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TV Time: Max Moves Coasts for Naomi (This Better Last)

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It feels good to be sort of back on track with the viewing schedule. And with most of my TV shows ending in a couple of weeks, I'm actualy looking forward to a smaller set of shows to follow. I feel like a retired fangirl of sorts -- or at least one that needs to go into a deep sleep. I'm such an oldie. Nevertheless, the good shows were great this week and even those I'm getting a little tired of weren't too bad either.

Camelot 01x05: Justice

Oh Arthur, I'm glad you're taking initiative and all, and being the good kind you're supposed to be, but your sister Morgan? She's got a waaaaay better plan and though she's deceiving the hell out of everyone, she's still getting the right reactions from people. So stop meddling and start the fighting, because while you bide your time, being nice, Morgan's totally owning the people already.

Though I have to say, I did feel for the daughter and the dad in this story. How sick is that, that every woman's first time~ is with the guy who runs the village?! Thank goodness I don't belong in the medieval times because that's just gross. And he wasn't even hot -- not that it should matter or anything. And on a totally important: Stay handsome, Kay.

The Killing 01x06: What You Have Left

Did anyone else cry during Rosie's funeral? Up until then, I was still hoping we'd get some sort of punk'd moment and say, NO! ROSIE'S ALIVE Yo! Irrational of me to think this, but I was holding on to that hope. And as they lowered her coffin and her brothers were all standing there looking devastated, I couldn't help but feel bad for them. It's really real now.

Meanwhile, Richmond sure is diving deeper into his dirty deeds. It'll be a hoot if he loses to the mayor now (though I really don't want that -- why right? When you can have hot City Councilman as the new big boss in town!), because he's really pulling out all the stops to make sure things go well for him. I wasn't paying much attention during his debate with the Mayor, but something tells me, it didn't go according to plan.

The Borgias 01x06: The French King

LUCREZIA! You are so going to get yourself into trouble. I was so scared that after she and FREDDY connived to get her husband injured from his saddle that they would get caught doing the dirty. I have never been so happy the servants were conveniently using heavy equipment that just happen to sound like old beds creaking. LUCREZIA!!! you really are your father's daughter. Of course you had it in you to scheme and cheat on the side. I approve.

Another disgusting thing, but somehow totally acceptable with this family? Marrying little Joffre off to Sancia while having Juan cheat with her (on his little brother!!!!). It's so wrong on soooo many different levels but relative to this family, it's sort of expected. Hello there Emmanuelle Chriqui. It's good to see your career be okay. You will forever be the girl who starred opposite Lance Bass in On the Line.

Chuck 04x22: Chuck Versus Agent X

HOLY CRAPOLA! Agent X is Volkoff. Why did I feel like he would be so very involved in this again?! And of course he's friends with Stephen Bartowski. Oh Volkoff, I don't know how they're going to fix you, but something tells me they will. Favorite guest star? Volkoff's mom! How adorable is she with her hitting on Casey and wielding that machine gun? I like.

But really, Las Vecas is the best bachelor party ever! Leave it to Awesome to have a camping trip for the bacehlor party. And Renaux?! I love it too. This was actually something I really enjoyed. Sometimes, the Chuck side stories are a little contrived and too crazy but this was one was really just funny and cute. I don't know if they're getting renewed, but this was a cute episode.

90210 02x20: Women on the Verge

Oh deer. It looks like Silver's gone over the edge and I miss her pretty brown hair already. The red looks okay on her, but with the erratic behavior, I just want her to get better. I hope she doesn't take it against Dixon and Navid, doing this intervention. Because really, Kelly is nowhere and girl's got no family, so I'm glad they finally realized something was wrong. Oh and Adrianna, I don't know how they're going to make me like you again after this.

And as much as I appreciate Max moving coasts/dream schools for Naomi, something tells me this isn't going to end well. The thing with Naomi is she falls fast and hard but falls out of it pretty quickly too. I'm scared that Max is going to end up regretting this -- if and when she breaks up with him. And College is a really HUGE decision so this doesn't look like a good thing, no matter how I look at it. That is, unless they make this relationship last -- which I highly doubt.

Gossip Girl 04x20: The Princesses and the Frogs

Blair, if you and Chuck are still endgame, I don't know what to think anymore. At this rate, they've made Chuck so unredeemable for me (though he probably will cause I'm easy like that), that I do wish Blair ends up with someone who isn't a psycho and loves you. As much as I like all the references to royalty and Will & Kate, something tells me Louis isn't the be-all, end-all for her.

Also, cousin of Serena, I don't like you creeping up on Dan. Girl, it's just not for you. Plus, I would have much rather seen Dan battle it out for Blair. WHO KNEW RIGHT?! i was so against Blair/Dan but now that it's not quite getting there, I want it to happen. Oh how the grass is always greener. Also Blair, please stick to your neat hairstyles, that style you were rocking at the ball? Not so great on you./

Glee 02x19: Rumors

OH show, what do I do with you? I don't recall a single Blaine/Kurt moment which means that I didn't really pay attention during the entire show. Except for the bits with Brittany I suppose. It would be FANTASTIC if they actually did do 'Fondue For Two' as an actual web show. Now that's TV-web integration that I would jump on. And it might actually revive my obsession for this show.

And without disrespecting Fleetwood mac, but those weren't exactly the most entertaining songs on the show. I'll blame the kids then for their not so enticing numbers but it just didn't have the spark that was there a couple episodes back. It's sad that we wasted Kristen Chenoweth's guest spot on this. Oh well, I'm hoping things get better next week.

Bones 06x21: The Signs in the Silence

I must admit, that at first, the kid really scared the crap out of me. She looked like a cross between Franky from Skins and Taylor Swift (mostly because of the hair). But really, this kid was just not my cup of tea. And though both Booth and Bones seem to really relate to her, I didn't like her any more. I'm glad she got reunited with her folks though.

I really liked the Hodgins/Angela story though with the false alarm and the very very panicky Hodgins. These parents are going to be the cutest parents EVER. I can't wait till Angela gives birth. Crossing my fingers things are great with the baby. I'm still hoping they write Emily's pregnancy in. Booth as a dadddy? YES PLEASE. I approve.

Nikita 01x21: Betrayals

WHY DO I HAVE A FEELING LIKE THEY'VE WRITTEN OUT THIS SEASON FOR IT TO END AND REALLY BE THE END?! I haven't heard anything with regards to it being renewed at all and this scares me. Sure, we get lots of Nikita/Michael time but this only cements the fact that we might not be seeing them anymore, thus all the lovey dovey moments already. CW! You've kept One Tree Hill going for eight season, I think it's time to give another show a chance, yes?

And Alex, I hope all this teaming up/agreeing with Percy is all just a farce because I'd hate to see you turn your back on Nikita. Sure, she hid a few things from you -- important things, but on the over-all, she's been clearly on your side. And it's not like you aren't using her either, so no one's really innocent in this right? Except Nathan maybe, whom you've practically signed a death sentence too. So yeah, feel guilty about that instead.

Vampire Diaries 02x21: The Sun Also Rises

Let's start off by saying I'm such a sucker for believing that Elijah would actually stick to his word till the end. How could I have fallen for this!? He's evil remember? Just because relative to Klaus, he's nicer, it doesn't mean he'll be nice. I feel bad cause everything was hinged on him fulfilling his promise and now we're all left with a dead Jenna; a dead Jon and just sadness. But let's back track for a second.

Damon being bitten by a werewolf and Stefan volunteering to be killed as the sacrifice instead of Jenna? These guys are at the end of their ropes. I don't know how they're going to get through the next episode because right now, they look more desperate than ever. I love seeing how strong their love is for Elena, but at the same time, at what cost? I love that Damon said he'd stake Elena the moment she turned, but it's not that. The way they're so willing to give themselves up? I love it.

Also, though Elena never really loved Jon as her dad, it made me tear up a bit knowing that it was Jon's sacrifice that ended up saving Elena. Jon, you may have been a douche at many different points in your lifetime, but this one act? It redeemed you to me. I hope that somewhere out there, you're happy and finally at peace. I hope Elena acknowledges the gravity of what he did for her. I must say though, Elena needs a vacation. So young and already so stressed! Woman needs an episode of rest and fluff. Someone write that fic right now.

And raise your hand if Bonnie blew you away with her bad-assery this episode? Look at her take down everyone and just march her way through the ritual. I love that she kept Jeremy away and kept Alaric safe (though I don't know if that was the right thing to do). I love how Bonnie's totally owned this thing. Sure, she had a little help from her friends but the selflessness of her actions, makes Elena totally lucky to have her.

Finally, let's all take a moment to remember Jenna. Though she wasn't ever a favorite character of mine, nor did I really care for her, the fact that Elena lost another parental figure, makes me feel her loss so much. Someone please hold Elena right now. And Alaric! How many of Alaric's loves will be taken away from him by vampire-related drama. Alaric needs a vacation too. I'm home alone, Ric! Come on over. FINALE ALREADY. SO SOON. I'm not ready to let go of this just yet.
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