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Red Carpet Round-Up: Rob, Christoph and Reese Bring The Show On The Road

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I've missed too much. It's crazy how things pile up really really quickly when I stay away from the computer for a few days. Though I did enjoy my time away, it's always nice to get back to 1000+ unread posts on my Google Reader and all the pretty pictures of the pretty people being pretty. There really is too much prettiness around.

Everyone was pretty busy too. Rob was especially handsome promoting Water for Elephants -- it doesn't hurt he had Christoph Waltz with him either. Together, the two of them showed Europe just how pretty they can be together. I need this movie to come out already please.

Photos courtesy of
Kicking off the press tour for Water for Elepahnts, Rob started of his pretty parade in New York looking oh so suave in his suit. Also the beginning of his bromance with Christoph Waltz. I'm telling you, these men looking very hot together is A+ Thank goodness this was the first stop of the tour.

They then headed to Berlin, Germany, to Christoph's home country and continued the pretty. I love how cute they were at the press con, leaning on each other. Oh Christoph, you just made ovaries explode all over the place.

Reese joined the duo in Paris, and she looked pretty hot herself in her piping hot red dress. This is a pretty fun trio to see on the red carpet and though I Haven't seen video yet from their press tour, I hope to do so when I get some time off. Le Grande Journal is always fun to watch though I don't get half of it.

I'm not sure if this is the last stop on the press tour, but Rob broke out his gray suit again (looks like the one he wore to a Remember Me premiere in New York) and with those shades? He makes me remember why I was so giddy over him these past few years. Lately, my interest has been waning of sorts, but these pictures come out and well, I'm back.

Suave much? Rob breaks out another suit from the past? Could this be the Twilight premiere suit? Either way, Rob is looking mighty fine in that suit. And I really like the color of Reese's dress too. She really does have one style that works for her.

And just because it's always fun to end things Down Under, Rob and Reese and an elephant head to Sydney to bring the WFE love! I love how much more casual they seem here compared to Paris. They look like they're just having fun.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garnet Net and Adoring Camilla Belle
Jen and Camilla showed up at Coach's benefit for the Children's Defense Fund. I know that Jen is very closely tied to this charity but I'm not sure what Camilla's doing there. Hey, doing good and looking good? I won't stop her from doing this at all. Camilla really does love rocking shimmery, shiny minidresses and Jen, I like her new haircut.

Photos courtesy of IHeartJake and Finding Franco
Meanwhile, Jake and James both showed up for the Arts in the Streets benefit in New York. Both looked pretty low key or at least were trying be low key (and obviously failing miserably at being low key). I'm telling you, the caps and shades don't work my friend. So much for being stealth. My two hobos were looking scruffy-rolled-out-of-bed cute too.

Photos courtesy of Zimbio
After leaving the Walking with the Wounded team, Harry welcomes them back to London where he attends the press conference for it. And he is just too adorable in the video. It only makes me want to see his best man speech more. I know, I know, this isn't the wedding post. but it's too much as it is already, so that'll come some other time okay? in the meantime, revel in Harry's cuteness.

And because Kate and William couldn't help but look too adorable, I've decided to focus my energies on how awesome Harry was at the wedding too. sure, the entire spotlight was on the lovely couple and I don't blame them, but Harry was looking oh so dapper in his uniform, taking care of those kids. Pippa and Harry? Yes, that should so happen.

Photos courtesy of
Because Leighton is Vera Wang's new muse of sorts (and stars in the TVC of Wang's fragrance, it seemed fitting for Leighton to go around New York promoting Lovestruck with the designer herself. Of course, she had to be wearing stuff by Vera as well and Leighton looked divine in every appearance she had with the designer. Just gorgeous.

Photos courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan
Meanwhile, Anna's been pretty damn busy going around the Tribeca Film Festival and the Time 100 Most Influential People Party. Anna mixed things up showing up in designers like Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen and Zuhair Murad. I love how she looks different each time.

Looks like some things never change though for Anna. On days when she wasn't all glammed up, she still hung out with Scott Pilgrim co-star Michael Cera who really just never ages in my book. Guy looks the same when he first came out on Arrested Development. Wow, do I miss that show or what?!

Photos courtesy of Nina Dobrev Fans and Ian Somerhalder Online
I don't know if there's anything going on with these two other than the fact that they're co-stars, but goodness, they're everywhere, aren't they?! I'll settle for good friends, but you know I would not mind if there was a little something something happening more than that. It's a sickness, okay? I think of thi s a lot.

Photos courtesy of Mila Kunis Online
Just wow. At the White House Correspondents Dinner, Mila and Nina looked amazing in their dresses! Nina's was very ethereal while Mila's yelled va va voom! I don't know why Mila's got photos with Wolf Blitzer but NIna's got some with Ian (again). And well, you know I'm not complaining at all. These kids look too cute together. Now if only real life copied reel life.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web and Ashley Greene
If only I crushed on Freida Pnito as much as these girls, I would have gotten all three covers of Glamour this month. They all looked pretty smashing in their Louis Vuitton garb. They look so happy and cheery on the covers!

Photos courtesy of Amanda Seyfried Fan and Miss Bilson
Meanwhile while R-Bils was getting all dolled up for the Magnum event with Kaiser Karl no less and Amanda was totally saving the earth, one Greenzy at a time. I'm still not sure how the actual Magnum commercials will come out, but the behind-the-scenes were pretty cute, and Lagarfeld did make it, so it's bound to be something. I love R-Bils's hair too!

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota and Carey Mulligan Network
These two are barely gonig out at the moment so any glimpse of them, I'll take. Dakota looks even older than the last time I saw her and it looks like she's grown a few inches again (or worn really high heels -- why does she look so long?!) I love her photo with the Olsen Twin. It's like a child star all grown up photo. Also, Carey looks like she' s having a ball at a friend's party. Come out, Carey!

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Fan
And lookie here! JGL comes out of his hermit ways and promotes his movie in Japan. How lucky are these Japanese fans then right? It's always so near but so far. I totally forgot about Jon at the White House Correspondents Dinner, but he and the girlfriend-who-shall-not-be-named also were at the event. I'm totally going to google who made the speech this year, because so far, Stephen Colbert owns everyone.

To end it all, I thought I'd throw in some last minute Jon Hamm at the Bridesmaids premiere. I didn't even know he was in this movie (I have yet to check), but showing up at the premiere looking this awesome? Yes please. Also, Kristen Wiig, you lucky girl, getting your Jon Hamm kiss on. Remember this day forever. Did I miss anybody? Any favorites this week?

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