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I May Be Bad[18 Down/34 To Go!]
[-] How is it possible that I didn't write a single thing about this week?! It's crazy. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. I didn't do a single update either -- my weekender was late, I didn't do any of my planned entries and I had so much work. The only thing I did on time this week, were my shows -- and it's not like I wrote much sense about them either. So pardon me if none of this makes sense, this is going to be me trying to figure out what the hell I did.

[+] The worst part though? I totally missed beeeeej's birthday. And I call myself a friend?! I feel horrible, girl. I have no excuse. But I will make up for it, I promise. This will be a lifelong goal starting now. you just wait.

[+] My mom wasn't here for mother's day so it's not like there was much to celebrate and with the work-filled weekend, this week was just a tad overwhelming and very very tiring. I hope things aren't as crazy in the coming weeks. A semblance of summer, please? Here's to a better week for everyone.

It can't be the start of the month or a Monday. I'm so backlogged with LJ things and just with things in general. It takes me quite a bit to adjust back to work, just because I spent the entire weekend with friends doing nothing productive. This is going to be a long week up ahead.

Still, it wasn't such a bad day after all. I did get to go home earlier than my usual time and because of the craziness that was this week, this was definitely a highlight of it. Sad, but true. I'll take it.

I'm not usually one to love meetings outside the office, but for this client, I don't mind meeting them at all just because the coffee they serve is fantastic. Like really really good. And I'm not even a coffee connoisseur. If only brewed coffee weren't so expensive.

The best part about being home alone? I get all my favorite food for every meal of the day. With the family away, our cook has only my wants and tastes to cater to and she's been very sweet, cooking all of my favorite dishes. I am too spoiled.

When I was at my first job, I would contribute to one of the college-themed magazine. it wasn't anything serious and though it wasn't a regular gig, it was pretty neat to see stuff I had come up with on pages of a magazine. But since I left my old job, I haven't been able to do that. Now, in my new job, I got a similar gig and I love the topic so I feel so bad that I'm late to my deadlines. Real work, please don't get in the way of my fun work! No excuses really, I should totally write this in advanced.

I haven't seen my grandma (my mom's mom) ever since my family went on vacation and I feel guilty. I should probably make time to see her soon (or at least before they come back). If only work weren't so crazy. I would be one of those persons, who could literally do NOTHING and be okay with it. lazy bones, I am.

Usually by the time Thursday comes around, I've psyched myself out for the weekend. Unfortunately, because of numerous deadlines and endless projects, I just feel really overwhelmed by it all. I know I shouldn't give up considering I'm already on my seventh month at work, but really, I'm just exhausted. i can't believe it'll be another five months till I can say I've lasted a year in this job. Dog years, yo.

There was a movie premiere that we got free tickets too (Fast Five) and I was supposed to go with my cousins, but they weren't available and it was too far from my house (and too late) so I ended up not going anymore. It sucks though cause if my cousins were available, I would have gotten a free movie this week. Oh well, we cant win it all.

Somehow, despite it being a Friday, I wasn't really feeling it too much. Perhaps because I knew of what lay ahead of me this weekend. It felt nice to see things fall into place though for projects. Lately, I haven't been able to celebrate the small stuff because of the amount of work. So appreciating the small stuff is always a good thing.

So much for going home early though. I knew I had the events this weekend, so I was hoping I'd get to leave early. But I guess, all my early~ outs during the first part of the week finally caught up with me. I ended up going home later than usual and though I did get stuff accomplished, somehow, I wished I just got my Friday back. I'd have much preferred that.

First day of the BFF Camp and though our booth was pretty simple to begin with, it's still a little tiring waking up early and gathering the troops and being perky and happy for young girls at the event. I love the brand I handle, but I suppose the week was just terribly long and I was just so incredibly tired that I wasn't able to enjoy it as much.

I was scared though cause it started raining really hard. I didn't want to get stranded at the venue. It's a good thing, the rain lessened by the time our event finished. So much for having a restful weekend though. Still, the first day was a success and that makes me happy.

Day 2 of the BFF Camp and I don't have as many interns to help me. But the intern i did have was very sweet. I told her not to come anymore considering she was sick, but she came out and helped still. I really appreciated that. And though I don't do these things very often, I really do miss my weekends when I have to go to events.

Best thing about Sunday though? I was headed to my aunt's house to invite myself to dinner and I see rocket man in the lobby!!! I hadn't seen him since forever so it was good to see him. I tried being cool about things, but I don't think it worked. He was sweet; we hugged and wow, he smelled really good. I now remember why I crushed so hard on him in college. It turns out we've got a common friend too from my workplace. And though he ended our conversation with us catching up or whatever, I now know to take these things with a grain of salt. college!patty would actually take him up on it, but now I know he's just being polite. Still, it was good to see him.
in hindsight, it sounds like i'm bitching a lot, but the week wasn't that bad actually. i'm just being a whiner. sorry about that.
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