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TV Time: We Do Get At Least One More Season of Nikita, Right?

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The seasons are winding down and this week we say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries which has just basically taken over my life and Nikita, which I'm at least hoping gets a season two. But it's not all goodbyes as I add another drama to my list of tv shows. It is a korean drama though starring Yoon Eun Hye and though I wasn't a big fan of her last one, I'm hoping this one turns out well.

Camelot 01x06: Three Journeys

First off, raise your hand if you knew it was only a matter of time before Guinevere gave into her lust for Arthur and when Arthur would stop being so damn honorable. I knew this little trip back to Guinevere's hometown wasn't good news at all. I get she's grieving and their attraction is strong, but you're married girl!!! Poor hubby! And he's your king's champion. I know you knew each other since birth but respect the union, girl.

And Kay, please stay on my screen. I could have cared less about their little sojourn to get the library back, but he's pretty cute so anything they make him do, I'll watch it. Someone needs to give Kay a bigger role adn a hot girl on the side. The King's brother needs a harem too right?! And Morgan, you are brilliant. Keep scheming and deceiving, cause I actually can't wait till you take Arthur down. He's way too distracted now, he won't know what him him.

Doctor Who 06x03: The Curse of the Black Spot

I do love Doctor Who when they're off doing silly missions like this one -- pirates! evil spirits who turn out to be nurses on a future spaceship!!! Only on Doctor Who! I have to admit, I got a little scared when Rory got the black spot on his hand. I was thinking, please don't take Rory away, so it was nice to see Amy really work her best to keep him safe.

And the Pirate-Captain's the guy from Notting Hill -- a movie I absolutely love and he was so adorable there -- so it was great to see him on something else. I'm glad his son got saved too in the end that things are fine and dandy for them and the entire crew of his ship. Plus, it's always cute to see Amy with a pirates hat and swashbuckling her way in a ship. It makes me want to go check out the newest Pirates movie too.

The Killing 01x07: Vengeance

It really seems like Bennett is innocent in all this and I feel bad he's the main suspect in this thing while the real bad guy is getting away. Still, it looks like it's too little, too late now that the councilman is going to have to condemn Bennett for something he obviously didn't do. The collateral damage in this mess is getting higher and I wonder how Richmond's campaign is going to go after this one. It seems like it's all downhill from now on.

And who really is the killer? I'm a little happier that the FBI is involved now, at least we get more muscle behind the investigation but will they be able to really help? Or will they just impede the entire thing? And I'm glad Rosie's brothers have a better grasp of what's going on. Though I doubt mom has her wits about her and the dad seems to be on a one-track agenda, I'm just glad the kids seem a bit better now.

The Borgias 01x07: Death on a Pale Horse

Can I just say how screwed everyone is right now?! What with Giovanni Sforza NOT supporting the Papal States with his armies and France coming in strong and Florence allowing passage to the troops and Della Rovere feeling the guilt, things do NOT look very good for the Borgias right now. So much for sending pretty Giuilia Farnese to broker things, it's not like she has much clout with these principalities.

ALSO, Lucrezia, you better get out of there before your hubby realizes you're preggers with Freddy the groom's baby because you so know your husband's going to off your love once again. And Cesare, please stay away from the nuns. I get you're under a lot of stress right now, but nun seems really scared of you -- or scared she'll give in more like it. I wish Cesare finds the girl for him though. I know he's a priest but come on, we all know he's so following his dad's footsteps, right?!

Chuck 04x23: Chuck Versus The Last Details

So the good news. We do get Chuck for our fifth season and the not-so bad but more sad news, it's the last season. As much as I'm wary to let these characters and this show go, it's actually been a pretty good journey for them and considering all the almost-cancellations, I'm happy it will last five seasons. Now it's up to Josh Schwartz and company to make sure it goes with a bang.

Which leaves us with two episodes left in this season and Chuck and Sarah are almost almost married. Except that Rose is being an evil vindictive girl and could it be that Sarah is the target of her DNA gun? I sure hope not but it looked like this was the case by the end of the episode. I don't know how they're going to pull off saving Sarah, because obviously, they'll have to.

And so far, everyone's been used to their full potential -- from Jeff & Lester, to big Mike, to Morgan, the Awesomes and Casey and Alex. So next week's finale will be a nice set-up to their last season together. I hope Frost does some awesome bad-assery to save Sarah -- somehow I feel we'll get someone dead (not Sarah though). I don't mind it being Volkoff either. But that means we'll have a new bad guy for season 5. Let's see then.

90210 02x21: The Prom Before the Storm

Just when I was starting to really like Ivy, they totally throw a curveball that could possibly make me lose interest very very quickly. A WEDDING?! Is this real life?! You're kids remember? I get he's dying but you're in high school. I don't know, this stuff just doesn't sit very well with me and though this show is known for being absurd in the first place, I don't know how much absurdity I can sit through any more. Alas, my 'must-finish-what-I-started' self can't flounce shows. It's a sickness, I tell you.

Also sick? Adrianna. Girl, you're not on meds but you sure are acting pretty crazy. I'm glad that things got sort of better for silver, but it seems like Adrianna isn't going to stop and I do wish they just kill off this character cause she's ruining the happy-silly vibe of this show with her crazy evil ways. Someone take this girl to the Upper East Side so someone can scheme and teach her a lesson.

And how convenient is it that Annie gets ALL OF MARLA's money. For a second there, I actually thought the lawyer would get mad for her selling the necklace, seeing as it wasn't really left to her (I wish!) but instead we get a windfall of money and now they all get to go to their dream schools. Then again, I'm too harsh on Annie. After two seasons of misery, she deserves happiness.

The girl who just won't get a break though is Naomi. I knew they'd mess up this Max situation and apparently, it's Max's own doing with him cheating and writing the paper for her. So I guess that's the last we see of Max's character. I wonder how Naomi's going to get out of this, because they have to make her graduate right? Or will we use the trust fund and buy her way out. I'm still mourning the loss of Max -- for sure that's going down.

Gossip Girl 04x21: Shattered Bass

I'm actually a little hazy with what went down this episode. There used to be a time (read; season 1) when I could tell you EXACTLY what happened in every episode even if you asked me about the season out of order. Now, I literally have to read the synopsis to remember what the hell is going on. Not the best news, but considering this has been renewed for yet another season, I'm not sure how I should proceed.

The good news is, we won't be seeing too much of Vanessa and Jenny next season with them being kicked off the regular cast. Unfortunately, we'll be seeing gown-stealing Charlie. I don't like this. I'm glad Dan rejected her (it's surprising that I care about Dan) but something tells me this shit isn't going to go very well.

Another thing not going very well? This entire Russel Thorpe on the roof with Blair. Of course she isn't going to die, but this plot needs to end quickly. I know next episode is the finale but I'm just sad we wasted all this time doing the Louis/Dan/Chuck exchange with Blair. The bright spot? Seeing Pope Borgia's wife play Louis's mother. I love how I guest stars keep jumping shows I watch.

Lie To Me 01-02

I haven't seen a korean drama in a long time and though Yoon Eun Hye did have My Fair Lady recently, I didn't really get into it as much. Her new drama though, Lie to Me started this week and it looks a little promising. The lead guy is nowhere as cute as Gong Yoo for me, but he's got a swagger to him that's making me a little more interested in this one.


And as always, the plot is a little crazy and silly but leave it to Eun Hye to pull it off. I actually can't wait to see how things turn out when Ki Joon finally plays along with Ah Jung's lie of being married to him. I hate Ah Jung's friend already (the one who stole her first love), so I'm really hoping Ki Joon plays along -- and obviously, will fall in love.


It's a little too slapstick at the moment and though the plot seems too predictable, I'm sure there'll be some surprises in store. I hope it's better than My Fair Lady just because I miss seeing Eun Hye on my screen already. Please let this one be good and let Ki Joon grow on me more.

Glee 02x20: Prom Queen

I'm usually a sucker for prom episodes and though this one wasn't bad, I'm just at a point in Glee where all I care about are the songs. And Blaine. And Mike Chang. And Brittany. So this week we see the GLeeks go to prom with everyone campaigning to be prom queen/king. I'm all for Santana and Karofsky in the red berets, just because they look adorable in them. And Quinn, looks pretty good in her blue dress and though Finn looks at her with adoration, this seems to be Finn's perpetual face so I'm not surprised anymore.

It was fun however to see Finn and Jesse go at it on the dance floor. I would have liked to see more punches thrown, but this is Glee, so not much violence ensues. It's funny though how the songs this episode came from everywhere. I loved Blaine's I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance best. I love that song and it was just fun. Also, seeing Blaine and Kurt dance? Stay cute, kids. You guys keep me hanging on.

And surprisingly, I wasn't cringing when Artie sang to Brittany. Though it was cute, I'm glad Brittany didn't cave. stand up for yourself, girl, I'm proud of you. Don't let anyone call you stupid. Also, can Sue be funny and evil like before again? They've totally tamed her down already. I need her to be at her prime. I really just feel so distant from this show.

Bones 06x22: The Hole in the Heart

How could they kill Vincent Nigel-Murray?! I have to say, I got really sad when Bones and Booth were trying to save him with the pressure on his heart and Bones declaring him her favorite. And as sad as the death was, I was even more scared that it would be Hodgins or Angela with everyone looking up. And though we shouldn't blame Booth, I can't help but wish he answered the phone just because you really CAN'T kill Booth. Why couldn't they have killed another intern?

Still, this death made it possible for both Booth and Brennan to go overdrive with their determination to a) kill that sniper and b)make a change in themselves. I love how Booth finally got his revenge-ish on that asshole that's really turned things around for everyone. I also love how we see so much evolution in Brennan. On a shallow note, I was giddy the entire time. Staying over on Booth's couch? Yes please. Wearing his sweatshirt? ALSO awesome. Getting into his room at night? More of that please. Cuddling and comforting in bed? I'm dead. I really .

And that morning after with Angela telling Hodgins to get out so we get some girl-bonding. I'm assuming nothing happened and they just cuddled and all but the writers aren't giving us anything!!! And next week is the finale and supposedly a game-changing one and I hope it's a good game changer. Perhaps they'll write in Emily's pregnancy as Booth's? I don't know, but I'm excited.

Nikita 01x22: Pandora

I know they wouldn't kill Nikita but the fact that they haven't renewed this show for a second season, really had me thinking all sorts of things. And though resurrecting the dead seems to be a running theme in all shows this season, I'm glad that Alex did keep her alive despite the act of shooting her down. I'm glad Nikita was able to thwart Project Sparrow and I hope that Ryan Fletcher doesn't go to jail (he's much too pretty for that) and that we see him next season. Right?!?

Also, Birkhoff, I'm glad you're still on Michael's side. Of course he isn't stupid. Unlike Marshall on Alias, who really got hit hard with the reality of what he was doing, Birkhoff seems to be pretty in the know with the corruption going down with Percy. So it was pretty bittersweet to see him set Michael go and decrypt the black box. Will he survive next season? God I hope so.

Finally though, I'm excited to see Julie Cooper Amanda take over from Percy with this 'new' Division she's handling with a very 'The Ring'-esque feel from Chuck. I'm sure Alex trusts no one and won't ever fully trust Amanda, but at this point, it seems like she has no choice. I wonder how things will work out next season with Michael and Nikita on the run with the black box. Something tells me, they'll be lucky to get a full season pick-up. I just want closure, yo.

Vampire Diaries 02x22: As I Lay Dying

Where to begin with this show!? I literally do not know what to do with myself just because it's just been epic episode after epic episode and awesome season after season. And this season, it did not disappoint. I haven't remembered a teen show with such strong seasons back to back.

Let's start off with the re-resurrection of Jeremy. How many times will they kill him for a few seconds and resurrect him. First with the ring and now with lots of mystical powers thanks to Bonnie and the witches. Although, I don't mind now that he's got this 'I-see-dead-people' sixth sense thing going on now. Because I really liked him with Anna and seeing her again (and Vicki too!) just makes things a notch more complicated.

And is Alaric going to be hanging around? Because I like this 'i-will-be-your-father-figure' thing, though it might be in conflict with his teaching at their school. Then again, it's not like Elena goes to school, so it's like she really isn't his student. I just hope Alaric mourns Jenna's death okay. And what happens next season? Does he stay in Jenna's room? Cause that's kind of creepy.

I liked how despite how bad Alaric was feeling, once he got the call from stefan that Damon was 'dying,' he dropped everything and ran to help. There's that bromance which I love and hope to see more of next season especially since the focus will probably be trying to get Stefan back.

Speaking of Stefan, talk about brotherly love. Giving everything up (Elena, his sanity, Damon) to save his brother and get together with Klaus. I've got to admit, I'm really excited to see Stefan get all dirtied and evil and suck blood unceremoniously and just be bad. I don't know how much convincing it'll take to get him back on the good side (you know that'll happen) but I'm going to thoroughly enjoy seeing him destroy himself with Klaus. Good job, Klaus. You sure know how to pick a wingman.

I do hope we still get to see Elijah alive and un-staked, especially since the warehouse where the entire family seems to be in Mystic Falls. I hope that we see Elijah teaming up with Damon and Elena (FOR REAL this time) and joining forces to save Stefan and really eliminate Klaus. Though Klaus was looking mighty fine in this last episode, I'd love to see quasi-good (Elijah) triumph over pure evil (Klaus).

Before I end this, I just have to say, I'm a little scared for Caroline. Sure, mom's accepted her and they did the hug thing, but I'd much rather have the Sheriff compelled to forget again just because it was much easier that way. Something tells me though, nothing will be easy for anyone next season. Caroline, the vampire. Tyler, the werewolf and the Sheriff and the Mayor at odds with each other. I see a mom-fight going on.

And finally, because I ship that so hard, how glad am I for all the Damon/Elena moments we had? Sure we got some loving interruption from Katherine and her 'saving' Damon, but it was the intimate moments between dying-Damon and Elena that really got to me. Sure, her love for Stefan is waaaaay more than her love for Damon but she loves and cares for him. And though this may never turn into romantic love (you know I'm holding out for that though), at least Damon can hold on to that. And as he lay dying, thinking this was really the end for him, I'm glad he got something out of all that suffering. See, Damon, you really are just a softie on the inside. Can September come soon enough please?
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