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Glossy Groupie: Harry Walks with the Wounded

Hottest Spare [GQ UK]
I know Harry isn't exactly the royal of the moment, but he was on the cover of the UK version of GQ (with a bunch of other do-gooders), so I thought it deserved a mention at least. You know what I wished for though? MORE photos of course. They had a chance with the prince and we get ONE solo shot?! Where are the outtakes, friends? Are there even any?

Not the busiest month for covers from the people I follow, but I threw in some extras just because there's still a lot of pretty out there that I don't focus on. Also, I know this is late -- and a deluge of entries will follow. I'll try not to flood you too much. But you don't mind the flood of pretty, right?

Photos courtesy of GQ UK
Since William and Kate own practically all other covers, it was nice of GQ to throw Harry a bone and get him on the cover of this one. Plus, it was a good cause, so it's not like it was just cause he's a royal. Though of course, that was a huge reason why, I'm sure.

Photos courtesy of Ashley Greene Central
So give me a multiple cover issue and I'm all over it. Glamour hit a double with me, by featuring Ashley AND Emma! Fredia Pinto was pretty in hers too, but I'm too lazy to add that as well. I like the vintage, pin-up style that Ashley's shoot took on. It always did suit her.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web
As for Emma, I wish we saw more, but I do love the white series of photos and the florals she's seen in. It makes me feel like summer really is here -- even if it's raining like crazy outside my window as I type. HOW PRETTY IS SHE AS A BLONDE?!

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
I did my squeeing already. I am calm now. Though I'm a little apprehensive with how the movie will turn out, the stills sure tease us with the amount of honeymooning we'll be seeing. I'm still not sure how they're going to fill two whole movies with actual plot, but I'm trying to be positive here, so what the hell. They do look cute, I got to say.

Photos courtesy of Elle US
There was a time when I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani. I loved her in No Doubt and I really did like her solo albums, but more than that, I love how she's really stuck to her own style. I'm glad that she got the cover and that some of my favorite ladies in music got features too.

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire US
I'm slowly losing interest in Glee -- I still love the songs and all, but the rest is just blah to me. Even Sue. And still, this cover of the Glee girls looked to all-american pretty to pass up. I love the shades of blue they're wearing and how close and comfortable they all seem with each other. I know they're actors but by their tweets, it seems like everyone is family on set. And yes, I AM a sucker for multiple covers.

Photos courtesy of January Jones Fan
I love how newly-pregnant January Jones can transform herself so completely. From glam in Marie Claire UK to edgy in W. She wasn't a model for nothing. And because it's still a long way till Mad Men, I'll have to content myself with appearances on magazines from the cast. I wonder if Betty Draper will get pregnant in the script!

Photos courtesy of Vogue
I'm not Reese Witherspoon's biggest fan but seeing her around a lot with Rob while they promote Water for Elephants does endear herself to me. Plus the editorial with Tai the elephant and the pretty dresses makes me excited to see the movie. Sure, the circus is nowhere as glamorous, or clean, as this, but it sure does look pretty to the eyes.

Photos courtesy of Teen Vogue
The casting of Jennifer Lawrence has pretty much grown on me and I'm actually getting a little tired of all the revealing of the district tributes when I really just want to know who plays Haymitch and Cinna. But I digress. This was a pretty photoshoot. And look at Teen Vogue getting on the The Hunger Games bandwagon before it spirals out of control. Good call.

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