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Put My Hands Up[17 Down/35 To Go!]
[-] Late weekender is late. It's already halfway through the week and I only get this up now. Things have been ultra crazy with real life and I haven't had time to scour the flist, so forgive me for that. I'll get on that soon.

[+] I caught up with so many friends this past week, it felt good to be out of the house. Sure, I'm a little broker than before the week started but it was fun to catch up with college and high school and online friends! Good times.

[+] Obviously the highlight of the week was the Royal Wedding and my cousins and I were eagerly counting down to it every day. I have yet to make my post about it, but it for now, I'll need to get my hands on some version of it, cause I'm sure I'll want to rewatch again and again.

[+] It's already May and the start of the second quarter of 2011. Time is moving so fast, it's hard to believe. I hope you all have a great week up ahead! Let's not stress to much? I hope so.

I don't know how I managed but I arrived in Manila at 5am, got home at 6 am, slept for a bit till 7am and was at work at 8am. Sure, I was totally a zombie the entire day but at least I was able to get some stuff done and be productive as I promised my boss. The best part about it though? Getting commended for the help I gave for the project last week. It's always nice to be recognized.

By the time I get home though, I have a ton of TV shows to go through and I was too tired from all the walking in the trip (on top of the actual work day) that I fell asleep after my second show. I'm glad I even survived the first one. i wonder when I'll be able to catch up on everything now.

I was looking forward to meeting up with Gabby this evening that the day seemed to go by reallllllly slowly. I had a meeting after lunch and it's a good thing that office serves the BEST COFFEE EVER (other than the fact that it's free) because I was dead tired and just ready to doze off any second. I hate it when the work piles up in the afternoon but it seems this is always the case.

aauthentique has been in Manila for a month and it took me too long to see her so I was glad I finally got to meet up with her, even if we were both an hour late (she was stuck in traffic, I stuck at work) and we had a good dinner (or I did, while she watched me) and it's just so nice to see her again. This time, a little longer than last time, and hopefully we get to meet one more time before she leaves. Great times, I tell you. You're adorable, Gabby! I love my gift.

I now realize why I keep waking up late (other than the actual exhaustion), while in Singapore, I disabled my 'work' alarm and haven't enabled it since I got back. Today, I woke up an hour later than usual but somehow still managed to get to work just a couple minutes 'later than usual.' I'm so turning on my alarm back again. Both phones.

And because I actually feel like socializing this week, I went and called up college friend, Ana and we met up for an impromptu movie date -- Source Code!!! Ana was a film major in college and it struck me in the middle of the movie, we've never actually been to the cinemas together before. I miss that girl so much. I'm so glad I got to see her again.

I can't believe I'm going to have meetings tomorrow morning> i was hoping that my meetings were all on Thursday so tomorrow would be free, but no, Thursday was quite relaxed and though I'm always thankful for a light day, it wouldn't hurt to transfer it to the end of the week instead. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I'll take light any day.

I told myself I'd get caught up on all my TV shows since I'd be embarking on a mega sleepover during the weekend and wouldn't be able to do any TV watching. As I settled on the couch, I could feel my eyes droop and before I knew it, I was asleep. I hadn't even finished two shows. I'm such a weakling already. I used to make fun of jamypye who'd always fall asleep in front of the TV and now I am the same way too.

I wanted to leave early today to catch the Royal Wedding and with my boss gone for the day, I thought I would be able to finish work fast, but of course, lucky me, things kept piling up and more and more and more things were added and I didn't get out till after Kate walked down the aisle and the vows were finished. Thank goodness for livestreaming, everyone in the office was watching too.

I'm glad I finally got to get out of the office an run across the street to my cousins where we FINALLY got to watch the Royal Wedding while eating an Eton Mess and just gushing and gushing and gushing. I tell you, this was all we talked about, even when I left. The entire weekend was consumed by the wedding. It was just perfect and pretty and just wow.

I barely see my high school friends so when they invite for a sleepover, I'm there. My friend took us to Antipolo and we went to the Earth Day Festival at the Pinto Museum. It's usually my scene but the place was really pretty! We then had lunch at Vieux Chalet and the food was just superb. Productive morning was productive.

We caught Thor after dinner and though it's not going to win any Oscars for sure, I did enjoy it despite the weird cuts or lack of editing. Considering I'm pretty easy to please, there were some stuff that could have been improved on. However, Chris Hemsworth need not change one bit, he could take his shirt off more, but other than that? Perfection, his body is.

My friends and I wake up hang-over-less thank goodness and spend the morning by the pool side. Though I'm far from my bikini body, it was fun to get in the water -- especially with this week being extremely hot. We tried out the jacuzzi too and it did wonders on my aching back. I would kill for one of those at home, really.

By the time I get home that evening, I try to catch up on things (like TV and reading and the internet) but surprisingly, I just don't care. I'm totally lazy to touch the computer -- which is really so very weird considering I have no competition for it anymore. I'm totally behind on so many things but I just couldn't care because I'm too tired/sleepy/lazy to bother. What have I become?!
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