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I've tried different ways but it's all the same; At the end of the day, I have myself to blame

My insides are blue[19 Down/33 To Go!]
[-] My family's flight home got delayed a week or so and I was actually really excited to have them back already. Oh well, a few additional days shouldn't be too long, right? Besides, I'm always at work anyway.

[-] I heard from a college friend that a professor from my college (not my department) was killed in an auto accident last Friday. Though I didn't know her or was ever under her, it makes me sad and scared cause she died on a road I always travel on. Still, when there's news of death, there also is news about life. I found out a good friend is engaged and pregnant with her first baby! It was a little shocking but at the same time, I'm incredibly happy for her.

[+] And because she's the sweetest, the belated birthday girl, beeeeej sent me some jellybeans! I don't think I've had some in quite some time, so it's a good reminder to get some. Thanks woman. And so I hope everyone else has a great week up ahead too!

It's a little crazy how I'm at work so early despite having worked the entire weekend for those events. Sure, it's not exactly working, but it's still not being lazy at home, so I consider it 'work.' It's a good things, things aren't too too crazy. Though I did want to go home early today, things don't work out how I want them to. It's all good. It's only Monday after all.

Plus, it's good to know that I'm not yet TOO behind on all the shows I'm watching. I get daunted by the amount of TV I need to watch that sometimes I don't enjoy them anymore but today, I was able to stay on track a bit. This is always a good way to start the week.

It's funny how I get unhinged at the most unexpected moments. This week, is relatively stress free (save for a couple deadlines I need to meet) but there's still that mountain of work to attend to (that will forever be a constant, hanging over my head). It's 7:30 and I get a client call and i'm trying my best to keep straight and firm but things aren't going as I hoped.

I get where everyone is coming from. i'm just the middle person trying to reconcile everything and I realize i'm just really tired. I start thinking of all the work I have to do and have done and I just feel like crying. I'm tired. Really really tired. and though I know I'm just being a wuss, I feel tears well up in my eyes. This is not good. Thank god I get a hold of myself -- barely. Tomorrow will be a better day. Toughen up.

You know how some days are horrible and other days pretty good? After yesteryday's shitstorm, today started off on a great foot with me getting things done and things getting approved. A hiccup or two here and there but I was feeling much much better than the day before. I love how some things fall into place when you least expect it. Here's to more good days for everyone.

The best part? Getting to leave work early. After a meeting with my boss outside, she tells me to go home and not return to the office. Sure, it's already five o' clock but this is EARLY for us so I take it and finally drop by my old office to pick up my last check and see my old teammates -- whom i MISS TERRIBLY. it was fun to hang out again and though i miss them, i definitely don't miss the work.

At work today, my boss called me aside and handed me a piece of paper that stated that I merited for an increase. Which is a good thing, really. It wasn't much since I've only been in the company for 7 months but it was nice. It's nice to know that slaving away does have its perks.

In a totally un-me move, I actually have a spontaneous dinner out with some officemates whom I'm not very close to but are a huge laugh to be with. They're friends o my ex-officemate from my first job and so I knew them but wasn't close to them. We had really awesome wings and gelatto and I'm actually hoping we get to do this again sometime. S

I checked my mail when I got to work and saw that my family had to reschedule their flight home by a week or so. And though I'm barely home, it did make me miss them a bit more. I've gotten used to eating alone and the ultra empty house, but now that I know I have to wait longer for them to get back, it makes me a little sad.

And though I was supposed to meet up with a friend for dinner, I'm a little glad it got cancelled cause I just wanted to rest and not do anything. Instead, I caught up on my TV shows (bye bye TVD for now) and had an early night in. This is the life man.

I tried waking up early to attend mass but I didn't quite make it, so instead I get a headstart on the day which involved really doing nothing. It feels good to have a weekend at home especially after three consecutive weeks of being out of the house and doing something all the time. I'm not that kind of person. I'm the lazy bones kind of girl.

Instead, I do a movie marathon of things sitting on my hard drive and try to watch TV despite the blurriness of it all (thanks a lot rain for messing up our cable). Still, it's a good day to be lazy and I don't mind repeating this on Sunday as well. The lazier, the better.

I barely get to chat with my parents since I'm always busy at work but I finally did and talking to my mom and sister simultaneously was pretty good. I do miss them, so it was nice to chat for a while. My dad sent photos of my aunt's marriage. My sister and I stayed with her when we went to New York a couple years back and she always gives fabulous clothes. I'm just really happy for her.

I started reading Bumped and though I'm still not used to Megan McCafferty writing about something else other than Jessica Darling, I'm really enjoying it so far. If only I didn't take that long nap this afternoon. Here's to lazy Sundays.
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