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Movie Raving: Source Code

Don't Judge Me By My Poster [Collider]
I've been meaning to watch this movie ever since it started showing here at the beginning of the month, but thanks to the craziness of this month (on top of my laziness), I didn't get around to doing this until yesterday when I finally decided I would just do it. I know it sounds silly, watching a movie should be easy, but it's a huge production for me just because I prefer to go home after work.

Not yesterday though. I actually got my good college friend, Ana to come along with me. So it was killing two stones with one stone. I get to catch up with her and revel in Jake's handsomeness. Good times, I tell you.

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None of this makes any sense if you think about it, but the idea is so much fun that thinking about it may be your last impulse. [Chicago Reader]
Let's start off by saying I'm easily pleased -- as always. This movie does star Jake Gyllenhaal and that immediately makes it enjoyable in my book, but what I was excited to see was that despite it having a very action/sci-fi angle, it actually managed to bring some heart. The plot of the movie, revolves around Captain Stevens trapped in a pod where he communicates with a superior named Goodwin who keeps sending him back into a loop of the last eight minutes (apparently, that's how long short term memory is) of a teacher named Sean Fentress who's on this train that's on its way to exploding. Stevens mission is to figure out who the bomber was so that they can stop a subsequent bomb attack -- targeting a bigger area.

I'm very bad at explaining the science behind the movie, but Duncan Jones does it quite well that for the most idiotic viewer (i.e. me), I actually got the basic thread up until the end (that keeps on giving -- it never ends, folks). And though the idea is a little far-fetched, the movie actually makes it seem plausible, that something like this could happen. Of course, in the end SPOILER ALERT, when everything ends well and dandy (which i'm not complaining about), it gets a little schmaltzy (complete with the pause frame with everyone on the train all happy and smiley), but because they've set it all up, all is forgiven -- for me at least.

Everything we learn about Stevens and Christina and Goodwin by the end of the film comes from their actions, not their words. That lends Source Code an elusive, almost arty shimmer beneath its glossy, action-movie surface. []
Another awesome thing about this movie was that it was confined to such a small set and to so few characters (including Russell Peters who plays a comedian) and yet doesn't come off as boring at all. I love how every time Stevens would return to the same eight minutes, Christina (Michelle Mognahan) would take things on differently -- say something differently, react differently. Stevens gets a hang of things too and the eight minutes are never wasted (even if Goodwin gets frustrated by the many repeats).

Vera Farmiga as Goodwin was pretty awesome too, taking on the character of the superior with heart. At the beginning, she defers all major decisions to her boss, but as she gets to know Stevens better and realizes he's a great person, she does a huge decision and defies her boss and helps the poor guy out. Even boss with a limp was real and had his own motivations -- even if I wanted to rip his arms out, he wasn't that bad.

The first film in a while to have a decent heart while quickening your pulse. [New York Daily News]
Over-all, I really enjoyed the movie just because it felt like a good balance of action and some humor and of course, romance. Jake really does have chemistry with his leading ladies and Stevens/Christina was no exception. You'd think eight minutes would be a short time to establish some spark but because they both know each other previously (though we don't see it), you can feel it with their interactions.

I like their 'happy ending' of sorts on some parallel universe. So kudos Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie, awesome fact right?! Thanks Ana for telling me this little tidbit), now you're making me want to watch Moon.

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