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12 of 12: May 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

my brother's room12:54 am
It's really funny how now that the computer is completely free, I barely use it. This morning was one of the rare moments when I wasn't too sleepy to use the computer. I'm still terribly behind on commenting, but I will get a hang of things soon. Or when my family gets back. i'm not used to being able to use the computer whenever I can, so i get lazy.

my brother's room12:56 am
I finally got my company phone and it's nice to be using a Nokia again. It's not on a data plan though so it's not like I can use the WiFi but it's all good. It calls and texts and does its job. I'm not complaining at all.

my brother's room12:58 am
I'm currently reading One Day and I'm so very close to the ending. I'll reserve my thoughts for my book post but let's just say I'm very very excited to see Anne and Jim in this movie. I hope it comes out good.

my bedroom6:12 am
I bought these pink flats in Singapore and I still haven't gotten around to using them. I haven't broken them in and all my weekends have been filled so I didn't want to be walking around with blisters while breaking them in. perhaps this weekend, i'll finally get to try them out.

my office cube10:11 am
The awesome say_i_am_you dropped by my desk and did this masterpiece of doodlework and insists I keep it up. I haven't dissected it in its entirety, but it's always fun to look at, right above my desktop.

my office cube10:13 am
The last weekend I was at work, we had an event for one of our brands and that was a rare moment of goofing off. It was a crazy fun time, but I was also crazy tired after. I don't think I've fully recuperated from that weekend. Hopefully this weekend will be NOTHING BUT LAZY. I want it.

the office04:07 pm
The huge project we've been working on is slowly getting to be okay. So the AE in charge of it decides to treat everyone who worked on it to pizza! i totally forgot to take photos while we were eating, so instead, here's the box. That was some good pizza too. Free pizza is the best pizza.

my office cube5:27 pm
I get back to my desk and see a loot bag from the event last weekend. I'm not one for freebies, but this was just too cute and hey, I won't say no to all this pink-ness.

Sunrise Bucket7:31 pm
And in a totally un-me reaction to things, i end up grabbing dinner with officemates whom I'm not even close to. My ex-officemate from my old job was friends with them while she was at this office and told me to go with them and it was soooooo fun. These wings? are perfection.

Sunrise Bucket8:21 pm
The restaurant had a surfer vibe to it and they had surf stuff everywhere, their buckets for the bones was really cute though. And no, I did not eat all those bones alone. I wish I did, but I didn't. I think I'm going to have some wings this weekend. Let's see if we can arrange that.

Mio Gelati8:31 pm
As if we weren't full enough from dinner, right next to the restaurant was a Gelato place! I don't think I've ever had gelato and don't know if this is authentic, but it was pretty damn good. And it was their first day! I hope we brought the business good luck!

Mio Gelati8:34 pm
I had the cheesecake flavored one, JP had the peanut butter, Rachelle had the strawberry and Kaz and Nicca shared the bubblegum. Good food, good (new) friends. All in all, not a bad way to end the day at all. Let there be more days like this one.
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