her maritally raped, when really, she could totally be an ambassador with all her charms. Look at the ladies fix things the men can't. Sorry Juan, you're useless, really.

And Cesare, please stop being so hot. I don't know what to do with myself when he comes onscreen. Even when he's supporting his dad or trying his best to keep the cardinals in Vatican, he looks damn good. I wonder how things will work out now that everyone's fleeing the city. I guess we'll see how far Lucrezia's charms go in that truce. We shall see.

Chuck 04x24: Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

How awesome is it to see Chuck function without the Intersect? I love how they set it up that Chuck could totally survive without it and how he could get by with his wits and lots of talent. Sure, Chuck gets silly with Vivian Volkoff and giving his escape route to Volkoff and his kid, but that's the way Chuck is, always thinking of others. Never caring about himself no matter how nervous or scared he is.

I love the way they showed how Chuck would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for Sarah Walker. I was dying with giddiness with all that 'let's practice our vows' flashbacks and how he was so devastated and yet determined to find Sarah's cure. And as sad as I am that next season is the last one, I feel like Chuck's had a pretty good run and it will be nice to see them wrap things up for the last thirteen episodes.

Speaking of those last thirteen, how awesome is it that they're no longer working for the government and can go as free-agents with a new Intersect! MORGAN! you get a free ride for the last 13 shows. I feel like they're just going to go crazy and put in as many hilarious sequences because they no longer have to set anything up for future seasons. I'm really excited to see how they play with things and how far they'll go with Jeffstser and Ellie and Awesome and Casey and his daughter and of course, Chuck and Sarah. Awesome finale.

90210 03x22 To The Future!

I know 90210 is a regular source of lulz and I appreciate it for not taking itself seriously... at all, but this episode really brought it to another level. As I said before, just when I was starting to like Ivy, she goes and marries Raj. It just felt like it came from nowhere. Sure, they've been together a couple of episodes but is that really enough to marry her off?! I read that not everyone is coming back to season 3 what with people going to college so I don't mind seeing Ivy gone. Especially after this marriage.

And as glad as I am that Silver found out about Adrianna, it also makes me realize they're definitely going to be keeping Adrianna around so they can fix this. I'd rather they made Silver stay mad at her forever so we don't have to see much of Adrianna. And the Diego-ghost-appearance? Totally made me laugh so hard. It's mean but I wouldn't have minded if Adrianna jumped.

But really, Naomi getting preggers is not a good thing. I know there's so much going on what with Naomi giving up her graduation for Max and then Max stopping in the middle of the graduation ceremony to clear Naomi's name and therefore get expelled. It's kind of nuts. It was just all sorts of schizophrenic. Still, for some reason, you know I'll be watching this still this fall. I'm a sucker for pain.

Gossip Girl 04x22: The Wrong Goodbye

Where do I start with this show? Let's just say I was half paying attention, half not caring really. I don't know how it's come to a point where I'm just not attached to any of the characters -- even Blair at some points. So let's start off with the fact that I am happy we get some Eric. This guy needs way more screen time than he gets. I'm also somehow attached to Dan and only because of all this 'writing-for-Blair' business that Vanessa has brought up. Speaking of Vanessa, I'm glad we don't see her anymore but I don't approve of her stealing the manuscript and getting the money sent to her.

Also, how much could I care less for Serena's storyline?! Charlie? you were paid? Gasp, I could care less. Seriously. But it seems like she'll be back next season so I guess it's not the last we see of her fake self. And Chuck? Raina? What? I wasn't paying attention most of the time. Russel Thorpe, I'm glad you're gone, you were much funnier in Spin City.

But really, the entire 'Rolling in the Deep' sequence with Blair and Chuck crashing a bar mitzvah (WHERE DID THIS COME FROM) and then sleeping together in that hotel room and then walking off to 'let each other go' cause they love each other so much was just a laugh trip. Obviously, this wedding with Louis ain't going to happen -- or at least I hope not. There's a difference between this and 90210 -- on 90210, I'll just laugh it off and not care, but here, it's BLAIR. Donut get married. And don't be preggers either?! When did 90210 and Gossip Girl turn into the same show? Let it be Eleanor Waldorf who's preggers, cause it ain't Serena and I hope it's not Blair.

Lie To Me 03-04

Okay, so I take back what I said about lead guy Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) because he is growing on me so fast, he's really looking extremely attractive in my eyes! it's not funny!!! So I'm definitely glad with the progress this show's made. Sure, they're still both pretending and getting angry at each other but at least Ki Joon is now calling Ah Jung his wife despite this only be to use her for business purposes. Cause you so know he's going to fall for her.


Unfortunately, I can so feel that second guy (Ki Joon's brother Sang Hee) is so going to fall or is already falling for Ah Jung. It doesn't hep that they throw in second girl Yoon Joo. All that missing each other in the airport and all those flashbacks to Ki Joon letting her go because of his brother? They're so going to dig up all those repressed feelings and just when Ki Joon starts falling for Ah Jung for real, I can so tell Yoon Joo's going to show up and say she wants to get back together with Ki Joon. But that's just me predicting this entire thing.


I really hope things go faster for Ah Jung/Ki Joon just because they're already looking cute together. I saw a kiss-to-be in the preview and I hope it actually pushes through cause something tells me this kdrama is just baiting me and going to leave me hanging next week. I'm really enjoying this show though hasn't reach my Coffee Prince level of love.

Glee 02x22: Funeral

So why didn't I think it would be Jean who'd die? Can I just say how much I liked this episode? Lately, I've been so disconnected with Glee and though this isn't me going back to loving it and obsessing about it completely, at least I paid attention to the tv this time around. First off, i feel for Sue. the death wasn't any excuse for her to be evil or nice, since Sue is just Sue but it was nice to see this side of her. I don't think this truce with the Glee Club will last, nor do I want it to, but it was a nice gesture.

Also nice? Jesse St. James doing an American-Idol-style audition for the solo. I loved it. All the performances were fantastic. I have them on repeat already and his comments were hilarious. It brought me back to the good old Idol days when I loved that show. I swear they can just keep singing and have no plot and I wouldn't complain one bit. Ryan Murphy, just make the concert. Oh wait, there is one except I can't watch.

Am I excited for Regionals? Yes of course. Do I think they'll win? I hope they do, but anything goes really with Regionals. I hope the songs are good (originals were okay but I'm just itching for covers cause I'm lame like that) though and that Mike Chang gets more screen time either half naked or dancing or both and that Brittany does get Jesse on Fondue For Two. Is there a web series of this yet? cause they so need to shoot that on the side.

Bones 06x23: The Change in the Game

I made the best decision of going over to my cousin's house to watch this one just because I needed someone to squee with right away. I was so tempted to spoil myself before watching it, but I'm glad I didn't, because though I could feel what was coming up when it was closing out the episode, the shock and the look on Booth's face when Brennan tells him she's preggers with his child, it's just priceless. So I guess EVERYONE on TV is going to be preggers come this fall.

But before we get there, let's talk about Hodgins and Angela. Calm!Hodgins was hilarious in trying his best to keep it together only to lose it when the time really came. I'm glad the baby isn't blind and is just fine. I thought it was adorable that baby Michael had his grandfather's hair/hat on when the entire gang saw him for the first time. Now I'm really excited for next season just because we see Daddy!Hodgins and Mommy!Angela try and bring up this child the best way they can. They're going to be such awesome parents.

BUT REALLY, Bones is pregnant with Booths' baby. NO JOKE. Sure, we didn't get to see them making that baby but I'll take what I can get. I'll take the fact that they're going to be parents together. Parker's gonna have a baby sibling! Bones and Booth will have to figure out some kind of living arrangement or whatever but they're having a baby! BONES IS GOING TO BE A MOM. My brain still hasn't wrapped itself around this completely but I'm incredibly happy obviously. September, please come now. I want to see Bones and Booth get through this stat.
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