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TV Time: Lily's Not Off to the Big House After All

[You Know You Love Me]
You take one week away from the computer and I get totally swamped with TV shows I didn't watch. I probably just watch too many shows, but it was crazy how many things I had to catch up on just because I didn't do anything during Holy Week. Still, I'm glad that Doctor Who is back because I missed it terribly. It's been an awesome first two episodes and I'm psyched to see the first half of the season (not psyched they're cutting it up though). Who's idea was this again?!

Camelot 01x04: Lady of the Lake

Is it just me or do I feel terrible for Excalibur?! I had no idea this was the story of how the sword came about, but I hope the Lady of the Lake gets her revenge one day. I mean, I do appreciate all your hard work, Merlin, but you get a little cooky at times and need to be held back a bit. And Arthur, please stop obsessing over Guinvere, though I don't blame you for not stopping, she's just gorgeous. I feel horrbile for Leontas though, he deserves better than the king's technically second helpings. Also, how awesome is Lady Morgan, getting to hear Arthur's mom's thoughts?! I can't wait.

Doctor Who

06X01: The Impossible Astronaut I was so scared when I found out that someone was going to die in the first ten minutes. I kept hoping it wasn't Rory, beacuse I'm too damn attached to him, but goodness, I didn't think it was The Doctor!!! The season premiere was pretty fantastic though complete with disappearing aliens and the Doctor inviting him all to his funeral (technically) and of course seeing how cute Rory and Amy were together. It was great to finally understand how the Doctor and River Song were 'related' too!

06X02: Day of the MoonAmy! I don't understand you sometimes. I get that the Doctor is your best friend, but to do this to Rory? I'd be hurt too. I'm still not sure what she's really feeling but I'd like to think she's still madly in love with Rory. I have to say, these aliens are almost as scary as the Angel statues in season 5 -- I found myself closing my eyes a lot of the time, especially in that house. I'm glad there was still some kitsch though with Nixon and his FBI agent. They were so funny to watch. I'm hoping we get more randomly hilarious episodes this season.

The Killing

01x04: A Soundless EchoIt kills me everytime I see Rosie's mom and her brothers. I jsut feel so bad for them. It's obvious she's not over the death and I can't blame her -- it's only been four days since. I'm glad we finally get somewhere in the investigation though. Teacher Bennett!!! I know it's probably not him, but those letters? It all seems a little too forbidden teacher/student relationship. And Sarah! I don't like your fiance, please leave him. Your partner is actually growing on me already. Yes, the fiance is that bad. I'm just creeped out by him, I'm not sure why.

01x05: Super 8 I like it when Richmond plays dirty. He's totally playing everyone! Even Gwen! It's amazing how he really isn't keeping anyone safe anymore. It just makes me more excited to see how far he'll go to win this election -- if he even wins. Something tells me he's going to lose this one so much. Also, Bennett, keeping a video reel of your dead student, isn't helping your case at all; neither are the cleaning materials in your house and your pregnant former student/wife. This is so not turning out well for Bennett.

The Borgias

01x04: Lucrezia's WeddingOkay, other than the fact that Lucrezia's just fourteen and is married off to this ugly, older but powerful man, I feel worse for her and not having her mom at her wedding. Sure, Cesare worked it all out, complete with defying the Pope by bringing the 'spanish whore' to the wedding, but I still can't help feel like Lucrezia got the shortest end of the stick. Somehow, all the girls the Pope and Cesare get are pretty hot, but Lucrezia gets an un-hot husband? Double standard much? I don't approve, obviously.

01x05: The Borgias in LoveCesare, you need to quit the priesthood because seducing a woman (even if she come onto you during confession) and killing her husband yourself (what is Micholetto for if you must insist on doing sinful deeds yourself?!) sure is a way to get yourself to hell. Also, the Pope needs to stop plotting the marriages of his kids. Juan seems to be of age, but Geoffrey? The kid looks like he hasn't even hit puberty, this is just so wrong on so many levels. Someone distract the Pope so he stops scheming? Or not.

Chuck 04x21: Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner

It's always so cute to see Sarah and Chuck working together and when they got duped by the wedding planner (and used government resources to save it), you could tell Sarah's in deep. I have to say though, this episode made me cry -- not just with Sarah's dad leaving her all the money and all those flashbacks, but even Casey's story made me get all choked up. It really feels like this season is coming to a close and though I don't know if they've renewed this for a fifth season, this feels like a 'high end' to the series.


01x18: The Enchanted DonkeyI've been really liking 90210 just because I've accepted that things will always be sunshiney on this zip code but this episode proved, these kids can actually hold grudges. The Silver/Adrianna Cabo showdown was pretty hilarious; complete with Adrianna's almost Morgana-esque evil smirk when she hugged Silver after their faux-truce. And as cheesy as the Liam-taking-care-of-Annie plot was or Ivy-learning-her-pot-lesson turned out to be, I still enjoyed it if only to see the entire gang FLY to Cabo. Beat that Marissa Cooper, you just drove to Cabo.

01x19: Nerdy Little SecretsI've always loved Max just because he's incredibly nerdy-hot and I'm so glad he and Naomi are coming out of the closet. Still, knowing this show, now that they're public, they'll probably have to break up the next episode. I'm glad they didn't immediately break up when Naomi made them lose the academic tournament. I mean, how stupid are these smart guys making Naomi join. That last part though, when they walk into school all proud to be walking hand in hand? Well deserved, Naomi. Now, I hope you get into college and never see your sister again (if The Finder gets picked up, I guess you might not).

Gossip Girl

01x18: The Kids Stay in the PictureA FAMILY PORTRAIT?! Seriously!? Why did this not happen earlier on the Upper East Side! Of course all these socialites get their portraits taken and name the book Modern Royalty. Oh you silly kids, you're so crazy pretentious, and I love it. I also love that we get Cece in the episode and even more Rhodes relatives (hello aunt Carol, cousin Charlie -- whom I alerady dislike for no apparent reason). I just don't see how they could fit another storyline so near the finale?! Why not just work on the existing ones?! Is thi s how Dan/Blair ends? Before it even began? And is Charlie for Dan for now?

01x19: Petty in PinkCan anyone spell cop-out? So much for seeing Lily Rhodes-Van Der Woodsen-Humphrey in orange jump suits, instead she gets 'house arrest.' As if we see Lily out of her house much?! Sure, she goes to parties, but half the time, they're at the Palace, so its' not like she needs to leave. Also, how bitchy is Anne Archibald. I get where she's coming from, but I so wanted to yell at her: "You're just a recurring guest star girl!" Petty indeed. And don't worry Blair, Prince Louis will realize you're awesome soon enough. Now if only Serena would get over herself and be besties with you again, all will be perfect.


01x17: A Night of Neglect What is up with academic decathlon's this week? 90210 had one and now Glee has one too! I do prefer Glee's team though! Brittany knowing all the cat diseases? Of course she does. And though I wasn't so excited to see Charice's reprise, her take on one of her standards, All By Myself was pretty good. My favorite part of the entire episode though was a non-song number but a dance break by Mike Chang. Seriously. How awesome were his Bubble Toes moves?! I didn't know Jack Johnson was being neglected. EIther way, I enjoyed waaaaaaay too much. One complaint though. Will you please Tina's songs finish for a change? Thanks.

01x18: Born This WayI know that Kurt had to come back to McKinley eventually but it makes me sad. Sure, Blaine's got him after school and weekends, but it's not the same anymore now that they're no longer in matching uniforms. I absolutely loved the Warblers Somewhere Only We Know. Shivers. But like everyone else, I really absolutely loved Quinn and Rachel's mash-up of I Feel Pretty/UnPretty. I love love love that TLC song and never thought to put it together with the other song but it came out so well. As schmaltzy as the episode was, I really enjoyed the performances.


01x19: The Finder It didn't dawn on me till around halfway through the show that this was the introduction of the spin-off episode. Then when I saw that Bones/Booth were practically just supporting cast to the trio being introduced, it finally hit me. And well, for an introduction pilot, it wasn't too bad. I haven't really seen a lot (I didn't see Private Practice bloom from Grey's Anatomy) but it was a pretty cute connection between the two shows and at the same time, showing even more softness to Bones's character. Will I be watching this new show? I don't know, it's got 90210's Naomi's evil sister as a bartender with an accent, we'll see how it goes.

01x20: The Pinocchio in the Planter I was half asleep when my cousin and I caught this (after the Royal Wedding) so I wasn't quite as into it (my mind was still on William and Kate and Harry!) but it was a pretty funny one complete with Wendell being totally honest and Bones really worried that Booth hasn't been completely honest with her. I wish Booth would have confessed to something like, I've loved you but wasn't honest about my feelings but his take on it, wasn't too bad either. I also really liked Angela/Hodgins storyline. These kids deserve to be the happiest parents in the world so I hope their kid's really okay and well.


01x19: Girl's Best Friend I wasn't ever a fan of Jaden so it didn't make me too happy that Alex saved her from the explosion. Could she not have let her burn instead? And Laurent was in this one too! As a bad guy! I was half expecting him to bare his fangs and bite the hell out of everyone but it's good to see him play a non-vampire bad guy in this one. I wonder if he's ever been the good guy. Meanwhile, it's fun to see Michael get into the missions, double time. I was scared he'd press the wrong button and talk into the wrong line. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

01x20: Glass Houses I know so much happened in this episode, like Nathan finding out the real deal about Alex and Alex almost being killed by Jaden only to have Nathan shoot her Jaden and JULIE COOPER Amanda finding out the truth about Alex and knocking her down and leaving us with a: 'what happens to Alex now that Division knows she's in cahoots with Nikita'? But really, all I wanted to discuss was HOW CUTE Michael and Nikita were when they kissed and wanted to plan for their future and were actually actively thinking about it. I don't know if this is going to be renewed, but I'll be very sad if it gets cancelled.

Vampire Diaries

01x19: Klaus I gotta say, Klaus is kind of growing on me. Though of course, Elijah >>> Klaus, as Klaus stays on longer, I learn to like him more. And he's both a vampire and a werewolf?! And this curse was made up?! What kind of cop outs are these!? The good bit though? Having Klaus and Elijah be brothers who fought over Katherine?! Does history repeat itself or does it repeat itself?! I am just very very very happy that Alaric is alive and well. I don't know how they put the blood back in his body, but I'm just happy they didn't kill him -- or haven't at least for now. Please keep Alaric alive, okay? And finally, welcome to the CW Lisa Tucker, I see that your stint on AI and The OC weren't enough, now you're here too.

01x20: The LastDay I have so much more to say but my brain isn't functioning anymore. I promise to add to this when I re-watch VD tomorrow or the next day. I just want to know what the hell happens to Elena especially now that Damon's bit her. Will she ever turn into a vampire? Will they find a way around it? But more more importantly, what the hell happens to Damon now that he's got a wolf bite?! I know they're not going to kill him but they could leave us all in a cliffhanger mode, with him unconscious or whatever and we have to wait till September to find out what happens to him. Raise your hand if you feel Kevin Williamson is this cruel to make us suffer four whole months, worrying about our favorite Salvatore brother. And finally, what the hell will happen to Jenna now that she's a vampire too. So much for learning the truth. You're really in this world now, Jenna.
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