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Trailer Thursday: Rachel Spends Her Midnights In Paris

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It's a shame I didn't get to watch as many movies as I wanted to this month (then again, it's not like I'm really on summer), so May, I'll try to catch more movies -- especially since so many good ones are coming out. It's almost summer, so things are just getting better. When Water For Elephants shows here in a week, you can bet I'll be dragging my lazy ass to see that. Anything you're looking forward to?

Midnight in Paris

I'm a sucker for Woody Allen films even if the critics aren't too kind to him. Sure, it's a hit and miss but it's not the usual thing you see on your screen. Plus every character really does sound like Woody talking which makes it all the more entertaining. Plus this one's got Rachel and Marion Cotillard and France's First Lady! If only for that, I've got to see this.


I asked my dad when I was a kid who his favorite superhero was and he said Thor. So I'm pretty amped to watch this with him, even if I have a not-so secret agenda (HELLO NATALIE PORTMAN). This second trailer gives a better view of the plot and I definitely want to check it out now that I see Kat Dennings is in it too giving comic relief. Too bad Natalie isn't going around to promote it.


How can one resist JGL and the long hair?! I was laughing so hard when he taught Conan how to headbang and it seems this movie will be full of that. Plus, it's got NATALIE again!!!! This is bound to be awesome. I'm sure it's got some poignant point to sell (the kid is there for a reason) but JGL and Natalie? Enough of a reason for me.


I'm not how sure how big a role Ashley has in this but she seems to be pretty prominent in the trailer. I just want to see her outside Alice Cullen. Plus it's got Shiloh Fernandez (aka the guy that was almost in that Gossip Girl spin-off about Lily as a kid that I so would have watched if it happened). Though I'm not quite as hot to see this, I wouldn't mind catching a DVD or download somewhere.

Something Borrowed

I read this book a million or so years ago just because I loved the covers (both of Something Borrowed and Something Blue) and now that it's going to be a movie, I so need to re-read (and get all giddy again). Plus they cast JKras who just wins at life, so this is bound to be entertaining enough for me. I loved Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy... and she seems like the perfect Darcy. And Ginnifer Goodwin plays the forlorn for love lead well (check out He's Just Not That Into You). I hope this one does well.

An Invisible Sign

Despite my not being the biggest fan of Jessica Alba, this movie just looks too cute to resist. It's got BLAIR'S DAD (this is a sign of awesome already) and Chris Messina who I secretly crush on thanks to Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Julie & Julia. Did I mention it has Blair Waldorf's father?! Cameo from Miss Leighton perhaps? No, but that's okay.

Daydream Nation

Josh Lucas, why are you so pretty? It's always a treat to see him looking really good (I need to rewatch Sweet Home Alabama just because) and playing the hot teacher about to be seduced by the Kat Dennings character. Oh what I'd do to be the one seducing him. But really, it all seems very coming-of-age-y in this era and I'm a sucker for those. Hopefully, it'll be good.

The Beaver

Okay, so Mel Gibson's gotten a really bad rap with everyone in general but this one actually looks pretty good because a) it's got Jody Foster (guys, she barely makes movies now!!!) b) the adorable Anton Yelchin who seems to be dating Jennifer Lawrence (in the movie!) and c) a beaver! Plus it looks like it ends happily (or so the trailer is leading me to believe). I think my mom will like this uplifting kind of thing. Oh and it has Frightened Rabbit's Swim Until You Can't See Land playing during the end bit. Win.

Everything Must Go

In the same vein as 'feel-good,' we've got Will Ferrel stepping out of his usual comedy zone, and I'm actually sort of liking it. It's got Rebecca Hall too whom I've loved in every movie I've seen her in so I hope I love her in this one too. I hope I don't cry too much from 'feeling good' for Will Ferrel. Throwing in the kid to help him through this will surely hit a chord with me, but I will try my best to hold back the tears. Behave, tear ducts!

Last Night

I know this Didn't get the best reviews but FOUR PRETTY PEOPLE (Keira! Guillaume! Sam! Eva!) and it has a very Closer feel to it of four people cheating with each other (or so I think they'll be cheating). And it's in New York. Three checks in my book equals me being very interested in it. I'll probably catch this with my sister (in the event she comes home and I have a copy).

The Tree of Life

I haven't read the synopsis for this movie but it's got Brad Pitt and lots of nostalgia in the dialogue-less trailer. It seems we focus on someone's family and childhood and then cut to scenes with Sean Penn perhaps remembering the good old days? Could he be one of those kids? But then there are shots of the earth and the galaxy and things don't look too good for the earth so I'm not sure how that fits in. Director Terence Malick's got loads under his belt though and well, this one looks like a tearjerker too.

Beautiful Boy

This feels like one of those Rabbit Hole-slit-your-wrists-from-sadness kinds of movies and yet I can't help but get drawn to these kinds of things. It's a sick, masochistic thing. But really. Michael Sheen looks pretty damn good in this (and you can see why hot ladies like Kate Beckinsale and Rachel keep flocking to him). I'll prepare the tissues cause this one looks like I'll be doing the waterworks.


I didn't quite know where to classify this one but it's got Maggie Q kicking ass and Paul Bettany is always fun to watch when playing a priest (Hello Da Vinci Code). I'm sure taking our priests to this would be a laugh, but can you imagine if our priests were this bad ass?! Those sermons would be survival guides and teaching us self defense. I know it's total blasphemy but this one just looks like plain cheesy fun. It would have been fun to watch during Holy Week.


And now for the fun portion, my god this one looks hilarious. Kristen Wiig is always reliable for a good laugh and playing the maid of dis-honor at her friend's wedding and trying to show the perfect bridesmaid, Rose Byrne that she can handle things is bound to be crazy. It feels like a less crazy The Hangover and I just love wedding movies. I'll try to drag my high school barkada to this (because it seems like marriage is a far away thought for all of us right now).

The Hangover 2

Speaking of The Hangover, I'm hopeful that the sequel is a hit because usually, sequels aren't the best, but the entire Wolf Pack is back and Thailand as the backdrop for their adventure poses so many possibilities. I wonder where Justin Bartha is though, because they can't lose him a second time right?! Either way, I'm hoping lots of laughs from this one. So bring it, guys!

Pirates of the Caribbean:
On Stranger Tides

Though I wish they'd still have Keira and Orlando Bloom in it, this one doesn't look as bad as I thought it'd be. Plus they threw in Penelope Cruz (who was apparently preggers while they shot this -- you know I'll totally be trying to tell if it shows in every scene she's in) and Ian McShane (from Deadwood) who really was born to play the bad guy. I hope it's just as fun as the previous ones, cause I loved those.

Kung Fu Panda 2

And finally, though I haven't actually seen the first one, seeing the trailer for this is going to make me see the first one soon so I can catch this one too. I miss the good old School of Rock Jack Black days and I wish he'd come out with something like that again. In the interim, I should catch up soon and not fall asleep unlike some people I know (who fell asleep three times while watching this -- I'm looking at you jamypye).

*ETA: I don't know how this got deleted but it was here when I typed it out. I love you LJ.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

I know it comes out in July but I just couldn't wait to post it till then. HELLO TRAILER. Epicness is epic. noted pretty much sums it up for me, but I'm just shaking in my shoes and so scared it's all ending but really, I am excited to see this. Goodbye childhood. I can't believe you're really over. JULY CANNOT COME ANY SOONER.

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